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Flying Fox was created to fill the void in history created by the absence of the Golden-Age Batman in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Michael Bair as part of the DC Universe. His first appearance was on Young All-Stars #1 in June, 1987.


The Bronze Age: The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team

As our tale begins, the Boy of Steel is peering into the future via his "time-telescope". He observes that while the device is imperfect, he is able to get occasional glimpses at his future career as Superman. As he watches his adult self pursue some criminals, he sees another hero arrive on the scene.

However the next day in class, who should appear but young Bruce Wayne himself. Apparently his family is in town for a while, and Bruce will temporarily attend Smallville High. He soon displays both academic and athletic prowess in all of his activities, which draws the notice of his classmates, especially one Lana Lang.

But Bruce's tour of the Lang collection is suddenly interrupted as he hears shots from outside. Some crooks have put together a small armored tank to rob a bank, and the local police are finding their guns can't make a dent in it. Bruce decides that since Superboy is out of town, he'll try and stop the criminals. News soon spreads through Smallville of the daring feat of the new hero known as the Flying Fox. Lana convinces Bruce to keep the costume and continue fighting crime, and the young man, seeking to impress his lady friend, willingly goes along with the scheme. Bruce then takes the opportunity to ask Lana for a date.

Bruce puts the recording of Superboy's voice in his handy oscilloscope (I guess the Waynes being wealthy, they could afford to give Bruce all these handy gadgets!). Now all he has to do is amass recordings of other kids around town until he arrives at a match to deduce the Boy of Steel's identity.

That evening, Superboy gives Bruce a call via radio and arranges a meeting out of town to coordinate a plan to trap the aforementioned criminals with the kryptonite. He constructs gigantic wax faces of each of the three crooks for Bruce to memorize their features, and then gives him further instructions.

Later, Superboy contacts Bruce to rendezvous back at their previous meeting spot by the big heads. However, the gang has been anxiously listening in and waiting for this moment, and so they rush to the scene to trap the Boy of Steel with the kryptonite. With the element of surprise, the trap is sprung, and Superboy is rendered helpless by a huge chunk of green K. Luckily for him, Bruce has regained consciousness and sizing up the situation, quickly goes into action.

Silver Age: All Star Squadron

Flying Fox was the son and heir of the chief of a hidden tribe of Indians living in northern Canada. For many years the tribe avoided contact with white man's civilization.

During World War II the Nazis learned about the tribe. Armed Nazis came ashore in northern Canada from a U-Boat to attempt to get the tribe to engage in guerrilla warfare against the government of Canada . When the tribe shaman (a practitioner of magic) refused to fight against the Canadian government, the Nazi commander had his men shoot and kill the tribe's chief.

The chief's son, who at that time was known by a different name than Flying Fox, was grief-stricken over the murder of his father. The shaman directed the youth to go to a lost cavern to obtain the cape and cowl of the magical flying fox. The shaman permanently painted the emblem of the flying fox onto the chest of the chief's son, who was renamed the Flying Fox. (“Flying Fox” is an English translation of the youth name in his native language.) Flying Fox also received training in the use of his new magical powers from the shaman. Flying Fox was sent by the shaman and the tribe to the to help in the war effort against Nazi Germany. He was not to return to his homeland until the Nazi scourge was driven from the face of the Earth.

The nineteen-year old Flying Fox, arrived in in April 1942 and, along with other new young heroes, helped the All-Star Squadron defeat Axis Amerika. On the recommendation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Flying Fox and the other young heroes who had aided the Squadron in the battle were made member of the All-Star Squadron. On Roosevelt's request Flying Fox and the other “

Young All-Stars

Most of Flying Fox wartime exploits have yet to be recorded. His present whereabouts and activities, if he is still alive, are unknown.

The New 52: Gothtopia

Gothtopia is set up in the New 52 DC Universe featuring the different versions of Batwing, who is called “Flying Fox”. Gothtopia and this version of the Flying Fox can be followed through the pages of upcoming issues of DETECTIVE COMICS, BATWING, CATWOMAN, BIRDS OF PREY, and BATGIRL.

Attributes and Background

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: None

Group affiliation: Young All-Stars, All Star Squadron

Base Of Operations: Canada

Height: 5'10”

Weight: 128 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Skills and Abilities

Flying Fox's magical cloak of fox fur enabled him to fly. His acrobatic skill aided his maneuverability in flight. Flying Fox possessed various magical shamanic abilities, most of which are sill unknown. So far it is known that he could cast a spell of invisibility over himself and that he could magically cause fire to appear and leap from his hand without harming himself.

Flying Fox was a brilliant athlete and a superb hand-to-hand combatant.


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