Dr. Bedlam

    Character » Dr. Bedlam appears in 100 issues.

    Doctor Bedlam is a master scientist and a being of pure psionic energy. As such he is usually invisible, but can make himself appear in the form of the face he once had.

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    Little is known about the past of Doctor Bedlam, a native of the planet Apokolips. He once possessed a physical humanoid body but gave it up, and came to exist as a being of pure energy. He can take on physical form by entering into one of his host animates, which are blank featured androids. Doctor Bedlam can contol up to six of these animates at one time. Bedlam is a scientist whose speciality is the manipulation of the mind so as to create terror. He has tried several times without success to defeat Mister Miracle.

    Death of the New Gods

    Doctor Bedlam was killed by the Infinity Man during the Death of New Gods.

    New 52

    Dr. Bedlam is currently trapped on Earth-2 plotting to turn it into New Apokolips.

    Powers and Abilities

    New 52

    New God Physiology

    The beings of Apokolips call themselves gods and live in a realm outside normal space and time.

    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Immortality
    • Invulnerability
    • Flight: It is unknown if he flies by his own power or through telekinesis.

    Mind controlling Michael Holt and Terry Sloan.
    Mind controlling Michael Holt and Terry Sloan.
    • Telepathy: Bedlam demonstrated telepathic abilities during his appearances
    • Mind Reading/Communication: He's able to read minds to get informations or even implant a info into people's mind. Bedlam was able to read Bruutal's mind across the world
    • Remote Possession
    • Mind Control: He is able to control the minds of many individuals at the same time and even entire crowds, but unlike other telepaths he's able to control people but leaving intact their personalities, if he choose to do so. However he chooses to use telepathy to drive people crazy
    • Telepathic Link
    Controlling Mister Miracle.Mr. Terrific and Terry Sloan at same time without alter their personalities.
    Controlling Mister Miracle.Mr. Terrific and Terry Sloan at same time without alter their personalities.


    • Height - 6'2"
    • Weight - 226lbs
    • Eyes - Blue
    • Hair - Black

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