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And at the heart of this promethean creation stands a single figure, destined from birth to be a living conduit between the elemental forces that shaped his people and their worlds.

He is the brave and noble champion of New Genesis, adopted by its benevolent Highfather and raised as his own son. Yet within him also boils the rage and power of his true father—the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid!

His name is Orion, and this is the story of his greatest adventure!

Ranging from the streets of America to the furthest reaches of time and space, this epic saga will uncover long-hidden secrets from Orion's past—and provoke the ultimate reckoning for his future!

Only one talent could possibly summon the vision and fortitude necessary to recount such a mighty tale as this—the supremely gifted writer and artist Walter Simonson!

Orion by Walter Simonson Book One collects issues #1-11 of the legendary storyteller's acclaimed Orion series, and also includes a treasure trove of Simonson's Fourth World-related short stories, covers and sketches. Worlds beyond imagining await within!


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