Warriors Three

    Team » Warriors Three appears in 728 issues.

    A trio of fierce and loyal Asgardian warriors and friends of Thor. Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing and Volstagg the Lion of Asgard are the Warriors Three.

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    Warriors Three
    Warriors Three

    The Warriors Three have been the Asgardian thunder god Thor's faithful companions for many years, fighting alongside the god of thunder in many of his adventures both on Asgard and Midgard. The Warriors Three consist of three Asgardian heroes: Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg.The three have fought alongside many hero's especially Thor, Warren Traveler, and Sif. Also, Balder often fought along side these heroes as well. The three has fought together for many ages, while it's also known that they have been friends of Thor for a long time. All Asgardian Warriors were fighting among themselves including Thor and Loki. The Almighty Odin intervene, and called both Thor and Loki into the the chamber which keeps the Oversword of Asgard. The sword had cracked which means that Ragnarok was near. So Thor and Loki hand-picked warriors of Asgard to sail on a voyage to find the villain responsible for the tragedy. Among Thor, Loki, and Balder were three warriors that would constantly team-up forevermore. They set sail in a boat to fight an unseen enemy. Yet the ship experiences a mutiny, conflict occurs. Yet the Warriors Three are quick to settle the problem with their superior fighting abilities. The defeat of flying trolls somewhat bringing their first defense of Asgard drawn to a close. Their next team up as adults to find revenge on Mogul of the Mystic Mountain who destroyed Hogun's people and homeland.


    The Warriors Three were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. They first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #119 released in August 1965. Unlike many of their Asgardian peers and co characters, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg had no Norse counter parts as inspiration, instead their creators drew from different sources to create the trio. The large and boisterous Volstagg was for example influenced by the Shakespearean character Sir John Falstaff. A loud, humorous figure also characterized by his large round frame. Fandral's creation and dashing persona in turn was inspired by actor Errol Flynn. Lastly Hogun the Grimm's stoic mannerisms owe significantly to actor Charles Bronson. Quoting Stan Lee directly on creation of the Warriors Three ""I made those up. I specifically remember that I did them because I wanted a Falstaff-type guy, a guy like Errol Flynn, and then I wanted a guy like Charles Bronson who was dire and gloomy, riddled with angst. Those three were mine". Very popular as supporting characters to Thor, the Warriors Three typically feature in most Thor centric stories and products, including movies, games and television.

    Team Evolution

    Warriors Three
    Warriors Three

    The Warriors Three didn't have much of an evolution over the years, yet some small details were changed or revealed over the years. Hogun was revealed not be native from Asgard, but for a nearby realm conquered by the Mogul of the Mystic Mountain. He was also revealed to be a widower, since his wife died in the war against Mogul. Fandral also has a tragic past, many years ago he left Asgard and lived on Midgard for several years, during this period he lived in the British Isles, where he fought tyranny and married a mortal woman named Marion, who died some times after. This indicates that he's actually one of the figures that inspired the legend of Robin Hood in the Marvel Universe. Where his friend Hogun has grown incredibly serious and grim after the loss of his wife, Fandrall had started dating every available girl in Asgard.

    Volstagg has probably the most complex evolution. Initially portrayed simply as a coward and lazy character, he was revealed to be quite older than his comrades in arms - old enough to teach a young Thor about swordsmanship - and to be happily married with many children. As a consequence he's grown lazier and fatter (a testament of his wife quality as a cook). Also it was revealed that Volstagg is extremely protective of children, both his and of others, the simple sight of an endangered kid was enough to spur him into action against enemies much stronger than him. This trait became very important, to the point that, when Thor accidentally killed the parents of two young kids, he asked Volstagg to adopt them and keep them safe as part of his family. Many other heroes has fought alongside the Warriors Three and are considered part of their warrior brotherhood includes: Thor, Balder, Sif, Heimdall, Helen Gable and Hercules.

    Despite decades of appearing in Thor comics, Avenger comics and various other titles and miniseries it wouldn't be until 2011 where the three characters would appear in a miniseries of their own, Warriors Three, written by Eisner Award winning author Bill Willingham, and Neil Edwards.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tales of Asgard

    Asgard requires its warriors, and an order goes out to all warriors by Odin's decree asking them to gather to defend Asgard. Fandral is reunited with associates Volstagg and Hogun. Ragnarok looms, and now these three warriors have joined Asgard's ranks they aid against and defeat Thryhim's flying trolls and the Utgard Dragon. Returning to Asgard the three warriors become aware that it was Loki's actions that triggered the potential Ragnarok. Following this battle, they enjoy many more adventures together, Fandral and Volstagg aiding their ally Hogun, in defeating the conqueror Mogol who had slaughtered Hoguns family. Traveling to the land of Zanadu to face the sorcerer, and having to battle with his many minions.

