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    He was the Man of Tomorrow, until tomorrow passed him by. Of all the players, Superman is the one who has changed the least over the years. Unfortunately, the world around him has changed outrageously. Shunned by a public that has instead grown enamored with the more savage, bloodthirsty, chrome-suited avengers of tomorrow, Superman is completely mystified as to what his role in society should be. He's never lost his sense of decency, but he has no idea how to apply it in a world so seemingly disinterested in decency, the world he saw through wide-open eyes the day Magog was acquitted of cold-blooded murder.

    Complicating matters, the Man of Steel has, over the years, lost most of his touchstones to normality – Ma and Pa Kent, Lois, and his other human friends – and as a result has retreated further and further from humanity, taking the Fortress of Solitude as his true and fitting home. The events that drive the story give him the chance to take up the never-ending battle once more while casting him in a new, unfamiliar, and drastically uncomfortable light, that of a world leader.

    Major Story Arcs

    Kingdom Come (1996)

    Imortal Hero
    Imortal Hero

    The Joker murdered all the employees of the Daily Planet, including Lois Lane – (except, of course, Clark Kent). Magog, a rising, more violent hero, and Superman go in search of the Joker. Magog finds the Joker before Superman and takes his life. Taken into custody by Superman, Magog is tried for the Joker's murder and acquitted. Disgusted by not only the verdict but by Magog's reception as a hero, the Man of Steel decides that his time has passed and retires, taking up residence in his Fortress of Solitude. He leaves not only his life as Superman but abandons his Clark Kent identity as well. He spends the next ten years in seclusion, not accepting his importance as a source of constant inspiration and model for other heroes, who also retire, or operate behind the scenes.

    Ten years later, a group led by Magog attacks the Parasite on Kansas. The Parasite wants only to be left alone, but when the heroes refuse to do so he counter-attacks, tearing open Captain Atom's skin. Atom explodes, releasing all his radiation in a quantum nuclear detonation, killing millions and rendering America's breadbasket uninhabitable and sterile. Only Magog survives.

    The return
    The return

    Without the moral guidance provided by Superman, there is little or no distinction between the heroes and the villains they fight. Metahumans battles are conducted openly in the streets without true cause or reason, and without the slightest concern for collateral damage to innocents. Pastor Norman McCay is a friend of Wesley Dodds, formerly the crimefighter known as the original Sandman. The nightmares that once helped Dodds as a crime fighter have become apocalyptic visions, but when he dies, the visions are transferred to McCay. The Spectre appears to McCay and he recruits him to witness and help to establish the guilt of the perpetrators of the coming apocalypse.

    The Spectre takes McCay to the Fortress of Solitude. Made invisible by the Spectre's power, they see the Man of Steel in his self-imposed exile, wearing overalls and apparently living the life of a farmer. Shortly after they arrive, Wonder Woman appears, asking Superman to come back. Diana explains that the new "heroes," without the moral compass provided by Superman, are wreaking havoc due to their lack of self-control or judgement.

    Kal-El enters his monitor room, where he observes the news stories about the destruction of America's heartland due to the battle with the Parasite. Even after seeing this, he tells Diana that there is nothing he can do, and suggests that she return to her island, where she will be safe.

    Justice League of America
    Justice League of America

    Shortly thereafter, the Spectre takes McCay to Metropolis, where they witness a battle between two groups of "heroes," one group standing on a bridge, the other fighting from the top of a nearby aerial tram full of people. A stray blast severs the cables of the tram, causing it to fall toward the Metropolis River. Suddenly, a waterspout from the river pushes the tram up onto the bridge to safety, and the battlers from the tram find themselves in the powerful grip of the Man of Steel.

    Superman Has Returned

    Superman reform the Justice League in the wake of Kansas, to interrupt the new generation of heroes. He manages to bring together the ancient heroes (Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Dick Grayson (as Red Robin) Power Woman, Avia (daughter of Big Barda) and of course Wonder Woman).

    After the formation of the new Justice League, Superman and other heroes start trying to control the dangerous heroes (starts from Liberty Island). After controlling Superman villains, he begins a speech to calm the population: "Many of you, may remember us. We have been away for a while. That was our mistake. In our absence, a new breed of metahumans has arisen. A vast phalanx of self styled heroes unwilling to preserve life or defend the defenseless. A legion of vigilantes who have perverted their powers. Who have forsworn the responsibilities due them. We have return to teach them the meaning of truth and justice".

