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    Swastika first appears in New Earth continuity as a member of Vandal Savage's Fourth Reich, attacking the Haywood family reunion. Swastika is taken out quickly by Hawkman. Swastika hates superheroes more than minorities, as shown when he tells a young girl that "[she's] worse than non-white. She's superhero trash." Swastika seems to attack with barbed wire threaded through the flesh of his right arm, but is taken down before he can do anything.


    In the alternate world from the Kingdom Come series, Swastika is one of the new heroes who have popped up since Superman's exile. He first appears fighting other "heroes" atop a bridge, endangering innocents. It is at this time that Superman returns from exile, taking the heroes into custody. Swastika is one of prisoners of the Gulag the reformed Justice League builds to contain the anti-heroes.

    Following the breakout from the Gulag, he participates in the battle that ensues. During this battle, he sustains a severe neck would from the hero Cossack. The wound is staunched by the Green Lantern following the battle, which they both survive. He is last seen on Paradise Island , being chastised by his former mentor Magog for spitting.

    His short bio in the Revelations supplement reads "American militiaman and Anarchist." In addition, it reveals his full body tattoo was originally planned for Von Bach.


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