    Thor For Asgard

    Sometime in the distant past, the Warriors Three are companions and confidantes to Thor but times are tough, and even the frost giants of Jotunheim resort to using their weakest and unarmed as shields to fight the Asgardians than fight fair. Odin has been mysterious absent, Balder has been slain and the Nine Worlds including Asgard seem very grim, and appears gripped by an endless winter. The Warriors Three attempt to maintain neutral positioning amidst Lady Sif's warnings that Asgard goes to far with its aggression and the war god Tyr's justification that such violence necessary. Worse news arrives when Idunn keeper of the golden apples informs Thor that the harsh winter has meant no apples will grow and without the apples Asgardian's will die a mortal death. When Thor is injured the Warriors Three tend to him.

    Tournament of the Titans

    The All Father Odin aspires to pit the greatest warriors against each other, creating the Tournament of the Titans to serve as the qualifier. The Warrior's Three team up with their regular comrade Thor, to battle against the likes of The Warriors of the Thousand Galaxies, which consisted of Brok the Crusher, Galp of the Steel Arm, Drom the Spirit Weaver and Tyr of the Binding Blade. Galp of the Steel Arm wields a mace like blunt instrument, and so he would face off against Hogun. Tyr of the Blinding Blade, would wield a sword and so naturally face off against master swordsman Fandral. Drom the Spirit Weaver would be considered the weakest as due to his small stature. Volstagg would therefore bravely opt to fight the small one. Brok the Crusher the strongest of the group, would face Thor. The armored construct the Destroyer would interrupt the battles, requiring Odin to step in and defeat the unstoppable enchanted armor.


    When Loki brought about Ragnarok upon Asgard, two of the Warriors Three Hogun and Fandral were killed off panel. The third, Volstagg, survived and was discovered in hiding by Thor, only now being emaciated and frail. During Ragnarok, the event itself wiped out all of Asgard and all of its inhabitants including the last of the brothers Volstagg. Recently, with Thor having resurrected all of the Asgardians, The Warriors Three are all back in action.With Thor having been exiled by his brother Balder, The Warriors Three decided to follow their Lord Thor where ever he was to go, as they have done other times in the past.

    No Borders

    After Ragnarok, the Warrior's Three are thought dead, however Thor is slowly making it his goal to revive his lost Asgardian brothers and sisters, who are in fact only lost, inhabiting the bodies of mortals. As Dr Donald Blake, Thor heads to Africa as a part of Doctors With No Borders. Whilst there, Donald Blake experiences trouble, and Thor is needed. As the mighty god of Thunder, the violence between two warring tribes over land is stopped, but Thor senses something familiar with three of the soldiers volunteering their serves to the war torn area. Thor senses the spirits of his old friends the Warriors Three within. With his new found power he is able to draw their essences out into their true form, and thus Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg are restored. They do what they can for the inhabitants of the area they have been aided, and return to Asgard now located in Broxton Oklahoma, refreshed and revitalized. The Warriors Three human identities were Fandral as Trevor Newly, Hogun was Leo Kincaid and Volstagg believed to be Rolf Muller.

    Secret Invasion

    The shapeshifting aliens known as the Skrulls have plotted to take the Earth as their own. The Warriors Three are in Asgard near Broxton, Oklahoma when the Skrulls attack the Earth. The Skrulls aware of the powerful threat the Asgardians possess to their plans with the Earth send the Asgardian ally Beta Ray Bill as fiery projective against the floating city. His body tended to, Thor must leave Asgard to travel to Broxton. The Skrull armada also send a special elite type of Skrull to face the Asgardian warriors, the "Godkillers" being the rough translation. Thor is away with important work to do in Bronton, the Warriors Three and the rest of the Asgardians must contend with the elite Skrulls by themselves. They manage to fight off most of the Skrulls, until a particularly powerful female Skrull brandishing Beta Ray Bill's hammer Stormbreaker arrives and lays waste to Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg. Beta Ray Bill using Thor's hammer goes toe to toe with deadly female Skrull, who possesses the cumulative powers of Titania, Thundra, Battleaxe and Volcana. However even Beta Ray Bill falls in battle. Thor arrives and he faces off against the female "Godkiller" but the mighty thunder god proves too powerful, and the female "Godkiller" uses desperate tactics by fling Stormbreaker into the sky, aiming for Broxton. Thor flies to intercept it, and Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg attack the female Skrull again despite knowing they are likely to lose. Hogun's comrade Volstagg providing a distraction for Thor, attacks the female "Godkiller" Skrull by himself. Beaten again Volstagg has never the less accomplished his goal as Thor has returned and soundly defeats the female "Godkiller" Skrull permanently.

