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    Fandral the Dashing is a charter member of the Warriors Three, a trio of Asgardian adventurers consisting of Fandral, Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg the Valiant. They are members of the supporting cast in Marvel's Thor comics and usually provide comic relief and side-adventures.

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    Fandral is a strong and brave Asgardian who is a part of the Warriors Three and a good friend to Thor. He's fought in countless battles alongside Hogun, Volstagg and the rest of the Asgardians to preserve and protect Asgard. Fandral could be described as vain, proud of what could be considered unusually good looks and along with his charm, contributes to his reputation as a ladies man. Although a certain past event in which Fandral knew a deep and lengthy love with a mortal woman of who he spent close to a century with before she passed on due to old age may contribute to his shallow outlook on love in the modern era. Besides his looks, Fandral is also known for his skills in swordsmanship and bravery. Fandral, along with the other Asgardians, was thought to have been killed after the events of Ragnarok. The Asgardians, however, ended up being trapped inside the bodies of people around the world. After Thor's rebirth, he went looking for the other Asgardians in order to restore Asgard in the city of Oklahoma. He visited Africa and was able to find Fandral, hidden in the mortal guise of a man named Trevor Newly, from London. He restored Fandral to his rightful form, as well as Volstagg and Hogun, rounding off the Warrior's Three. After the exile of Thor from Asgard, the Warriors Three decided to also go on some of their own adventures around the earth, meeting and interacting with various humans. Accounts of Fandral's meeting with the Warriors Three can be hard to detail, their histories stretching back past centuries, but they did reunited at one point to sway the threat of Ragnarok away by combating flying trolls and the Utgard Dragon. Fandral and Volstagg would also aid their close friend Hogun avenge the loss of his homeland against Mogul of the Mystic Mountain. The three warriors would also team up with Thor to fight against The Warriors of the Thousand Galaxies, consisting of Tyr of the Blinding Blade, would wield a sword and so naturally face off against master swordsman Fandral. Galp of the Steel Arm wields a mace like blunt instrument, and so he would face off against Hogun. Drom the Spirit Weaver would be considered the weakest as due to his small stature. Volstagg would therefore bravely opt to fight the small one. Brok the Crusher the strongest of the group, would face Thor.

    Fandral alongside his Warriors Three companions would in fact play key roles in the defeat of many of Asgard and Earths enemies, also including shape shifting alien Skrulls, the God Killer Skrulls, Fafnir, Ano-Athox, attacks from Frost Giants, and Storm Giants, Flying Trolls, Fenris, Mangog, the Tomorrow Man, Surtur, the Destroyer, the Mares, the World Eaters, and Doombots. The trio would also personally stop Fenris wolf plot involving an AIM Doomsday weapon with the help of honorary Warriors Three member Skadihr.

    Character Creation

    Fandral is a Marvel comic book character and was based off of the persona of notable actor Errol Flynn and created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Fandral first appearing in a back up story in Journey Into Mystery series published in 1965. Stan Lee on the creative process behind Fandral "I made those up. I specifically remember that I did them because I wanted a Falstaff-type guy, a guy like Errol Flynn." Fandral unusually compared to his Asgardian peers isn't based or rooted in Norse mythology.

    Character Evolution

    Fandral is intrinsically linked to the Warriors Three, Asgardians famous trio, and often invoked trio in the Journey Into Mystery and The Mighty Thor ongoing series, as supporting cast. All three characters playing off well from each other extremely well, Hogun playing the straight man, Volstagg for humor leaving Fandral for the flair and charm. Usually portrayed as a womanizing flirty character who is a roguish and charming swashbuckler. Fandral's fictional history does have inconsistency, usually with detailing how he came to meet Volstagg and Hogun the Grim. Some story accounts detail their first meeting as teens, some stories detail their meetings as adults. In a more recent story written in the modern era, its supposed Hogun was a quiet and shy, and not very warrior like, until his meeting as a teen with Fandral, Volstagg and Thor, in a challenge where Volstagg and Fandral competed for bragging rights. Fandral and Volstagg much more confident and boastful at this stage, already experienced in adventures and fights. In a somewhat contrast but still believable twist to the character Fandral is believed to have been partially responsible for the myth of Robin Hood, within the fictional narrative after having traveled to an unknown part of Europe in the middle ages and having married a mortal woman named Marian. Fandral in his early earthly adventures mirrored much of the known Robin Hood's Adventure. Once a year on Marian's death, he would return to Midgard to the isolated part of Europe in remembrance of the life they both shared. Most recently Fandral would get to co star in his first mini series alongside his constant companions Volstagg and Hogun in the Bill Willingham written volume Warriors Three. A modern adventure concerning the trio as well as providing some insight into some of their past exploits, as well as a modern tale.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tales of Asgard

