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    The son of Highfather, Scott Free was traded as an infant for Darkseid's child, Orion, to end the war between the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis. Scott later fled to Earth where he took on the mantle of Mister Miracle, and is considered the greatest escape artist in the universe. He is the husband of former Female Fury, Big Barda.

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    Mr. Miracle
    Mr. Miracle

    Mister Miracle was a pawn in the pact between Darkseid and Highfather in order to establish peace between Apokolips and New Genesis. He and Orion were exchanged at birth to broker a treaty. Orion would live a life of enlightenment as a member of the New Gods of New Genesis, while Darkseid tried to crush and corrupt the nameless boy at Granny Goodness’ orphanage. His spirit would not be crushed, however, and he resisted her every attempt to break him. The training he received turned him into a cunning thinker and exceptional athlete, fueling his exceptional escape artist abilities. He also journeyed outside the orphanage, where he met with the rebel Himon and where he also learned how to use the Mother Box. Through escaping from Granny's orphanage, he realized that he could escape anything. At this point that he adopted the name Scott Free. It was later revealed that he had been allowed to escape in to collapse the peace treaty between the two worlds.Scott fled to Earth where he met Thaddeus Brown, a circus entertainer and escape artist whose stage name was Mister Miracle. Scott also met Oberon, Thaddeus’ manager. Thaddeus was murdered, and Scott solved the case, taking on the persona of Mister Miracle. He was also soon reunited with Big Barda, who who had also been a prisoner at the orphanage. The two eventually marry.


    Mister Miracle was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in Mister Miracle #1 in 1971. He was created as a member of the Kirby's Fourth World race "The New Gods," and to be the son of the leader of New Genesis, Highfather. Fellow comic book artist Jim Steranko was a partial influence on Kirby creating Mister Miracle due to Steranko's real life escape artist experiences and skills providing inspiration.

    Character Evolution

    Scott Free has been portrayed heroically throughout his existence. Being a Silver Age creation of Jack Kirby gave his early appearances a distinctive feel. The only major change to his characterization was a partially lighter version who was a member of the Giffen/ deMatteis Justice League, where he often played the role of straight man to the more comedic Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

    Major Story Arcs

    Here We Go Again
    Here We Go Again

    Comic Book marketing, distribution and sales in the early 1970's didn't necessitate what have since come to be known in modern times as "story arcs," thus the earliest adventures of Scott Free/Mr. Miracle which occurred during the first part of the character's publication history don't conveniently fit into story arcs. Taking this into account, the first major story arc could be considered to be Crisis on Infinite Earths, though he did not play a substantial role. After the events of the Legends crossover, Scott joined the Justice League and was given a short-lived monthly series as well. During this time, Manga Khan served as one of the main villains to the Justice League and Scott specifically. After retirement from the League, he moved back into obscurity, only really showing up when there was a reason for the New Gods to be involved.

    During the story arc Death of the New Gods, the gods of both Apokolips and New Genesis were attacked by a god-killer. Barda was amongst the gods whom were killed and the distraught Scott debated whether to use the Anti-Life equation to resurrect her. The search for the killers led him, Superman and Orion to New Genesis where Scott did use the Anti-Life equation to resurrect the Forever People, who then gave the clue that the murderer was likely to be the Infinity Man. Scott wasn't aware of this evidence and became increasingly convinced that Orion, son of Darkseid, was the killer. A short time later Orion, too, was killed and a journey to the Source Wall revealed the Infinity Man as the god-killer. Eventually, Mr. Miracle and Metron became the final victims of the Infinity Man.

    Following Infinite Crisis, most of the gods were reborn, including Scott and Barda.

    Physical Statistics

    • Height: 6 ft.
    • Weight: 185 lbs.
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Black

    Powers and Abilities

    New God Physiology

    Like all New Gods, Scott Free is extremely long-lived to the point of practically being immortal. Due to him being a New God all of his physical abilities are superhuman, thus making him much stronger, faster, more agile and more durable than humans are. For a time Scott had discarded his divine right and immortality in order to live humbly among the humans of earth but has since regained his new godlike powers time and again.

    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Intellect
    • Superhuman Dexterity: He possesses superhuman bodily coordination.
    • Superhuman Agility:
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Boasting sharpened reflexes able to dodge even the physically resilient Orion.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium
    • Invulnerability
    • Healing
    • Immortality
    • Immunity to disease

    Alpha Effect

    In times past Scott used his other god-like powers which he called "The Alpha Effect." the antithetical power of Darksied's Omega Effect. These abilities are said to reach an almost unlimited scale as told by the dark god himself, through it Scott Free can utilize a great number of miraculous feats.