    Blood Oath

    The Warriors Three join with Thor on an epic and sweeping adventure, after the Warriors Three themselves are put on trail after mistakenly killing a shape shifting Giant, and are set for punishment as to pacify the giants father. They must right their wrong by collecting an assortment of rare artifacts. They are tasked with gathering the Apples at the highest branch of the World Tree Yggdrasil, the skin of a pig, that belongs to the god Dionysus, the spear of Chulain, and the legendary Grasscutter sword. Their first task, to gain the apples at the top of the world tree, where Volstagg get ample opportunity to demonstrate his worth. With the task of the capture of the pig, Hogun and Fandral must chase a pig around whilst Thor engages in fist cuffs with the Greek god of Strength, Hercules. Hogun gets his chance to shine, when it comes to the task of acquiring the spear of Chulain, as he is sent into a berserker rage after his comrades are felled, and it is his grit and skills with the mace that defeats Chulain himself. The rest of the items, come buy with difficulty but eventuality and in the end, the warriors are triumphant and victorious, much to the chagrin of the father of the giant slayed, but intervention from other giants brings resolution to both Asgardian and Etins (giants) alike.

    The Hunt for Fenris

    After their return to Asgard, the Three had a new adventure, tracking and capturing Fenris. The giant Wolf was freed by some members of the A.I.M. after the Ragnarok has erased Odin from existence, preventing Fenris from fulfilling his destiny. In flashbacks we see much more youthful Warriors Three, in a time when Hogun was Bright, Volstagg was slim, and Fandral was Fandral. We realize the three Asgardians have history with the mighty Wolf creature. In the modern era the warriors travel far and wide searching for clues as to the Fenris Wolf plot. They face many foes, including rock trolls lead by Ulik, and super powered AIM researchers. With the help of Helen Gable, an A.I.M. agent infused with D.N.A. of Loki and Fenris, the Three were able to tame the beast and bring it back to Asgard. Helen Gable leaving such an impression on the Three that they make her a honorary Warriors Three member and bequest her the warrior name of Skadihr.

    Everything Burns

    Warriors Three
    Warriors Three

    The Warriors Three face hardship when the ancient elemental Surtur reigns fire in all Nine Realms. After being released during the Serpents resurgence, Surtur had been plotting in the shadows. Yggdrasil has been set aflame, and Surtur has caused the Asgardians to splinter in loyalty, the secret history of the Aesir Vanir war exposed and reignited. It is revealed to many Asgardians that Loki, and the All Mother were implicit in the freeing of Surtur furthering more internal Asgardian conflict. The Warriors Three spearhead efforts to have the All Mother imprisoned, their actions too suspicious, their loyalty to Asgard in doubt. More than that Freyja's loyalty would be questioned due to her bloodline.With Thor unable to rule, with Odin in exile, with several Vanir falling to a madness due to a secret pact with Surtur, there is initial confusion as to who should reign in control of Asgard. Gullveig of the Vanaheim is rallying several Vanir warriors to stand against Asgardia and they are empowered further by Surtur himself as well as the war machines of the Manchester gods. Volstagg would pull at his beard three red hairs, and the three Warriors Three would each take a hair, and whoever would draw the longest would serve as king. Volstagg would draw the longest hair and be required to step into the role of ruler. It would be a heavy burden, with Asgardia splintered Surtur and his machines of fire are winning. The Warriors three would face an equally large problem when it is revealed that Volstagg was also working secretly with Loki in the Destroyers past theft. The three friends would come to blows.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Universe

    Thor, Loki and Balder were also known as a Warrior Threes. Still Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg appear as well, further on in the series as the Ultimate Universe version of the Warriors Three, appearing in flashbacks. The trio share many of their mainstream counterpart personality traits, but with a few small visual changes. They are tasked with battling Thor, Balder and Loki in a friendly fight. They are defeated. Bearing no ill will, when Asgard is attacked the three warriors valiantly defend their home. Later on all three are killed in battle.

    Earth-904: What if the X-Men Stayed in Asgard?

