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    A regular guy, Hardaway had a wife and son and a normal life. All that was taken away when he watched his family killed by mutants. It is unknown if this drove him to join Project: Wideawake on his own or if he was recruited. Regardless, he was overjoyed to know that his upgrade into a new kind of biosentry would give him powers over mutants.


    Hardaway was created by Fabian Nicieza and Matt Broome in 1993 and first appeared in X-Force # 27.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hardaway is upgraded and put into action monitoring Henry Peter Gyrich’s house. When the Mutant Liberation Front attacks the house Hardaway is sent in for his first live test. He catches the MLF by surprise and slashes Forearm in the back. When Wildside and Tempo try to manipulate reality Hardaway switches into his cybernetic mode and shrugs off their powers. He then elongates his arm and snatches Tempo in an attempt to crush her in his grasp. Before he can he is pierced with a psionic arrow from Moonstar and is incapacitated by his darkest thoughts, those of his family dying. Locus then phases the lower half of his body into a tree, instantly killing him.

    Powers & Abilities

    Hardaway was a cyborg designed to be immune to the effects of psionic attacks through his hybrid nature, enabling him to shift his thoughts into machine-mode. His body was also composed of an unknown metal which could expand, enabling him to stretch his limbs and transform his hands into claws.


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