X-Force #27

    X-Force » X-Force #27 - Liberation Through Subjugation released by Marvel on October 1993.

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    X-Force takes it upon themselves to save Gyrich- despite the wishes of Val Cooper, Nick Fury, and Professor X! Reignfire gives Cable an ultimatum- join his team or die!

    Reignfire makes his move against Henry Peter Gyrich. In taking the man captive, the MLF sees the new techno-organic contructs the government is working on. X-Force is the only unit that can take the assignment, so they attack the new MLF base. Their hopes of rescuing Gyrich is thrown a monkey wrench when they realize that a former friend has aligned herself with Reignfire.


    The Mutant Liberation Front attacks Henry Peter Gyrich's home and Wildside is more than happy to kill one of the guards. This doesn't sit well with the entire team. As they pause to discuss the issue Gyrich sends his latest toy to deal with the four MLF members. The toy is a cyborg named Hardaway, a former man who had watched his family killed by mutants. His attack is swift and he seems to have a counter for each member of the MLF. At one point he grabs Tempo and almost crushes her in his grasp until Moonstar and Locus show up as reinforcements. Moonstar shoots him with a psionic arrow to debilitate him. Locus then phases his legs into a tree, killing him instantly. Despite her gratitude, Tempo can't help but disapprove of Locus's methods. Locus blows her off and phases into Gyrich's house, kills a guard, and phases back out with Gyrich in tow. Gyrich is enraged at how the MLF is wantonly killing people. Forearm pulls out some of Hardaway's guts to show Gyrich that his people are perversions. The MLF then phase to their base with Gyrich as their prisoner.

    In Washington, D.C., a secret meeting is being held between Nick Fury, Professor Xavier, Valerie Cooper, and Forge. They all recognize that the situation with Gyrich is a sensitive one. It's too soon for the X-Men to go on a mission; X-Factor can't go save Gyrich because they can't be seen as a government entity of mutants saving a mutant hater; SHIELD and the Avengers can't go. Good thing Cable has patched into this secret conclave. He shuts down the transmission and opts to have X-Force do this dirty work.

    The MLF base is in the Bermuda Triangle. Tempo goes off alone to clear her head but gets tailed by Moonstar. Despite Tempo's reservations about the team's methods, Moonstar assures her that mutant salvation is of the utmost importance. Inside the base, Reignfire goes and formally meets Gyrich. Reignfire affirms that he is all for mutantkind at whatever cost to humans.

    Just outside the base, X-Force has split into three teams. Cannonball's team begins the attack by blasting through the doors and immediately attacking the first person they see. That person happens to be Moonstar and she gets a psionic arrow into Cannonball. She then approaches the rest of the sub-team and they realize that the attacker is none other than their old friend Dani Moonstar.

    At another part of the base, Siryn, Warpath, and Shatterstar blast through a wall. Warpath takes on Forearm while Shatterstar and Siryn confront Reaper and Wildside. Shatterstar gets the upper hand on Reaper and cuts off a limb before moving in for the kill. Wildside stops him, however, by threatening to pull out Siryn's throat.

    Deep inside the base, Cable and Feral find Gyrich's cell. They move in to free the politician but get waylaid when Reignfire shows up and zaps them.


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    Stryfe was intriguing because he was out for some sort of revenge, we could never know what until his demise. Reignfire poses a different sort of leader for the MLF. He has an agenda with bold plans and a better task force. Where Stryfe's cronies seemed hackneyed and sporadic, Reignfire's troop (though with similar members) appears much more motivated and unified. This is an MLF that is interesting to read. Including Dani as a MLF member is an interesting twist and, while I don't like the inner-...

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