Darkseid's Elite

    Team » Darkseid's Elite appears in 100 issues.

    This is a collection of New Gods, and others, who are Darkseid's most highly favored servants, completely loyal to his wishes.

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    Also known as Darkseid's Hierarchy, Evil Gods, Dark ones and so on... These are the New Gods of the Apokoliptian pantheon. Though being the greatest beings on Apokolips in both power and authority, they are still nothing more than slaves to the will of Darkseid, the Tyrant God who rules Apokolips with his iron fist.

    Notable Members

    • Amazing Grace - The younger sister of Glorious Godfrey and a master manipulator
    • Desaad - The chief torturer and counsellor to Darkseid, Desaad possesses a sadistic mind
    • Devilance - Darkseid's chief hunter
    • Dr. Bedlam - Master scientist and a being of pure energy
    • Glorious Godfrey - A master manipulator, Godfrey is capable of turning masses
    • Granny Goodness - In charge of leading The Female Furies, Granny Goodness is in charge of the orphanages on Apokolips which subjects the children to horrible experiences
    • Kalibak - Darkseid's eldest son and his second-in-command
    • Kanto - Darkseid's master assassin
    • Mantis - One of Darkseid's greatest warriors who is capable of draining the energy from his enemies
    • Mortalla - A consort of Darkseid capable of inducing sleep with one hand and death with the other
    • Steppenwolf - Darkseid's uncle and one of his generals
    • Virman Vundabar - Expert strategist and one of Darkseid's favoured generals

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