    Superman decides to meet Batman. At Wayne Manor (the manor was destroyed when Batman's identity was exposed by Two-Face and Bane). Batman Superman notices that changed the colors of the costume. Superman asks Batman he participate in the New Justice League, but Batman does not. Bruce says that Superman is not in the most correct way of wanting to impose his ideals to the new heroes (ideals like Justice and Truth).

    A process of this magnitude will only cause more hatred and differences. Bruce also claims that the practices of totalitarian from Superman are enough for this reason, they are inefficient. Clark tries to convince Bruce to go to New Justice League, because Dick is there like Red Robin. Bruce says that Dick never heard the advice of anyone and would not now that he would advice the "old Bruce. " Instead he began to organize his group of heroes (Outsiders). composed mainly of heroes without powers as the Green Arrow, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, and the second and third generation of heroes such as Jade, the daughter of the first Green Lantern and Zatara son of Zatanna.

    Lex Luthor is alive and organized M.L.F. (Mankind Liberation Fron) (a group of villains, including the enemies of Batman: The Riddler and Catwoman, Vandal Savage, among others).

    No Caption Provided

    The job is to take control of the world's captive by the Justice League (the ideology of Lex Luthor) Superman goes to several places and he tries to cut out new recruits for the new JSA (one of these sites appears to be a nightclub, Superman uses heat Vision and he destroyed some bottles). Superman said the world is bad, but there is much thing to do in a short time. Just as the new heroes are powerful, they have to be accountable and thus be better individuals (there is only one hope - be heroes). Spectre and McCray continue to watch Superman. Superman tries to control various super heroes and villains, but Diana gets increasingly angry and furious with the current situation in the world and she also starts to use force. Meanwhile, Superman and Wonder Woman are going to ask for help from Arthur in Atlantis. Arthur told Superman that knows the situation on the surface, but he has to help the oceans and he is only one, where there are hundreds of heroes to the surface. During the conversation between Superman, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Diana reveals that she was kicked out Paradise Island because she failed as an ambassador of peace in the world of men,

    Superman was surprised and disappointed by this revelation. He confronts Diana to know why she has not revealed to him. Diana says they are at war and they need to take prisoners and use force. Superman says that Diana changed her nature (there is only anger her). Diana said it is not anger, is passion.

    However, the JLA finds Magog, Superman and other members of the JLA are going to the deserts of Kansas face Magog. After 10 years of indecision, Magog accuses Superman of being responsible for

    him ascension. But Superman says that Magog should be proud of his work (Magog was responsible for killing one million people). Magog is furious and he attacks Superman. After attacking Superman, Magog says: "your fault…Your bastard. The world changed…But you would not.. So they chose me".

    Magog Vs Superman
    Magog Vs Superman

    Magog is delivery to the JSA, Superman proclaims that they are at war. Within 2 weeks, Superman and the JSA build a huge prison in Kansas to put there all the heroes and villains irresponsible troublemakers together in this prison (Gulag) This prison is filled to maximum capacity as soon as prison is built. Superman appoints Captain Comet as director, who tries to convince inmates that the methods are wrong and dangerous act, but their words fall on deaf ears. With the advent of hostile heroes-villains,the pressure and strain on the penal colony increase.

    Superman, pushed, Wonder Woman for the community metahumans and his inappropriate behavior. Superman said that only the weak succumb to brutality and violence. But Wonder Woman goes on to say that heroes are warriors and they have an obligation to use force if necessary.

    Meanwhile, Superman is surprised with the visit of McCray in the Watchtower. McCray was there to warn Superman. McCray speaks of future destruction and Armageddon for the community of super heroes on the planet, but Superman does not believe. Red Robin tells Superman that the Gulag prison is in a state of boiling, and prisoners are ready to escape. Wonder Woman wants to use force to calm the prisoners, but Superman goes to the humans leaders at the United Nations. A stalemate between the human leaders and Superman.The ministers of the United Nations are angry with the attitude of the Justice League.

    Fears that the human leaders feared, the fears are turned into reality: the human race no longer had control over his destiny nor fate of planet earth. The secretary general of the United Nations no longer accept the conditions of Superman to prison Gulag Superman says that Gulag is a work in progress and that the Justice League of America is working to guide the inmates in the path of good. Superman admits that there exists an enormous risk in a prison like the Gulag, but the prisoners are being monitored daily.

