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    Lucas "Luke" Fox was born into a family, of wealth and prestige. He is the son of Wayne Enterprise's president and CEO, Lucius Fox. The accomplished mixed martial artist and MIT graduate takes over the identity of Batwing after David Zavimbe resigns.

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    This page is for the second (current) Batwing.

    For the first Batwing, see David Zavimbe.


    A masked Luke Fox saving Bruce Wayne from a line of gun fire.
    A masked Luke Fox saving Bruce Wayne from a line of gun fire.

    Bruce Wayne publicly announces that he has been financially funding Batman and wants to globally expand Batman’s war on crime through an organization called, Batman Inc. Lucas “Luke” Fox, son of Lucius Fox, takes interest and begins to underway a number of actions to get Batman’s attention, including saving Bruce Wayne's life. Although Batman notices Luke’s efforts, he decides to choose David Zavimbe instead. After Zavimbe resigns his title known as “Batwing,” Batman chooses Luke Fox, his "first choice," as the new Batwing!


    Luke Fox was created by Batwing writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, who took the title in a new direction once coming aboard the series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fangs Of Doom

    Fangs of Doom
    Fangs of Doom

    Luke Fox has inherited the title of Batwing and finds himself stationed in DR Congo, fending off a swarm of Marabunta soldiers. The Marabunta are a conglomerate of high-tech army ant themed mercenaries that primarily operate throughout Africa. Luke quickly makes work of their leader, and is then instructed by Batman to find out what she knows and report back. However, Luke does the complete opposite after gathering intel from Lady Marabunta. She tells him that the Marabunta acquire there high-tech weaponry by illegally mining and selling diamonds.

    When Luke ventures to shut down the mine, he comes into conflict with the sadistic warlord, Lion-Mane. Lion-Mane is confident that his three wives can take care of Luke, but when they are defeated, he attacks Luke himself. Lion-Mane's barrage of vicious attacks leads to a brutally epic battle, nearly costing Luke his life. During his escape from Lion-Mane’s “Fang’s of Doom,” Luke demonstrates multiple styles of martial art but ultimately uses his keen intellect to out maneuver Lion-Mane.

    The Marabunta

    The Marabunta
    The Marabunta

    After narrowly surviving an onslaught from Lion-Mane, Luke returns to Gotham and decides to visit his family for dinner. He comes to odds with his father, who isn't please about him seemingly refusing a job offer at Wayne Enterprises to vacate to Africa for several months. Lucius Fox is completely unaware that Luke is the new Batwing. After a heated discussion, the Fox family began to have dinner, which was interrupted by an attack from the Marabunta.

    Somehow, the Marabunta had managed to bypass Lucius Fox's home defense systems. Luke began to wonder if this attack from the Marabunta was retaliation for foiling their plans back at the diamond mine and that, they had somehow found out that he was Batwing. However, he soon accessed that the soldiers had little interest in him, as they didn't attempt to kill him. He managed to take out a number of Marabunta (without his bat suit) and even survived being shot several times. However, his father was kidnapped during the altercation.

    Luke contacted Batman and briefed him about what had happened. He was then instructed to not get involved and allow Batman to handle the situation. Luke then began to navigate through his parent's ravaged home in search of his mother and sisters. When he found them, his mother asked him to stay and watch over the house until the police arrived, while they took shelter elsewhere. Later, after doing some personal investigation, Luke discovered that his father designed a lot of tactical gear for Batman and concluded that the Marabunta were after Lucius Fox primarily because of his affiliation with Batman Incorporated. He then grabbed his batsuit, and later met up with Batman.

    The two of them go on to track down the Marabunta, by following a tracer implanted in Lucius Fox. Apparently, all top level Wayne Enterprise employees had tracers implanted within them in case a situation like this were ever to occur. Batwing and Batman infiltrated the Marabunta hideout, where they were confronted by Lady Marabunta and a swarm of her soldiers. Batwing took out a number of soldiers and left Lady Marabunta to Batman, as he traveled through the facility in search of his father. When he finally located him, Batwing found his father bound to a chair with an ant-like metahuman attempting to drain his mind via an enormous ant larva, combined with some type of technological wiring. Running out of time, Batwing deceived to act quickly and tossed a few bata-rangs to sever the connections, unbeknownst if doing so would kill his father or not. Fortunately, it did not. By separating Lucius Fox from the larva, the ant-like metahuman was paralyzed and then quickly defeated.

    Lady Vic

    Lady Vic
    Lady Vic

    After making sure his father received medical attention, Luke attempted to return back to watching over his parent's home. When he arrived, the police were there and his mother and sisters were livid. While Luke was out saving his father, his parents home was raided. His mother scolded him and lectured to him about responsibility; she had specifically asked him to watch the house while they were gone and had failed to do so.

