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People, teams , and Objects that inhabit the planet Apokolips.This list might be weird for the reason that some of the beings that are below are part of more than one group.

List items

  • Gole come from Apokolips and is a darkseid's agent He was part of the Deep Six team. He is a fish-like alien who always wear a complete helmet and a sword.

  • The co-leader of the Female Furies, Bernadeth is a fearsome warrior.

  • One of Darkseid's Female Furies.

  • Knockout was a former Female Fury from Apokolips. As such she possesses the strength and ferocity of those hazed through the fires of her world.

  • Leader of Darkseid's Female Furies.

  • A cackling madwoman, Mad Harriet is one of Darkseid's Female Furies. She wields a pair of energy claws.

  • One of Darkseid's Female Furies.

  • One of Darkseid's Female Furies. A ruthless thrill-seeker.

  • One of the Female Furies, Darkseid's elite strike force.

  • One of Darkseid's Female Furies.

  • Finest of the Female Furies who joined Cadmus Industries as a financial consultant to keep a close eye on Kevin Kho.

  • A 6-member team created by Darkseid only for terrorism. All are fish-like and can breathe underwater. They additionally have super strength. It is known that Darkseid can revive them in Birthing chamber.

  • One of Darkseid's Female Furies.

  • Jaffar is a member of the half humanoid group known as the Deep Six. Jaffar can mutate another living being by touching that person.

  • Kurin is a member of the Apokolips team called the Deep Six. Like his teammates, he has super strength and can breath underwater. He often uses a trident.

  • A member of the Deep Six, send on Earth by Darkseid, master of Apokolips.

  • Shaligo is a member of Deep Six a team of half-humanoid creatures. At the bidding of their master, Darkseid, the Deep Six seemingly exists for the sole purposes of combat and terrorism in his name.

  • Slig is a member of Darkseid's elite aquatic force, the Deep Six.

  • Trok is a member of Deep Six a team of half-humanoid creatures. At the bidding of their master, Darkseid, the Deep Six seemingly exists for the sole purposes of combat and terrorism in his name.

  • Shock troops from Apokolips who keep order for Darkseid and act as advance forces in battle

  • In the DC Universe, a boom tube is an interstellar portal used by residents of New Genesis and Apokolips.

  • An Apokoliptian version of a Mother Box. Among other things, it can be used to summon hush tubes, a variant of boom tubes.

  • An elaborate torture device housed at Granny Goodness's prison-orphanage on Apokolips.

  • Kanto is a member of his Lord Darkseid's Elite and is considered to be a master assassin of the Apokoliptian New Gods.

  • Supreme ruler of the Planet Apokolips and it's inhabits.

  • Collection of New Gods, and others, who are Darkseid's most highly favored servants, completely loyal to his wishes.

  • A member of Darkseid's Elite whose sole mission is to draw out the resisting Apokoliptians, so that they can be crushed.

  • Brola isn't highly ranked or as dangerous, he's earned a spot on Darkseid's Elite team.

  • Fought under Steppenwolf in Darkseid's canine elite.

  • He oversees the day to day operations of Apokolips, with a cruel hand.

  • Devilance the Pursuer was a respected minion of Darkseid, lord of Apokolips.

  • A master scientist and a being of pure psionic energy. As such he is usually invisible, but can make himslf appear in the form of the face he once had.

  • Glorious Godfrey's greatest weapon are his overwhelming speaking voice and his powers of persuasion.

  • Justeen is Desaad's replacement as Second-In-Command to Darkseid.

  • A New God of Apokolips and son of Darkseid, Kalibak serves as his father's second-in-command.

  • large planet that embodies the worst aspects of hell, and is ruled by the embodiment of evil Darkseid and his kin.

  • Mantis is a member of the race of Bugs that inhabited New Genesis, but prejudice caused him to flee to Apokolips where Darkseid bestowed many powers upon him in return for his loyalty.

  • Consort of Darkseid, as well as a member of his Elite.

  • One of the New Gods of Apokolips and a member of Darkseid's Elite, Necromina is an elderly woman with the ability to fly, siphon the lifeforce of others, and raise and control the dead.

  • Massively strong being able to project both fire and ice.

  • Steppenwolf is one of Darkseid's elite soldiers and his uncle.

  • A chaotic and unpredictable woman from Apokolips who facilitated Batman and Superman's first meeting in the New 52.

  • One of Darkseid's most favored generals and servants, he is a member of Darkseid's Elite but remains an underling of Granny Goodness.

  • Darkseid's personal guard.

  • One of the residents of Apokolips, Granny Goodness is in charge of training (sometimes through brainwashing) new soldiers for Darkseid's forces. She leads the Female Furies.

  • Alianna Hubbard is an earth-based ally of the Apokoliptian New Gods and the only human to ever be trained as a Female Fury.