    When the X-Men returned to Asgard to save Storm and the New Mutants, many of them made the decision to not return to Earth. The team was split up, with some of them returning with the X-Men to Earth while others remained in Asgard. Nightcrawler stayed behind in order to become the swordsman he'd always dreamed of being. He later became the third member of the Warriors Three after Fandral fell in love with Rogue and married her.

    Earth - 726633: Thor The Mighty Avenger

    Thor has been banished to Earth, but he has no idea why, until his old friends the Warriors Three show up. In this reality their friendship is just as strong, if not stronger. The three men aid Thor with the problems and questions he has, and informing him of his banishment. They are also introduced to Jane Foster and they are very kind and friendly towards the human women. With opportunity to bond and spend time with their friend, the quartet head to an English pub. A mix up of sorts occurs with the UK superhero Captain Britain and a brawl ensues. It is a fairly friendly battle though, in which is ended with both parties parting as allies and rounded out with much drinking and discussion. After the nights activities the Warriors Three return to Asgard.

    Earth - 3515: Thor: The Reigning

    A alternate future reality in which Thor has dominion over Earth.

    Other Media


    Thor (2011)

    Warriors Three
    Warriors Three

    In the 2011 movie Thor, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg all make an appearance in the same role they portrayed in the comics. Fandral uses a sword similar to the one he is seen using in the comics, if with a more intricate guard. Hogun continues to use a mace, however when not in combat the spikes on the mace are withdrawn and they only extend during battle. Volstagg uses a large ax to compliment his large size, though he is smaller in the film than in the comics. In the film, the Three are all loyal friends of Thor. Fandral and Hogun have experienced glory and excitement in battle while Volstagg has tasted great delicacies, all thanks to Thor. When he asks them to join him in his attack of Jotunheim, home of the Frost Giants they agree, if reluctantly. After Thor was banished, they and Sif discuss trying to convince Odin to bring Thor back, and began to suspect Loki of treachery. In the end they went to Earth to bring Thor back. However after arriving, Loki sent the Destroyer to kill Thor and they were forced to fight it while the inhabitants of the town were evacuating. As they also did during the battle on Jotunheim, they proved to be formidable warriors as individuals and as a team, even throwing Volstagg at the Destroyer like a human cannonball. Fandral is played by Joshua Dallas, Hogun by Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, and Volstagg played by Ray Stevenson.

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    The Warriors Three also appear in the sequel to the first film. Although Asano and Stevenson reprise their roles, Zachary Levi replaces Dallas in the role of Fandral.

    Hulk Vs Thor (2009)

    Warriors Three appear in 2009's animated movie Hulk VS, in the Hulk vs Thor segment. Hogun is voiced by voice actor Paul Dobson. Fandral by Jonathan Holmes, and finally Volstagg voiced by Jay Brazeu. An unfettered mindless Hulk is let loose against Asgard as per the mechanizations of Loki and Amora the Enchantress. The Warriors Three are a part of the defense of the mythical city. At first Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg would stand against the many forces that would assemble annually to try and destroy Asgard at its most vulnerable, the week in winter where Odin underwent the Odinsleep. After killing and slaying many trolls, giants, dark elves and demons the three warriors would joke around. Fandral accusing Hogun of making a joke, Volstagg with his mind on the food. Hogun would retort that he had still slain the most out of the three warriors. Fandral would joke that regardless of that he would still win more maidens. The three warriors would have a much tougher opponent ahead though in the Hulk. One of the first of Asgard's forces to fight the Hulk. The Warriors Three would attempt to delay the green monster controlled by Lok and put up a valiant effort but fail. Eventually it would fall to Thor and Bruce Banner to stop the Hulk and Loki.

    Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

    An animated film centered on a younger Thor, released in 2011. Thor Tales of Asgard features the Warriors Three. Paul Dobson again provides the voice of Hogun the Grim. Fandral is played by Jonathan Holmes. Volstagg's voice provided by Jaz Brazeau. The Warrior's three join Thor on a tale that spans the Nine Worlds.


    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

    Chris Cox voices the Fandral character in this animated cartoon ongoing series. Paul Dobson fulfills the voice role of Hogun, and Volstagg is represented by voice actor Fred Tatasciore. The trio appear in the Siege of Asgard episode, where Asgardians must lend aid to the various Avengers stuck over and across the Nine Worlds.

    The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    Warriors Three appear in the animated cartoon series, also the designated Marvel Universe Earth-91119. The tone of the show is much lighter and less serious. The Warrior's Three are depicted in a battle against Frost Giants.

    Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)

    Warriors Three, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg, appear in the hit mutant animated series in the Asgardian themed episode.


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