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The original Enchanters were a group of villains, consisting of three brothers, Magnir, Farsung and Brona. The brothers were from Ringsfjord which is a region in Asgard. Together the brothers wear the living talismans and together they are capable of evil beyond comprehension. The three plan to conquer Asgard. The Enchanters conflict with Asgard all begins when Sif and Balder are sent to investigate the Enchanters. A fight breaks out and the Enchanter known as Farsung turns the ground beneath them to quicksand. Sif teleports herself and Balder to safety, Earth, but they were followed by Magnir and Brona. Sif and Balder join with Thor and together the three confront the two brothers. Meanwhile the other brother, Farsung confronts Odin and attempts to take Odin's scepter of power. Eventually Sif defeats Magnir and Thor defeats Brona whilst Odin after a galaxy spanning fight defeats and kills Farsung as well as destroying Farsung's living talisman. Odin then baishes the remaining two members of the Enchanters, Magnir and Brona, to the lost limbo of infinity unending.
This encounter was a very important chapter in Thor's life, as it is after this encounter with the Enchanters particularly Magnir that Thor's hammer Mjolnir begins to fail him, as for the next few months Thor's hammer Mjolnir begins to disobey him. Later Thor's hammer gets lodged in a wall and would not return to him. It stays lodged for a long period, then the fourth brother Enrakt emerges from the hammer. On his emergence Enrakt is confronted by the Warriors Three, who Enrakt dispatches of easily with flaming green bolts of energy .
Thor then seeks the aid of the Scarlet Witch to locate Enrakt. Thor and Wanda trace him to Asgard where they find Magnir and Brona have been freed from exile by Enrakt. They find Odin being brought to his knees by the new Enchanters Three but they had arrived just in the nick of time. After some hard fought battles Odin knocks Brona out and destroys his living talisman, Wanda melts the rock below Magnir causing him to sink and become trapped in the rock all the while Thor battles hard against Enrakt, bringing Enrakt to his knees, Thor raises his hammer Mjolnir ready to deal the final killing blow only for Wanda to scream out and stop him. Thor though was too late Enrakt was already dead. Taking off Enrakt's helmet reveals it to be a woman from Thor's past, none other then Ceranda. Brona then begs Odin for his life, Odin shows mercy and merely exiles Magnir and Brona back once again to the lost limbo of infinity unending, where they have not returned from since. 


The Enchanters were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1967. The Enchanters made their first appearance in Thor # 143.

Powers & Abilities

 The main source of the Enchanters powers are from their living talismans. Each of the four brothers Magnir, Farsung, Brona and Enrakt have major energy projection abilities with each brother having been capable of harming Odin with there energy output. Magnir and Enrakt were both capable of taking Thor's hammer Mjolnir from him and wielding it. The Enchanter's are also capable of transforming into beings of pure energy. Each of the Enchanters have powerful energy absorption abilities. The Enchaters were strong enough to contend with Thor and Odin in combat and durable enough to take a number of blows from each. The Enchanters are also immune to the affects of poison, disease and aging. The Enchanters had the ability to control people and also lift large masses of rock on which they floated as a form of transport. The Enchanters also possessed the ability to travel between dimensions.

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