    He attempted to apologize, but eventually just left and went home. Later that day, he goes on a make-up date with Zena Zlenko. She had dumped him the day he returned from the DR Congo mission, because he didn't even bother telling her that he was venturing to Africa for several months. Despite giving him a second chance, she tells him that she only agreed to this make-up date to officially end their relationship. After she leaves, Luke suits up after witnessing someone fleeing an exploding building. When he arrives at the scene, he has a run in with the assassin Lady Vic. The deadly mercenary had hopes of facing off with Batman, and was less than impressed with Batwing. When the two first met, she was capable of matching him in combat and quickly defeated him by utilizing an electronic disruptor to shut down his power suit.

    After knocking him off the building they were fighting on, Vic flees the scene. Luke managed to place a tracer on her and he survives the fall by re-configuring power to activate his wings. He decides to venture home, to make changes to the suit so that it doesn't rely so much on electricity. When he arrived at his apartment building, Zena was there. When he approached her, he noticed she was crying. Zena's father had died that night and she had no one else to turn to. Luke attempts to comfort her by inviting her up to his apartment. She reveals that she still cares for him and the two become deeply intimate in the showers.

    The next day, he contacts Batman and asks for access to a bat-bunker to make the alterations to his suit. He spends the bulk of the day in the bunker, altering the power-suit. Afterwards, he tracks down Lady Vic. She purposely allowed Luke to plant the tracer on her and was awaiting his arrival. Their altercation was brief, as Luke admits that she's a better fighter than him, and that he didn't plan to actually fight her. He laces her with fear toxin and interrogates her, before fleeing the scene, just as the authorities arrive. He learned that Charlie Caligula was the one who hired her, and the Marabunta that kidnapped his father. A few days later, he meets up with Zena at her fathers funeral.

    Powers and Abilities


    Similar to other members of Batman Inc., Luke Fox possesses no superhuman abilities. Instead, he relies on other skill such as: his keen intellect, exceptional combat prowess, and a power-suit equipped with various gadgets.


    Luke Fox, demonstrating his expertise in engineering by making alterations to his armor.
    Luke Fox, demonstrating his expertise in engineering by making alterations to his armor.

    Highly Intelligent: Luke is an extremely intellectually gifted young man. having graduated a year early with two degrees from one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, the Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Similar to his father, he is a highly skilled engineer and was even offered a job at Wayne Enterprises, to which he refused in order to pursue his own ideals.

    Highly Skilled Combatant: Luke is an accomplished Mix Martial Arts fighter, and has participated in various point system based tournament fights since he was 16. He's traveled the globe learning from several different Martial Arts Masters, most notable of those include:

    • Spear kung fu/ Shaolin Red Eagle Spear learned from Master Chu Chin Li,
    • Kubi Nage a Judo/Juijitsu throwing technique from Sensei Tsunemoto.
    • Luke also has some knowledge and training of the armed spear Kung Fu, "Shaolin Red Eagle Spear," which was taught to him by Master Chu Chin Li.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Luke possesses a bat-suit and a number of weapons/gadgets similar to other Batman Inc. members.


    • Grappling gun: a projectile with a hook attached to a para-cord. The hook is meant to latch on to a surface so that the user can either swing, climb the rope, and/or retract the rope very rapidly, pulling the user toward the hooked surface.
    • Daggers: specialized bata-rangs that are wielded in a fashion similar to brass knuckles. They are used for slicing and shredding and/or are tossed at opponents like ordinary bata-rangs.
    • Vapor Bats: Mechanical bats designed to release sleeping gas to knockout large amounts of foe.
    • Spray(s): Luke possess a number of sprays that vary from high scoville pepper spray to hallucinogenic gases.


    No Caption Provided

    Dissimilar to other the Gothamites of Batman Inc., Luke Fox’s bat-suit is a full bodied armor, covering him from head to toe. One primary reasoning for this is to mask his identity from his father, Lucius Fox, who ironically has designed the suit.

    The Bat-Suit features:

    • Full face plate
    • Bulletproof/shock resistant armor
    • An interior skin that monitors vital signs and has medical repair capabilities.
    • Cloaking mechanism
    • Retractable wings: The wings are made of an unspecified materiel, and are capable of granting Luke flight by gliding along air currents.


    Luke has been given access to his own personal vehicles by Batman, to be used on his globe trotting adventures.

    Batwing Tumbler.
    Batwing Tumbler.
    Batwing Cycle.
    Batwing Cycle.
    • First is the Batwing Tumbler: Much like Batman’s car, The Batwing Tumbler is armed with front mounted guns, missile firing capabilities, thrusts-er and gliders for flight/hovering capabilities allowing it to even travel up walls. It is also heavily armored and bulletproof.
    • Batwing Cycle: Like the Batwing Tumbler has front mounted guns for rapid fire capabilities, armored body, custom wheels fit for on and off road maneuvering. It is also capable of achieving of achieving exceptional speeds.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Businessman, boxer
    • Known Relatives: Lucius Fox (father), Tanya Fox (mother), Tam Fox (sister), Tiffany Fox (sister)
    • Base of Operations: Belfry, Gotham City

    In Other Media


    Batman: Bad Blood

    Batwing in the movie
    Batwing in the movie

    Batwing appears in the film, voiced by Gaius Charles. This marks the animated debut of the character.


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