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    Reaper was an original member of Stryfe's MLF, later a member of the Malibu Universe's Exiles.

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    The Reaper has been in the Mutant Liberation Front since they were first introduced. He lost his hand while in a fight against Shatterstar of X-Force, prompting him to get a cybernetic implant for a hand. Some time later, when fighting against Shatterstar again, he lost the other hand. He would then lose one of his legs after getting his leg stuck and ripped out in Zero's teleportation portal. At one point the other MLF members would joke about his starting to turn into Darth Vader.


    Reaper was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld in 1990 and first appeared in New Mutants # 86.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Seina Blaze

    When trying to recruit a mutant named Siena Blaze for the MLF, he was accidentally placed in an alternate reality called the Ultraverse. He remained there with Siena Blaze and a few others forming the Exiles until he returned back to Marvel proper.

    It was revealed that the Reaper has lost his abilities thanks to the events of M-Day.


    Reaper later joined the de-powered mutant group X-Cell. The group believed the government was responsible for the mutant decimation and acted as a terrorist organization in retaliation. Upon meeting with Quicksilver, who had gained power bestowing abilities after absorbing the Terrigen Mists, Reaper's powers seemingly reemerged. However, when one of Reaper's teammate Elijah Cross spontaneously combusted after the being re-powered, Reaper's teammate Abyss transported the remaining team members into an unknown dimension. It is not known whether his abilities remained or whether he is still alive.

    Linked To MLF Again

    When the Mutant Liberation Front was reformed, Reaper apparently was linked to the team again. He was captured by the X-Men.

    Powers & Abilities

    Reaper has a stunning touch which he can channel through metal objects, including his sickle and his prosthetics. He eventually gains full cybernetic limbs which can transform into scythe blades.

    Other Media

    X-Men: The Animated Series

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    Reaper made a brief appearance in Secrets, Not Long Buried (Episode 60)


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