    The leaders of the United Nations has another point of view, the global economy is in chaos and the humans are afraid of another nuclear disaster like what happened in Kansas ten years ago. The leaders decided that from now, humans have to make choices for themselves. Superman and Wonder Woman are back to the Watchtower (Wonder Woman still think to use force to resolve the problem with the Gulag).

    Kingdom Come
    Kingdom Come

    However, Batman and his band is entering into an alliance with the Mankind Liberation Front, as a united front against the Justice League. Batman discovers that an adult Billy Batson is under the control of Luthor. Batson, who becomes Captain Marvel. It is the only being capable of confronting Superman. When start a rebellion of prisoners in the Gulag, the death of Captain Comet forces Batman to ambush Luthor, but Batman is unable to convince Billy of brainwashing at the hands of the criminal Lex, Billy turns into Captain Marvel and flies to Kansas. Superman is surprised to see wonder woman wearing his armor and his sword of war. Superman asks Diana if she hopes to use a sword. Diana hopes to be a warrior (Superman touches the sword of Wonder Woman; the small touch, it starts to bleed - revealing that magic continues to affect the Man of Steel). Superman gets angry with Diana, the Princess because she is not following the rules and she plans to use physical force. However, Batman contacts Superman. Captain Comet was killed in the Gulag.

    After the murder of Captain Comet, Wonder Woman convinces members of the League to use force to deal with prisoners of the Gulag, Superman objects to this decision are immediately silenced when Wonder Woman gives a goodbye kiss because he knows that The bloody clash of the Justice League with prisoners is imminent bloodthirsty. Superman will immediately search for Bruce Wayne (Superman returns to the Bat-cave to get help to Bruce Wayne. Kal says that Bruce is not above all, and they are facing the end of the world and the JLA needs the help of Batman) help because he knows that even in action Bruce has always valued human life, after a few words both recognize that this may be the conflict that began the end of the world. But Wayne said: " Did you ever considered that a war might be for the best? That perhaps humanity's only chance is for the superhumans smallow to each other?" Superman is disappointed with the view of his friend, but Superman insists that Batman (more than anyone in the world) will never let anyone die.

    Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel

    Bruce says there is a key element in this battle, Captain Marvel, who was brainwashed in the hands of Luthor and now has a mission to destroy the Gulag, making the conflict even more bloodier. Superman without thinking twice uses the air velocity. Flying like he never fly, Superman flies quickly to the Gulag to help Wonder Woman. Superman is desperate to get to prison, where at that exact moment that follows the chaos, the destruction (incident provoked by Captain Marvel). But Captain Marvel intersects Superman, and he challenges Superman to last battle.

    Upon arrival in the Gulag, Superman and Captain Marvel begin their battle, as the Spectre and Norman look attentive. It was clear that the most important mission of Captain Marvel was to stop Superman because he knew was the only one capable of stopping the war. Although Batman join forces to fight, to help the League to quell the revolt, is also intended to contain the same beings that the League imposed permanently on the humans, Batman does not agree that Wonder Woman is in direct conflict with Batman after she killed Von Bach with her sword.

    As conditions worsen each time more, the Secretary General of the United Nations,authorizes the deployment of three tactical nuclear warheads, with certain powers to end metahumans. Although the heroes and villains are destroyed the same way, the secretary estimates that he has no choice, because they feel for mankind survives, the metahumans must be destroyed.

    Two old friends: Bruce and Clark
    Two old friends: Bruce and Clark

    Batman and Wonder Woman fight in the center of the war zone in the middle of the fight, both go into heaven, where stealth bombers are ready to launch the nuclear warheads. Batman and Wonder Woman are able to detain two of them, but the third goes in the middle of them without being able to avoid falling. Captain Marvel continued to launch lightning mystical power of Shazam! Superman takes immense damage, but when he tries to stop him to see the reason for making an important decision because it is the only creature that lives in two worlds (divine and mortal), Billy stops Superman or allow the pump to stop the cataclysm of metahumans. And when Superman was going to contain the warhead, Marvel has finally found a option, and he flies in the direction of the warhead (Marvel takes Superman from the path). Captain Marvel tries to deflect the bomb, he says the word Shazam. The Lightning prematurely detonate the bomb.

