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Dazzler, due to the hospitality of Heartbreak Hotel’s motley denizens, slowly regains control of her powers. She and Beast grow fond of each other, even beginning a romantic relationship, which is ultimately interrupted by the arrival of Hugo Longride’s repo men. They lure Alison back into Hugo’s control, but Beast makes sure to attend her first performance, as her behavior around Hugo’s men is uncharacteristic. Her first show turns out to be a bloody, coliseum-style battle in front of a crowd of Hollywood’s elite. Dazzler initially resists, but is quickly overcome by her thirst for attention. She manages to catch herself after almost killing her opponent and runs off stage. The show goes on without her, quickly devolving into a brutal, melee-style battle. The crowd loves it, and becomes even more excited when one of the gladiators dies in the arena. Both Beast and Dazzler are horrified. Dazzler tells her boss she wants no part in this, but he reminds her of the attention she gets by performing. By the time Beast arrives to take Dazzler away, she has already been drugged and convinced to stay. Hank scolds her for stooping to this level and leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, in Latveria, Doctor Doom continues to receive updates about his mysterious, alleged son.

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