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    Ivich's early history is unknown. She apparantly joined the Gladiators of her own free will and is a longtime member in good standing with them.

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    Ivich was created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist Don Perlin as a supporting character in Marvel's 1984 limited series, Beauty & The Beast.

    Ivich Williamson is a mutant, which has manifested as green skin and perhaps superhuman strength and durability. While most of her early life has yet to be disclosed, Ivich was at some point recruited into the Gladiators, founded by Hugo Longride and Alexander Flynn. The Gladiators, an underground mutant fight club, served as an exotic entertainment for the rich and eccentric, and Ivich excelled in the ring. However, Flynn secretly believed he was the illegitimate son of Victor Von Doom, and was secretly grooming the group to become his army to reclaim his birthright: the throne of Latveria. This plan was ultimately thwarted by the intervention of Allison Blaire, the Dazzler, and Henry "Hank" McCoy, the Beast. Ivich remained with the Gladiators through this.

    Ivich abandoned her revealing sword maiden costume in favor of dressing like Frankenstein's Monster for her matches with the Gladiators. The group found new leadership in Xian Coy Manh, the mutant Karma, who was possessed by the Shadow King. The Shadow King worked from behind the scenes, interacting with his minions through holographic projections of Flynn. After the Gladiators coerced members of the New Mutants to join their ranks, the group was infiltrated by Dazzler., who helped the New Mutants recover their missing members. Ivich is presumed to have remained with the group.

    Her status since then is uncertain. It is unknown how the events of M Day affected her and the other members of the Gladiators.

    Ivich is a proficient fighter, her experiences with the Gladiators giving her skills with archaic weaponry and honing her reflexes. She is loyal to the other fighters in the group, like Horns and Max Rocker.


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