    Enough Marvel
    Enough Marvel

    Despite the sacrifice of most metahumans, Marvel disappears in the explosion, some metahumans survive due to a force field generated by the Green Lantern and Jade. Superman is very angry at the terrible loss of many lives and flies into the unite nations building and he threatens to bring the roof to stop all delegates as punishment for the slaughter ( he realizes that there were no survivors). Norman McCay appears, but he is able to stop Superman. Norman says that Superman is angered by the explosion of the warhead and therefore the death of Captain Marvel and other metahumans. Norman Clark explains that he forgets how humans live and how human beings feel insecure. Norman explains to Superman that humans do not forget the attack from Superman to the United Nations.

    Norman asks Superman for him to forgive himself and the others. Norman says to Superman has all the powers, but the greatest has been his instinctive knowledge of right and wrong. This is the greatest gift to mankind that Superman gave - Superman's ability to question his actions in dial any crisis or problem, how to overcome the problem and solve it in the best possible way (the greatest gift of Kal-El to the world is his vision of right and wrong, that was not lost. Superman immediately cease his anger). Norman advised to make a decision as a man (Superman has to make the right decision).

    Kal sees the arrival of the survivors (among them, Batman, Wonder Woman, ..)

    Batman said that there are many survivors and they have the same problem as before, an impasse. Superman walks up to the Secretary of the United Nations and he says that both were wrong: "They should forget the mistakes and errors of the past and they should not worry about tomorrow. ... Together. The problems exist and metahumans will not solve the problems for you. We are going to solve Them With You, by not rulling above you ... But by living Among you". Superman takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel (the mantle is the choice for life that Marvel has done to honor the two species - mortals and metahumans)

    The honor in use as a guide to the wisdom of Captain Marvel requesting an opportunity to create new bonds of trust and a new world. As a final act before the United Nations placed the only reminder of his comrade. Superman puts the cape of Captain Marvel on a mast, symbol of hope that the two worlds become a new beginning.

    After the Civil War metahumans, the heroes are working actively to integrate fully with the communities of which they had tried to distance the past.

    Superman is dedicated to honor all the dead, the construction of a tomb monument in their memory, Clark is also involved in the arduous task of restoring agricultural land in the Midwest of Kansas, devastated by Magog in the past.

    Kal-El finally found inner peace, and admits to being Clark Kent again. Superman returns to accept a pair of glasses that gives him by the Princess Diana, with whom share a warm kiss before she leaves Clark.

    One Year Later


    In "Planet Krypton" (a theme restaurant) Clark and Diana are expected to meet with Bruce with the intent to inform you that they are expecting a child, but Bruce (still the world's greatest detective) before the announcement he deduces what she would say. But Diana surprises both Clark and Bruce, and she reveals a surprise. Diana asks if Bruce wants to be the godfather and mentor to their son. After being a little reluctant, he accepted when Clark says he believes that Bruce will strongly influence children's healthy balance, adding that despite their differences in all the years I have always had both. Clark says that Bruce was always a subject that Clark trusted. A mortal man with a sense of justice and rectum that Bruce is right about Clark.

    Justice has always been the biggest asset the highest quality and reliability of Superman. Clark says that regardless of the differences between them, Clark has always relied on Bruce and Clark will always trust him. Bruce Wayne agrees to be the godfather of the child and both (Clark and Bruce) gives a hug of friendship. Clark, Diana and Bruce leaving the restaurant. The three great heroes leaving the establishment with a smile. Superman says: The child of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Imagine what Kind of Kid He Will Be "Batman ends the conversation:" let's go home and dream about the future."

    Justice Society of America

    When the Justice Society Of America were assisting the F.D.N.Y., they discovered the murdered body of supervillain, Goth. Goth had claimed to be a demon in a past encounter with Damage. Because Goth had a hole blasted through him, the JSA figured out that the fire was coming from inside of him. With his passing, the power inside him was about to explode. Alan Scott's ring seemed to be affected by the flames and Power Girl actually began to burn in close contact.

    Starman then said he could make a black hole and throw his body into it. Even though he had never actually done so, Power Girl had to make the decision and allowed Starman to make his attempt.

    There's been a fire, Power Girl, Alan Scott and others are trying to control. Starman appears and tries to open a black hole to suck the flames. But while sucking the flames, Starman causes a chain reaction and bring this universe the Superman from Earth-22.

    The man recognized Starman and carried him out to safety. Not knowing where he was, an older version of Superman emerged carrying Starman's body.