    • Banishment: Mr. Miracle used the Alpha Effect to banish the Black Racer
    • Energy Manipulation: The powers allow him to absorb, generate and manipulate various energies of many forms and are almost limitless. Able to make constructs with it to save the life of a bystander or suck the life-forces from other gods at will.
    • Resurrection: used these powers to save his wife and a host of New Gods who've died in a conflict between the warring worlds.
    • Healing: Can mend people who are on the verge of dying.
    • Peace Inducement: Having stopped a new war sparked between New Genesis and Apokolips
    • Dimensional Travel: Can slip between realities at will.
    • Space-Time Migration: Can traverse the fabric of existing continuum's to get from earth to the fourth world.
    • Efficacy Manipulation: Can use it's effects to enhance a number of qualities such as his own physical straights and the technological prowess of his own equipment

    Anti-Life Equation

    Scott Free possesses full knowledge of the whole anti-life equation, a cosmic level power with which to dictate the very life choices of all things in the universe which allows him to increase his own physical abilities and dominate the will of any being in the universe. On a grander scale he can become an Anti-Life Entity dubbed the dark side of the Source, enabling him cosmic scale reality warping abilities, the ability to utilize this form of power is fueled by rage and negative emotions which Scott himself usually doesn't have coupled with his willpower to never use it.


    Master Escape Artist

    During his life in Apokolips, Scott developed an extreme resistance to pain and physical damage as well as an high degree mental toughness. He's also considered the greatest escape artist in the universe because he has yet to encounter a prison, device or trap that can hold him.

    Expert Combatant

    Being raised in the harsh environment of Apokolips and being schooled by Granny Goodness, Scott is a exceptional hand-to-hand combatant and is skilled in the use of many weapons.

    Genius Intellect

    Scott is an genius inventor. He has an advanced understanding of technology, even by Apokolips standards and has created variety of complicated weapons.


    Scott hides a variety of technological devices in his suit, including a Mother Box, a multi-cube, aero-discs (which he uses to fly) and various other gadgets. His gloves are able to create mini shock-waves, concussion blasts and generate electric power. In addition his boots contain laser-jets.

    Other Versions

    Mister Miracle appears in Kingdom Come, Superman: Dark Side, Justice League: Another Nail. In Superman/Batman a female version of the character Miss Miracle is shown alongside Big Bard.

    Earth 2 (New 52)

    After escaping from the clutches of Steppenwolf, Miracle and Barda go on the run from both Steppenwolf and the World Army. Mr Miracle meets a retired escapologist, Shilo Norman, who gave Scott his stage name, Mr Miracle and his costume, which Scott imbued with the science of Apokolips. While looking for Batman in Gotham City, Steppenwolf sends Fury (Hall) to capture and return them to him.

    After a brief scuffle with Fury, Miracle helped Barda escape and find Batman and decided to face Fury by his lonesome. However, before they they could resume their battle, they were interrupted by Red Tornado sent by the World Army.

    Other Media

    Superman: the Animated Series

    Scott's animation debut on Superman: The Animated Series
    Scott's animation debut on Superman: The Animated Series

    Mister Miracle made his animation debut in the DCAU's 'Superman: The Animated Series' , albeit non-speaking cameo appearances, in the two-part episode 'Apokolips... Now!' Scott is firstly seen as an infant during Highfather's exchange with Darkseid for Orion. Mister Miracle is also later seen as a background extra when the forces of New Genesis (along with Lightray and Black Racer) come to Earth to fend off Darkseid's invasion.

    Batman Beyond

    Mister Miracle appears in a picture on a computer screen in the Justice League Watchtower with his wife in the two-parted episode The Call.

    Justice League

    As with his appearances on Superman: The Animated Series, Mister Miracle makes a non-speaking cameo appearance on New Genesis at the end of the episode Twilight.

    Justice League Unlimited

    Mr Miracle finally playing a major role
    Mr Miracle finally playing a major role

    Scott plays a major role in the episode The Ties That Bind where he, Barda and the Flash (after the refusal from Martian Manhunter to send other Justice League members to aid Scott and Barda in their rescue mission) travel to Apokolips to free Oberon after he is abducted by Granny Goodness. He is voiced by Ioan Grufudd. In this episode, there were several flashbacks to Scott's time in Granny Goodness' orphanage and prison, called the X-Pit, which would be the motivation for him to become the greatest escape artist in the universe.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    He also briefly appeared in the teaser of the episode Last Bat on Earth! voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, as well as several teasers that lead up to the two-part episode The Siege of Starro!, which he also appeared in as one of the many heroes under Starro's control.


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