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    Furry member of Axis Amerika who can breathe underwater.

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    The vicious aquatic member of Axis Amerika, a special unit of the Axis Powers during WWII. He clashed multiple times with the Young All-Stars and later Aquaman.


    Barracuda was created by writers Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and pencillers Michael Bair, Brian Murray and Vince Argondezzi. His first appearance was in Young All-Stars #1.


    Young All-Stars v1

    Sea Wolf belonged to a team known as Axis Amerika. They were a group of costumed agents who engaged in subversive activities in the US during World War Two on behalf of the Axis Powers. This group clashed with the Young All-Stars, a team of up and coming young heroes who were a branch of the wartime All-Star Squadron. He harbored a particular hatred for Tsunami and Neptune Perkins and fought against them in multiple occasions.

    Aquaman v3

    He fought Aquaman on one occasion acting as an assasin.

    Infinite Crisis

    During the events of Infinite Crisis, he and the original Ubermensch joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villians. Sea Wolf was one of the underwater criminals to attack Sub Diego at the same time The Spectre decided to attack Atlantis. He fought Alonzo Malrey.

    Freedom Fighters (2009)

    Sea Wolf has been a prisoner of Enclave A since the ending days of World War II. He told the members of the Freedom Force this before they were thrown into an underground level with an unknown species. He may have broken out of other high risk prisons in the past.

    The experimentation from the Axis Powers may have given him longjevity and has kept his powers at a very high level. There also must have been an area for him to be underwater since he can only survive for short periods of time out of water.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sea Wolf is covered in fur and resembling a humanoid wolf. He posseses a number of powers and is a very vicious opponent. It is revealed later that he is an actual lycanthrope.

    Superhuman Strength

    He has some degree of superhuman strength. He was able to overpower Tsunami and fight Alonzo Malrey and Aquaman. He can also rip through metal and stone.His power increases when in contact with water.

    Superhuman Speed

    Sea Wolf can swim at superhuman speeds, being able to reach and grab a speeding Neptune Perkins. He can also move fast enough to surpise Tsunami twice and slice through stone with his claws

    Enhanced Durability

    Sea Wolf has some degree of enhanced durability. He can survive hits from super strong characters even after taking some punishment.

    Enhanced Agility

    He is very agile performing acrobatic moves when he fights and quick enough to leap on and surprise Hawkgirl or dodge a pursuing Firebrand trying to blast him.

    Enhanced Senses

    Sea Wolf's senses are greater than a human's and can function both on land and underwater.

    Regeneration / Longevity

    He can regain his power whenever he returns to the sea. He is also long lived since he was active in the 1940s but looks like he is still in his prime in 2009.

    Underwater Adaptation

    He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. He can also function on land normally for some time.


    Sea Wold possesses "sea born'' claws that can cut through metal and stone alike or hurt a metahuman like Tsunami.

    Trained Agent

    Sea Wolf is trained for combat. He is particularly vicious using mostly his speed, strength and claws but also a strategic and cunning opponent who prepares for his opponents and works well as a member of a team. He can also navigate advanced military vehicles both on land and underwater.


    Water Deprivation

    Sea Wolf can survive underwater indefinitely but not on land. His limits are unknown but he must return to the sea periodically to replenish his power.


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