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    Fabian Nicieza has mostly written at Marvel and is co-creator of Deadpool, Shatterstar, and the X-force team; and was the first writer on New Warriors. He also served as editor of Star Comics and Acclaim Comics.

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    Fabian Nicieza's first work for Marvel was Psi-Force #9.  On the Marvel staff, he worked on a variety of books and characters before being tapped by EIC Tom DeFalco to develop the New Warriors in their own book in 1990.  Nicieza worked on the final few issues of New Mutants in 1991 and developed a spin off series, X-Force with Rob Liefeld.  He co- created Shatterstar and Deadpool and eventually went on to be the series' full writer. During the early '90s he was a driving force for X-characters such as X-men, Cable, and Deadpool: The Circle Chase, developing characters that he would later bring together in Cable and Deadpool. Nicieza played an important role in the development of the X-Men as he was writing during landmark story arcs such as Age of Apocalypse, Phalanx Covenant, and X-Cutioner's Song.
    In 1992 Nicieza was made editor of Marvel's imprint for children, Star Comics for a short time, before leaving Marvel's staff to freelance.  In 1996 he became editor in chief of Acclaim Comics, and eventually was promoted to president and publisher.  When Acclaim Comics made major staff cuts in 1999, Nicieza returned to freelance work and Marvel taking over Thunderbolts from Busiek, writing a Gambit ongoing, and returning to X-Men, Cable and Deadpool amongst other books. In 2006, Nicieza returned to DC and is currently he is working on one title, Red Robin.
    Outside of the comic book field, Nicieza is the head writer for Starlight Runner Entertainment, an intellectual property management company that works with the properties of corporations such as Mattel, Coca-Cola, Disney, Hasbro, Sony and Microsoft.  He's edited or developed content for Hot Wheels, Pirates of the Caribbean, Halo, Avatar, Happiness Factory, Tron, Transformers, Men in Black, Barbie, Ren & Stimpy, William Shatner’s TEKWorld, Power Rangers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    In January 2011 Nicieza was announced as Chief Creative Officer for FunGoPlay, an online sports theme park for kids, which uses real interactive sports gear to reward kids in the virtual online sports world.

    Personal Life

    After immigrating to America from Argentina at the age of three, Fabian taught himself to read with comic books.  He grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers.  He is married to Tracey Lee Nicieza and has two daughters.

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