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    Brona is one of the four brothers that made up the Enchanters, a group of villains determined to take over Asgard.

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     The Enchanters were a group of villains consisting of four brothers Magnir, Farsung, Brona and Enrakt. Together they wear the living talismans and together they are capable of evil beyond comprehension. Brona and his brothers are from Ringsfjord, a region of Asgard.    

    Brona first appears when his brother Magnir and he follow Sif and Balder to Earth where a battle ensues with the two brothers pitted against Thor, Sif and Balder. Thor and his friends defeat the two brothers. Odin then banishes Brona and Magnir to the lost limbo of infinity unending.  

    Brona and Magnir resurface again later though thanks to their younger brother Enrakt. This time they set their sites on Odin taking him unawares, with the assistance of their youngest brother Enrakt they bring Odin to his knees only to have Thor and the Scarlet Witch interrupt them before their crowning moment. A fight ensues then with Brona taking on Odin in hand to hand. Odin destroys Brona's armour and then crushes his living amulent. Brona begs Odin to spare his life, Odin shows mercy and merely banishes both Magnir and Brona once again to the lost limbo of infinity where they have remained ever since. 


    Brona was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1967 and first appeared in Thor # 143.  

    Powers & Abilities

    The main source of the Enchanters powers are from their living talismans. Each of the Enchanters are immune to aging and disease. The primary weapon wielded by Brona is a mace. Brona like his brothers is capable of major energy projection. When teamed with his brother Magnir they were capable of harming Odin with their energy output. He is also capable of powerful energy absorption. Brona is capable of transforming into a being of pure energy. Brona was strong enough to engage Odin in hand to hand combat, he has also engaged Thor in combat. He was durable enough to take numerous blows from Odin and remain conscious for a good while. Like his brothers he is capable of controlling humans as well as raising large masses of rock on which they stand upon as a form of transport. The Enchanters are also capable of dimensional travel.

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