    The strain was too much for Starman. The fire was out but he was left unconscious. A figure came out from the black hole before it closed. The man recognized Starman and carried him out to safety. Not knowing where he was, an older version of Superman emerged carrying Starman's body.

    Superman and Starman
    Superman and Starman

    Superman returns to the headquarters of the Justice Society, Ma Hunkel takes Superman's clothes (the clothes are all torn). The members of Justice Society of America are concerned about where this Superman came from (Wildcat even reflects if he is from the future). Starman said that Superman came from Earth-22 (a land situated in a parallel universe). Stargirl says Powergirl and Superboy Prime were the last survivors of the multiverse, Superman said that in his world to the Justice Society was dissolved for a long time and it never returned. But Stargirl asks what happened to Superman, but Superman asks if he can have some tea. The JSA Members decide to withdraw, but Hawkman is setting the security code and he is locking him in the room. Power Girl called JLA decides to help investigate this Superman, but Obsidian appears in the room (he and Superman talk about the Gulag prison to arrest the Super Criminals). However Superman begins to hear a young teenager who intended to commit suicide.

    Superman flies and destroyed the door and he takes his clothes from Ma Hunkel. But the members of the JSA think that Superman is preparing an attack and they decide to hold the man of steel (Starman uses his gravity powers to increase 100 times the weight of Superman). Superman apologizes to Starman and he goes in search of the girl. Superman uses his super speed and he runs through the city and he picks up the girl. Superman said: "Giving up never helped anyone,Miss. Trust me on that "

    Superman returns to the JSA mansion and he questions Alan Scott when the members of the JSA started calling him Superman.

    Meanwhile the heroes of the Justice League of America arrive to find out who is this Superman. Wonder Woman uses the lasso of truth and Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart use their rings. Superman (Earth-1) states that he is Kryptonian and he believes him . Batman shows up and he says that the heroes of the Justice League have to help this Superman to return to his land. But Diana says they are taking if he wants going back. So old Superman thanks the Justice League from the help and he said: " when the darkness pulled me away, the explosions were ten times destroyed Kansas. I saw my adapted planet die. I watched my house die a second time. My earth is gone"

    Power Girl and Superman

    Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, than the Superman from Earth-22 can stay with the Justice Society of America at the brownstone for as long as he wants, until he decides what to do (Superman also helps JSA ( Stargirl and Cyclone bake Superman`s costume). Judomaster is having difficulty controlling a Japanese gang of villains, Superman appears and he helps Judomaster to control the situation with the villains.

    Power Girl and Superman
    Power Girl and Superman

    However Power Girl arrives at the mansion of the Justice Society, Superman confronts Karan with the situation with she does not to talk to Superman. Power Girl explains that her cousin Kal-L died a short time in the fight against Superboy-Prime (during the Infinity Crisis). And she is still under shock of his death (Karen is not yet accustomed to the physical similarities between Superman and Kal-L). Superman reveals to Karen that she also looks like his cousin from earth-22.Superman says that losing things and sometimes giving up is natural, Superman saw that Power Girl has a strong personality because she never give up and that urge to just walk away, she never strayed. Superman also said that in his world, the Joker killed all employees of the Daily Planet and he lost his wife Lois (Superman moved away for 10 long years since the bombing of the Joker). Superman also said that Power Girl was the first recruit to the justice society and Karen exceeded all the expectations (Karen had found a new home and family, and Superman as well).

    Superman said he and Karen are not family as she and Kal-L, but both can learn to be. But Amazing Man is having problems with burglaries, Superman and Karen appear (Amazing Man is happy because they can discuss his potential in the JSA). Superman and Karen will help move a barge (the symbol of the many failures that destroyed the city). Karen and Superman have raised the barge.

    Meanwhile, Magog seriously hurts Mr America (he came to the headquarters of the JSA,wounded and full of blood). Superman and Karem also reach the headquarters of the JSA.

    Thy Kingdom Come

    Superman said in his land, there is someone who has the same armor (Magog). Superman says that Magog was responsible for the death of the Joker and thanks to this act Magog inspired a new era of super heroes with tendencies toward violence. The real name is William Matthews (William was born in Chicago and then he was a missionary in Africa) William Matthews attacked Superman (New Earth) in the past. To learn more about William the Superman of Earth-22 goes to Metropolis in search of the New Earth Superman.

