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    A younger team affiliated with the All-Star Squadron.

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    With the Japanese sneak attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, and the resulting entry of the United States into World War 2, President Franklin D. Roosevelt requested that America's "Mystery Men" band together as one organisation to oppose The Third Reich.

    Virtually all of these "Mystery Men (and Women)" joined the wartime organization that became known as the All-Star Squadron. In April 1942 a number of new, young heroes joined the All-Star Squadron;  Fury, the Flying Fox, "Iron" Munro, Neptune Perkins, the Tigress, Tsunami and Dyna-Mite. Together, these new heroes soon became unofficially known as the "Young All -Stars."

    The Young All-Stars saw many adventures during World War II. Fury gave into her darker self and the team fought her as the Blood Avenger. At Project M the team would recapture the Ultra-Humanite after placing his brain into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and wrecking havoc around the city

    The Young All-Stars faced off against the Nazi group called The Black Circle in gaining control of Vril technology belonging to Neptune Perkins' grandfather. They also aided another group of slightly older metahumans collected by the Allied countries, known as The Young Allies, in keeping the American Atomic Weapons program safe.

    The team’s biggest threat came from Axis Amerika, as the villainous group was confronted by the Young All-Stars over and over again. One such battle left Tigress dead for a brief period before the Valkyrie, Gudra revived her. Tigress was never the same after that and ended up turning to a life of crime.

    After putting a stop to the overthrow of Rioguay by  Hugo Danner - Arn's biological father - and his army, the Sons of Dawn, the group was absorbed into the All-Star Squadron and disbanded.

    Neptune Perkins and Dan "Dyna-Mite" Dunbar would help form a team of former sidekicks and retired superheroes called "Old Justice".  The group's purpose was to not allow teenage superheroes to come to harm.  The group was created to deter the members of Young Justice.

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