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    A mutant with the ability to teleport. Locus is a loyal companion to Reignfire & was a foe of the original X-Force. Originally suspected to be a resurrected Magik, Locus infamously changed skin colour thereby dispelling all rumours.

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    Locus was never given an origin story. She first appeared fighting alongside Reignfire's Mutant Liberation Front having dropped hints that she could fluently speak several alien languages, which suggests that she has had many dangerous & exotic adventures before her first appearance.


    Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artists Matt Broome & Greg Capullo in 1993, Locus was introduced as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front & thereore as an enemy of the teenaged mutant team, X-Force. Her character was later completely reinvented by writer John Francis Moore & artist Adam Pollina.

    Character Evolution

    Magik Reborn?

    Speaking Shi'Ar: Locus Suspected To Be Magik?
    Speaking Shi'Ar: Locus Suspected To Be Magik?

    Originally, Locus was a mystery character when she appeared in the heart of battle. Very little information was revealed. Readers were therefore left with a Caucasian, blonde, overly-confident, talkative female mutant who had the ability to teleport across galaxies (she indicated that she could speak Shi'Ar & several other alien languages). The combination of her attitude, physical appearance and powers made fans suspect that Locus was Magik somehow reincarnated.

    Locus always remained loyal to Reignfire. Her powers had mulfunctioned in battle, and therefore Locus disappeared with Sunspot. However, in the dying moments of the universe before the Age of Apocalypse began, Locus re-appeared to collect the members of X-Force and took them to Reignfire who then revealed that he was in fact their long lost team-mate, Sunspot. The mystery at the time as to how Sunspot could have co-existed at the same time as Reignfire made fans suspect that Locus' teleportational powers also included the ability to travel across time, a well as space. This only intensified the public belief that Locus was in fact Magik.

    It is unclear whether the creative team of Nicieza, Broom & Capullo had intended to stir up the hopes of fans with the possible resurrection of a popular character, or if they meant to create a wholly new character. However, further creative teams seemed determined to end the rumours once & for all.

    African American

    Locus' Changes: Refined Powers & New Skin Color
    Locus' Changes: Refined Powers & New Skin Color

    With explanation, the next creative team to use Locus completely transformed her in both personality & appearance. Not only did she no longer seem to have the same inter-galactic confidence, but physically Locus has changed from a Caucasian blonde to an African American girl who wore her curly black hair in two Minnie Mouse-esque round pigtails. Gone was the skin-tight spandex, perspex goggles and braided ponytails in favour of a more casual & every day appearance. Despite the drastic change in race, the members of X-Force instantly recognised Locus when she appeared to kidnap them.

    There was also no suggestion that her powers could cover the same kind of universal distances as before. She had mastered the ability to focus her teleportation on smaller areas and parts of people, when she threatened to decapitate people be teleporting their heads off. However, Locus still had issues with the energies of other mutants' powers interfering with her own. When Skids' protective forcefield interjected with Locus' powers, she inadvertently teleporated them across the globe to a snowy mountainside. When she had previously disappeared with Sunspot, Cannonball had stated that they could be anywhere on Earth or in a different solar system. However, when Locus disappeared with Skids there wasn't any concern about where in the universe they might be as if the natural assumption was that they'd still be on Earth.

    Major Story Arcs

    Reignfire & The Mutant Liberation Front

    Although Locus has not been part of any major story arcs, she has featured as a support character in various X-Force stories.

    Locus Teleports The MLF Into Battle
    Locus Teleports The MLF Into Battle

    She first appeared as the main means of transportation for the new Mutant Liberation Front. X-Force had gone on a rescue mission to save Henry Gyrich who had been kidnapped by the MLF. However, the mission was a series of disasters for X-Force. They were ambushed by the surprise appearance of former New Mutant, Moonstar, and the team lost a member when Feral defected.

    Locus played a very small role in the story until Sunspot pushed his powers further than ever before to discover he had the ability to fly. He rose through the air to Locus, but his solar energy flares interrupted the energy in Locus' teleportation and the two of them disappeared.

    X-Force couldn't locate either Locus or Sunspot, despite using some of Cable & Arcade's finest technology. However, it was Locus who found them, as she teleported around New York City collecting the separated members of X-Force during a night out. She took them to the MLF's island base in the North Atlantic where Reignfire had turned against everything & everyone around him, killing all animal life left over by the Ani-Mator and his own henchmen like Forearm. This led to the shock revelation that Reignfire was in fact Sunspot.

    It was a long time before Locus & Reignfire resurfaced. By then X-Force had left Cable's tutelage once again, and were living on the road. They had crashed at Skids' college apartment when Locus appeared to kidnap members of the team. However, the appearance of Reignfire confused the team as they had been living with Sunspot for several months. Locus threatened to behead Warpath in battle unless he comply & surrender. Together, both Locus & Reignfire managed to disable and hang the member of X-Force upside down. It was subsequently revealed that Reignfire was cloned from Sunspot.

    Skids Vs Locus
    Skids Vs Locus

    However, Locus' powers once again malfunctioned and she was teleportated across the globe. She woke up on a snowy mountainside with Skids. They initially fought, but soon discovered that neither of them could use their powers.

    Both were enslaved by the sorceress Pandemonia and used as puppets against X-Force. After escaping from the sorceress, she vowed revenge on X-Force.

    Later, whilst attempting to enlist a teleporter for their programmme, Weapon X came across the remains of Locus' body, who was slain by Sabretooth in an attempt to rob Weapon X of potential recruits.



    Locus' basic powers are all based around teleportation. Originally she could cover great distances on a galactic level. It is unclear whether she can still cover those great distances after her unexplained physical change, which had her on a par with inter-galactic teleporter Lila Cheney. It is certainly clear that Locus can easily travel across the globe within moments.

    Energy Field

    Locus Teleporting X-Force
    Locus Teleporting X-Force

    The physical manifestation of her teleporation is bright light energy. Any items or people enveloped in the light will be teleported. It is this energy source that malfunctions when combined with the energy signatures of other mutants.

    Therefore, when the teleportation energy light was mixed with the wild crackling energy of Sunspot's solar flares it effected Locus' control over her own powers. Likewise, the essence of Skids' forcefield usually protects her from everything offensive. However, when the two mutant's powers came in to contact with each other, they went haywire. Skids wasn't protected, and once again Locus lost control of her own powers.

    When Locus loses control of her powers, she can no longer dictate where her destination is and she will be instantly lost.

    Refined Control

    Locus Threatens To Behead Warpath
    Locus Threatens To Behead Warpath

    She can expand her teleportational field to encompass several people all at one go with ease. She has been seen teleporting the entire roster of X-Force and the Mutant Liberation Front on different occasions. Locus can also focus her abilities into smaller & more confined areas. She can grasp parts of an object or person, therefore cleaving something in half or decapitating body parts. However, her control over her teleportational field means that she can surround part of her target and withdraw it instead of continuing with the teleport. Thus enabling her to threaten larger & superior opponents in to compliance.


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