    Two Supermen
    Two Supermen

    Arriving in Metropolis, Superman sees Jimmy, Perry White and Lois Lane. After more than a decade without seeing them Superman was thrilled. Superman sees that the Superman of Earth-22 is spying on Lois Lane and he decides to find out what's wrong with him. The old Superman tells his story about the death of his wife at the hands of the Joker. But the newest Superman tells how he met William Matthews. Matthews tried to poison Superman with Kryptonite a year ago.

    However, Gog (William Matthews) attacks Hercules in Gotham City. The two Supermen hear the fight and they decide to go and see what happens.

    Upon reaching the place, Hercules is unconscious on the floor, but suddenly Hercules wakes up and he attacks the newest Superman (Hercules attacks one Superman with a powerful blow that put him away because of the projected intensity).

    Hercules attacks the Superman of Earth-22, but he does not damage him. Superman defeats Hercules easily with a counter attack. As the new Superman already recovered, both decide to go into a museum to catch Magog (but Magog teleports to near Gog). Infinity-Man appears in the same place as Magog and both start a fight (in which the fight ends with Infinity-Man disappears)

    Now: Gog
    Now: Gog

    The Justice Society of America and Superman (Earth-22) will decide what to make of Magog. Superman advises that Magog must be stopped before he sent will this earth into a spiral of chaos and he will cause the domino effect (Superman says in his world, Magog inspired the new generation to hunt and murder their enemies with little care for innocents lives in their Way). Surprise Magog teleports for the headquarters for the location of the JSA (he attacks suddenly and brutally Cyclone and Thunderbolt). Jay, Alan Sott, Karen and Superman attack Magog (the fight intensifies to the street). However Amazing Man also comes together to defeat it. Superman attacks Magog (Magog said that Superman made many mistakes) with strength and determination, but Magog can teleport back to the Congo. Several members of the JSA could follow Magog. David attack Magog and he struck him in the face, but Gog appears and he disintegrates Magog and it turns out to absorb the energy in him. Gog is revealed to be a giant and very powerful.

    Superman and the other members of the JSA doubt about Gog, Amazing Man wonders what the purpose of Gog and what are his true intentions. Gog begins to walk and he starts curing many children and adults with various diseases. Gog explains that he is an ancient god of the third world and he was exiled to the land and that Magog was a human character who got the staff and power (provided by Magog). Magog began to have visions of worlds, including parallel earths. Gog heals Damage's face and he carries Karen back to the earth-2. Kal (scared) questions Gog,

    But Gog but asks if he liked to return to earth-22. Superman reticent, he claims that no house to back there. However there is a guerrilla war not far from the place where Gog and others are. Superman, Gog and the other heroes go there trying to stop the army of soldiers and in the process they will save the innocent. Superman rejects the idea of violence of Gog, while Hawkman is on the side of Gog (Hawkman tells Superman that he is a member of this team, not the founder - a guest on this earth). A soldier from the guerrilla attacks the heroes and kill David.

    David and he becomes the new Magog (David lost an eye, right arm and his humanity.) Superman decides to go talk to David (Superman suspects that the events of his land , are also moving on this earth - the accession of Magog and probably the future to take the land of destruction, Kal also try to give some moral support to David, because David's powers have increased 100 times, that means the choices be a hundred times more difficult). Jay, Alan and Superman once again question why Gog had to kill dozens of soldiers to bring, because the heroes of the JSA do not kill. A fight ensues between Hawkman, Magog and Alan, Jay and Superman. But to avoid further conflict and destruction, Magog send them back to the headquarters of the JSA.

    The End of an Era (Justice Society of America - Vol.3 - No.22)

    Legion of Super Heroes
    Legion of Super Heroes

    In the final pages, the end of history, one year after the war, the kiss of Diana and the beginning of their relationship. 10 years later, shows that not only had a son, but four (Bruce, who guide the children, takes the role of the grandfather of the family). 20 years later, the funeral of the most courageous and heroic man in the world is dead, Bruce Wayne, who in his final resting place is meeting with his best friends (Clark, Diana and their children) his companions (heroes and humans).

    100 years later, two aged Diana and Clark behold the dawn of a new era where civilization is in search of new worlds. 200 years later, Clark, Diana and her family watched the final and the ruins of the old human world. 500 years later, reborn a new civilization. 1000 years later, it appears that it was time to rest from the Amazon Princess Diana, the wife of Clark, who was still alive, looks with a smile, his legacy, the arrival of a new generation of superheroes clearly inspired by Superman: Legion of Super Heroes


    The costume of Earth 22 Superman.
    The costume of Earth 22 Superman.