    Asgard needs its warriors, and an order goes out asking them to gather to defend Asgard. Fandral is reunited with associates Volstagg and Hogun. Ragnarok looms, and now these three warriors have joined Asgard's ranks they aid against and defeat flying trolls. Following this battle, they enjoy many more adventures together, Fandral aiding his ally Hogun, in defeating the conqueror Mogol who had slaughtered Hogun's family.

    Warriors Three

    Dashing Fandral
    Dashing Fandral

    In much, much earlier days when Fandral was much younger. He is still as smooth, arrogant and cocky. He entertains a group of Asgardians about how he was able to defeat a monster with naught but a soupspoon. Playful banter with the warrior known as Volstagg sets them off on a challenge, in which Hogun the Bright Heart to serve as judge and observer of this challenge. The journey that those three men travelled that day, shaping their lives and personalities from then on, and also bringing all three of them together in bond. They encounter the Fenris Wolf after many, many days of travel and bloodshed. Fandral is now full of respect for the giant man mountain Volstagg and Voltsagg now also has a newfound respect for the cocky swagger of Fandral. Still, the great wolf Fenris cleverness forces the three warriors into a dangerous spot. Hogun's life at stake, all three Warriors must owe a debt to Fenris. In more modern days, Fandral is as adventurous and brash in nature, and finds himself in the company of a woman, but finds himself pushed from a window, landing on the sidewalk below. He returns to Asgard to discover that Fenris has escaped. With their history with the beast, the Warriors Three set about trying to capture him. They journey is long and filled with various challenges that together they are able to overcome. Eventually they come across a particularly savage band of Rock Trolls, led by the dangerous Ulik. Despite being wounded and heavily outnumbered, the trio of Asgardian warriors managed to subdue Ulik and cause the rest of the Rock trolls fall to retreat defeated. They search and return to the spot where they had visited earlier as young adults. Some clues, but no sign of Fenris. Eventually the three Asgardian fighters discover that AIM is involved and implicated with the release of the Fenris Wolf. After encountering an entirely new type of enemy with various AIM powered beings, Fandral and co, face in battle an enchanting female AIM employee, who much to their surprise, is more than capable of enough of holding her own against all three of the eclectic trio. This powerful women infused with as they discover Fenris blood, going by the name of Helen Gable.

    The Asgardians learning that AIM has been weaponizing Fenris and more than that, the deal they struck with him, had resulted in Fenris being able to shape shift into a mortal guise. A most unsettling development. Worse still, he planned on taking a power Ragnarok bomb to the heart of Asgard where he would destroy it, and destroy himself as well. With their new ally (who Fandral attempts to flirt with shamelessly to little success) the Asgardian warriors are able to trick Fenris defeating him and preventing him from succeeding in his attack against Asgard.

    Blood Oath

    Warriors Three and Thor set out on a journey to find a number of special items in order to settle a potential feud brewing between gods and giants. The Warrior's Three freedom and lives are on the line as they are standing trial for murder. The items they need to retrieve are the Apples at the highest branch of the World Tree Yggdrasil, the skin of a pig, that belongs to the god Dionysus, the spear of Chulain, and the legendary Grasscutter sword! Fandral's skill with a blade, being notably helpful when acquiring the Grasscutter sword, as its protectors are more than happy to honor him with it.

