"Death of the New Gods" Death of the New Gods

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    In this event, Jim Starlin uses a God-Killer, as it is Jim Starlin's pleasure to kill off the New Gods that Jack Kirby created.

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    These events unfold in an eight-issue limited series, Death of the New Gods as well as other DC titles. Jim Starlin description of this project is as follows: "I sort of think of this project as putting an ending to Jack's 'New Gods' saga. Since Kirby's initial run on the characters others have presented them with mixed results. Looking back I'd say at least half of the past New Gods series have done more harm than good. So for me, Death of the New Gods is half honoring Jack Kirby, half mercy killing."

    He plans on killing them all, but one will survive and die a good death.


    On Earth, several of the New Gods, including Black Racer and Lightray are found dead with a bloody hole in their chests. Big Barda is soon among the victims, killed quickly in her kitchen while Scott is in the next room. An investigation by the Justice League into her death reveals very little, despite the best efforts of Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Zatanna. Mister MIracle darkens the colors of his costume to mourn his wife and travels with Superman to New Genesis to bury Barda.

    On arrival, they learn that the killer has been striking on New Genesis and that the current Highfather, Takion, has been mysteriously cut off from the source. Himon wishes to investigate the Source Wall, while Orion, believing that Darkseid is the culprit, wants to strike at Apokolips. Darkseid's minions, however, have also been victims of the god-killer. Superman warns Orion to wait for all the facts before accusing Darkseid. Orion interprets this as an insult to his honor and fights the Man of Steel. The fight, however, is short lived, as Metron arrives, interrupting their melee. His investigation shows that it could not be Darkseid that was responsible, as he does not have the power to kill in such a fashion. Mister Miracle contemplates using the Anti-Life Equation to resurrect Barda, despite his vow to never use it. Superman overhears him discussing it with Orion, who then asks Superman to keep an eye on Miracle Man after he leaves.

    The three then journey to Apokolips where they immediately battle Darkseid's forces. When they finally confronte him (without Superman, as he is unconscious), Darkseid tries to stop them with his partial knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation. Mister Miracle, however, has full knowledge and stops him. Darkseid then tells them that there is no hope and that he has come to terms with his inevitable death, as they should theirs.

    On their return to New Genesis, they learn that Takion is dead, killed while he and Himon investigated the Source Wall. The next suspects are the Forever People. However, when Superman, Orion and Mister Miracle arrive, they, too, are all dead, killed in the same manner as the others. Mister Miracle then uses the Anti-Life Equation, the first time in front of Superman, to reanimate their corpses to tell of their murder. While they tell of the circumstances of their deaths, they are unable to reveal the killer's identity. Their corpses then disintegrate under Mister Miracle's efforts to force them to reveal a name. Superman and Orion suspected that they had given one clue, that their visitor was the person they least expected. They reason this was the Infinity Man, as he only exists in this dimension by trading places with the Forever People. They do not inform Mister Miracle of their suspicions, as he becomes increasingly erratic.

    New Genesis is then attacked by Kalibak and Mantis. Mister Miracle is almost killed by Kalibak, but Superman and Orion manage to intervene. Mister Miracle is now convinced that Orion is the mysterious killer, and his sudden disappearance, as well as Kalibak's and Mantis's equally sudden deaths, appears to confirm it. Superman and an increasingly unstable Mister Miracle then go to confront Orion on an asteroid where he was seen waiting.

    When they arrive, Mister Miracle allows the Anti-Life Equation to take over and attacks Orion and Superman. Orion, under the compulsion of the Anti-Life Equation, tells Mister Miracle that he was there acting as bait for the real killer. They tell Orion they would leave him to wait, but in reality they simply move to another part of the asteroid field to watch over Orion. Orion confronts the killer head on, but Superman and Mister Miracle are unable to see who it is. After the encounter, all that was left of Orion was his helmet. Mister Miracle and Superman then take Orion's helmet to the Source Wall, where they discovere a second wall with the statues of those killed by the god-killer. Superman wonders why Himon has made no mention of it, when he appears behind them. Superman blasts him with his heat vision, revealing that it was, in fact, the Infinity Man, as he had suspected. Mister Miracle attacks as well, but the Infinity Man is powered by the Source. Superman is imprisoned by the Source and is forced to watch with Metron, who refuses to intervene. Mister Miracle ruptures the Source Wall in an effort to gain more power, but this allows the Source to combine with it's dark opposite, it's goal all along. Mister Miracle is no longer able to use the Anti-Life Equation and, with Metron, becomes the last victims of the Source's god killing.

    A list of casualties:

    Unseen Deaths

    Currently only three New Gods are confirmed alive:

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