    Earth 22 Superman's costume is similar to the Superman of New Earth, but their are differences. Earth 22 Superman's S shield is different, Earth 22 Superman's S shield is black and red, whilst New Earth Superman's S shield is yellow and red. Earth 22 Superman's belt is also black and gold, whilst New Earth Superman's belt is only yellow. It seems as though Earth 22 Superman's costume is based on the Fleischer cartoons version of Superman, and Kal-L's early costume. It also seems that Kon-El (Superboy) wears a similar costume when he is older. This costume was never showed in any media, but the costume did become very popular. Various different T-Shirts were made on this.

    Personality and Morals

    The Superman of Earth 22 seemed to be more aggressive and and didn't hold back as much as New Earth Superman, as New Earth Superman, he did not kill. But he took a more stubborn and meaner approach to villains, as he did not hold back in combat. Seeing his own world being destroyed through a 10 year absence, he knew that he couldn't be too nice and forgiving.

    Earth 22 Superman came close to killing in Kingdom Come, when his friends were savagely killed by a Nuclear Explosion, it was only when Norman McCay and his friends that talked him out of it and brought him to his senses. But it was clearly shown in Kingdom Come that he would not kill.


    Hercules vs Superman
    Hercules vs Superman

    Kingdom Come Superman is stronger and can withstand stronger attacks than the New Earth Superman. As he is from Earth 22, kryptonite from other Earths do not affect him. It was also stated in Kingdom Come that Kryptonite no longer affected him because of the amount of radiation from the Yellow Sun he had absorbed. Kingdom Come Superman was shown to be able to withstand Hercules attacks while Superman was knocked back.

    • Strength - Earth 22 Superman's Strength level is higher than Current Superman's Strength level, he was shown to be superior to Current Superman when he withstood Hercules attack. Earth 22's Superman's powers come from the yellow sun, after a decade of absorbing Yellow Sunlight, Kingdom Come Superman became one of the most powerful versions of Superman. He was shown to be far superior than Current Superman, though he did struggle with the Captain Marvel of his Universe.
    • Speed -Earth 22 Superman was said to be as fast as Wally West, he also caught Jay Garrick in the Speed Force, his Speed level can match the flash family in Speed.
    • Flight - Earth 22 Superman, like all Supermen, is capable of flying.
    • Invulnerability - Earth 22 Superman is capable of surviving Bombs without any harm, this was shown in Kingdom Come. He was also shown to with-stand Hercules punch with no effort, and take hits from Captain Marvel's lightning, though he greatly struggled with it. But later on grew a magical resistance after his fight with Captain Marvel.
    • Heat Vision - Earth 22 Superman also possess Heat Vision. He used this in Kingdom Come, where he used it to destroy alcohol bottles.
    • Freeze Breath - Earth 22 Superman is capable of blowing and creating very powerful winds.
    • Super Intellect - Earth 22 Superman's brain works faster than the average person. He was able to scan the world in less than a minute in Kingdom Come.
    • X-Ray Vision- Earth 22 Superman is capable of seeing across great distances
    • Super Hearing - Earth 22 Superman was shown to have superior hearing to Current Superman, this was shown in JSA - Kingdom Come Special. He also heard a girl trying to commit suicide, he was miles away and he heard her.

    Other Media


    Routh as the Kingdom Come Superman
    Routh as the Kingdom Come Superman

    The Kingdom Come Superman appears in the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and is played by Brandon Routh.


    Kingdom Come

    No Caption Provided

    On rare occasions, a graphic novel gains the critical and popular acclaim needed to become both a genre legendand a mainstream phenomenon. Kingdom Come, DC Comics' multiple award-winning bestsellers, is such a classic. Now the epic story by celebrated writer Mark Waid and artist Alex Ross has been transformed into a thrilling new novel, combining passion and fantasy as generations of heroes battle in a war of visions and biblical apocalypse.

    Includes four original black and white drawings by Alex Ross.

    • Written By: Elliot S. Maggin
    • Publisher: Warner Books, Aspect (September, 1999)
    • ISBN-10: 0553285688
    • ISBN-13: 978-0446606691

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