    The Heart of a Hero

    Hogun gathers many of his closest friends, Fandral, Volstagg, Sif, and Heimdall included, and sets about retelling a story of his younger days to them. He speaks of giants and sorcery and a mysterious teleportation event that leads him to fall into a forest alien and foreign to his knowledge. After observing two tax collectors violently beating a peasant, Fandral intervenes for the sake of justice, against his better instinct. He is met after his rescue however with a very well dressed women, whose by his eyes, is unrivaled beauty. She chides his ignorance for attacking the governor's tax men, but Fandral, ever the smooth talker and gentleman manages to justify his actions as well compliment the lady. Much to the shock of the company he is retelling this story to, Fandral reveals how this lady became his wife. He continues his story, and the good times that followed. He even fought for the rights of the people and became a hero of sorts in those lands. However the cruel nature of time and the differences between mortals and immortals meant that Fandral's wife, Marian, slowly aged and eventually came to rest in peace. With a tear in his eye, Fandral raises a toast, for her, and love, and love lost.

    No Borders

    After Ragnarok Thor now with his fathers power but not much else, no Asgard or Asgardian slowly makes it his goal to revive his lost Asgardian brothers and sisters as well as remaking Asgard itself. Dr Donald Blake is heading overseas as a part of Doctors With No Borders. Whilst there, Donald Blake meets and interacts with fellow people volunteering aid and help to the war ravaged area. Blake however experiences trouble when an armed militia show up, and Thor is needed. As the mighty god of Thunder, the violence is stopped, bullets bounce off of him and resolving the matter is effortless, but Thor also senses something familiar with three of the soldiers volunteering their serves to the war torn area. Thor senses the spirits of his old friends the Warriors Three within. With his new found power he is able to draw their essences out into their true form, and thus Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg are restored. They do what they can for the inhabitants of the area they have been aided, and return to Asgard.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fandral possess the standard physical attributes of an Asgardian Male: Superhuman strength enabling him to lift at least 30 tons, superhuman speed far superior to that of the finest human athlete, stamina enabling him to perform at his absolute peak for at least 24 hours before even starting to tire, superhuman reflexes greater than a human's, superhuman durability that allows them to withstand powerful impact forces, extreme temperatures and pressures, falls from great heights, energy blasts and high caliber bullets without sustaining injury; and finally, an Asgardians's agility is also superhuman. Asgardians also possesses a regenerative healing factor, being capable of healing from injuries such as slashes and puncture wounds in a matter of hours, and mending broken bone within the day. They can't however, regenerate missing limbs or organs without magical assistance. The Gods of Asgard are also granted certain mystical abilities that in the past have shown to get them the power to change their appearance, transform matter and wield a numerous amount of different energies. Though many Asgardian Gods/Goddess' have not shown the ability to wield any type of energy or shown any mystic abilities these powers are inherent to all of their race.

    As a member of the Warrior's Three, Fandral is one of the Asgardian's best warriors. He is a master swordsman, comparable to heroes such as the Swordsman, and has mastered other traditional Asgardian weapons as well. He's had centuries, if not millennia of experience in armed and hand to hand combat, battling Asgard's enemies such as the Frost Giants.

    Aside from all this, Fandral is as renowned for his handsome looks and charm as he is for his bravery, giving him an extraordinary amount of success when dealing with women. The least known abilities of the Asgardians and that Fandral possesses is the ability to summon the innate mystical energies the resides within every Asgardian allowing him to teleport from Earth to Asgard his home dimension.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'4"
    • Weight: 585 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde

    Alternate Versions

    Earth - 1610: Ultimates Universe

    Ultimate Fandral Sketch
    Ultimate Fandral Sketch

    Fandral as well as his constant companions the Warriors Three make a brief cameo in this Universe, in a flashback to Asgard's glory days. The trio are slightly reinvented to better suit the nature of the Ultimate Universe, yet as with most realities, they are bonded though friendship. In the sport of battle, Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg are pitted against Thor, Loki and Balder. They are subsequently defeated. Humble in defeat however and bearing no ill will, when Asgard is attacked by Frost Giants and Nazi's, Fandral and company are ready at its defense and valiantly defend it will all their will, creating much problems with their would be invaders and conquerors


    Fandral exists in this reality

    Earth - 904: What If The X-Men Had Stayed In Asgard

    Nightcrawler joins Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg to become a member of the Warriors Three. Fandral himself eventually leaves the group to marry the power absorbing mutant Rogue.

    Earth - 3515: Thor: The Reigning

    In this reality where Thor has effectively become the ruler of Earth, the Warriors Three must chose between their friend or Earth's freedom.

