Young All-Stars #1

    Young All-Stars » Young All-Stars #1 - The Coming of the Young All-Stars released by DC Comics on June 1987.

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    1. Cover by Brian Murray.
    2. "The Coming of the Young All-Stars" written by Roy and Dann Thomas, penciled by Vince Argondezzi (pages 1-5), Michael Bair and Brian Murray (pages 6-26), inked by Malcolm Jones 3rd, colored by Carl Gafford and lettered by David C. Weiss.
    3. Untitled 1 page text piece by Roy Thomas.


    • Most characters appear in a dream sequence.
    • The cover is a homage of the cover of Superman #233.

    Helena Kosmatos awakes from a nightmare. She retells the dream to her "Aunt and Uncle." They reveal their true identities as Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle of the Justice Society of America. Near Santa Barbara, Neptune Perkins and Tsunami meet up and exchange recent happenings in their lives. They agree to go to Hollywood together. Flying Fox encounters a few Spitfire's over Canadian airspace. He eludes the planes. TNT and Dyna-Mite foil a sabotage attempt at a dam in Colorado. During their pursuit of three of the saboteurs, they receive assistance from "Iron" Munro. However, TNT is killed after his vehicle's tire is shot out. Gudra of Axis Amerika arrives. She claims TNT's soul.


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