    Earth - 12591

    In this reality Asgardian's are Zombies. Loki seeking more mischief has induced a zombie wide apocalypse during World War 2, curious to see how his brother Thor would react to this. It is the Nazi's that benefit from this and as zombies they attempt to take over the world. A curious Odin makes the somewhat foolish decision to investigate personally and is bitten by a zombie. As Odin shares a magical lifeblood with all Asgardians all Asgardians thereby also become zombies. The Warrior's Three included. A train carrying the heroes such as Howard the Duck, Dum Dum Dugan, Taxi Taylor, Eternal Brain, Flexo, Miss America, Riveter among others attempting to stop all zombies, heads towards the awaiting zombie Asgardians. Zombie Volstagg appears to stop the train first, but he is beat to it by zombie Thor. Fandral appears much the same as mainstream Fandral, except he is zombified. Zombie Fandral is seen with the other zombies at the headquarters just before it is blown up by Miss America so it can be assumed he has been destroyed like the others.

    Earth - 726633: Thor The Mighty Avenger

    Thor has been banished to Earth, but he has no idea why, until his old friends the Warriors Three show up. In this reality their friendship is just as strong, if not stronger. They aid Thor with the problems and questions he has, and they are their to provide support when he realizes he has been banished. With time to kill until they were required to return to Asgard, Thor, Fandral and friends, go on a road trip of sorts, and find their way in a English pub. A mix up of sorts occurs with the UK superhero Captain Britain and a brawl ensues. It is a fairly friendly battle though, in which is ended with both parties parting as allies and rounded out with much drinking and discussion. Fandral is particularly interested in many of the female's present during the night, but confuses and dismisses the numbers they give him, not realizing what they meant. After the night's activities, Fandral and his chums, depart Earth to head back to Asgard.

    Other Media


    Thor (2011)

    Movie Fandral
    Movie Fandral

    Fandral is featured as a supporting character in the 2011 Thor movie. Originally the actor cast to play Fandral was actor Zachary Levi, subsequently actor Stuart Townsend was set to fill in for the role, eventually the role was cast to relative newcomer Joshua Dallas. The actor somewhat appropriately citing Errol Flynn as aiding his performance. In the movie, Fandral, naturally has a close knit bond with his fellow Warriors Three, Hogun and Volstagg, as well as close friendships with Thor and Lady Sif. When Thor stubbornly decides to take the fight to Jotunheim the home of the Frost Giants, Fandral accompanies him. Thor is subsequently banished for his actions, well Fandral and co are left with little choice on the matter. After piecing clues together bringing into question Loki's actions, Fandral accompanies Sif, Hogun and Volstagg to Earth to find and inform Thor of their suspicions. A clever Loki realizes their actions and sends the Destroyer armor to stop them all. Fandral helps delay the Destroyer long enough for Thor to destroy it. He ends the movie among friends in victory over a feast.

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    Zachary Levi is expected to play Fandral in the upcoming sequel to Thor.

    Hulk Vs Thor (2009)

    Fandral has a small part in the Hulk VS animated movies, specifically the Hulk vs Thor part, where an unfettered mindless Hulk is let loose against Asgard as per the mechanizations of Loki. The Warriors Three are a part of the defense of the mythical city. Fandral's voice is provided by voice actor Chris Cox. Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg would stand against the many forces that would assemble annually to try and destroy Asgard at its most vulnerable. After killing and slaying many trolls, giants, dark elves and demons the three warriors would joke around. Fandral accusing Hogun of making a joke, Volstagg with his mind on the food. Hogun would retort that he had still slain the most out of the three warriors. Fandral would joke that regardless of that he would still win more maidens. Loki and Enchantress however would be scheming to the side to separate Banner from the Hulk and Loki would possesses the Hulk''s body and use it to attack his homeland. Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg would attempt to delay the green monster controlled by Loki but fail. Eventually it would fall to Thor and Bruce Banner to stop the Hulk and Loki.


    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

    Chris Cox voices the Fandral character in this animated cartoon ongoing series. Fandral appears in the Siege of Asgard episode, where Asgardians must lend aid to the various Avengers stuck over and across the Nine Worlds.

    Super Hero Squad (2009)

    Fandral and the Warriors Three appear in the animated cartoon series.

    Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)

    Fandral alongside his fellow Warriors Three, Hogun, and Volstagg, appear in hit mutant animated series in the Asgardian themed episode.

    Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

    Alistair Abell provides the voice of Fandral.


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