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    Kay Cera is the daughter of an immortal knight Adam Destine and a female Genie.

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    Kay Cera is the eldest child of Adam Destine. She is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic. She has met Charles Xavier more than one time.

    Kay Cera is 800 years old. She is nicknamed Cuckoo for her ability to possess people and animals bodies for an unlimited amount of time. Normally she would possess someone who is about to die so she won't be taking someones life. When she possess this person she feels everything they feel even their wounds at the time. When she switches bodies she get her brother Albert to heal the bodies.

    In 1519 she was in the newly-discovered Mexico, exploring the territory with Hernán Cortés's conquistadors while inhabiting the body of a Spanish nobleman, with her sister Grace posing as her valet. At this point Cuckoo had begun to study magic, and learned to channel eldritch forces to enhance her powers. When the conquistadors attacked the Aztecs Grace, whose emerging psychic gifts were too immature to use as weapons, fled with Cuckoo and some of the Aztecs that they had befriended, but the two were separated. In 1526 she was in Peru, and at some point during or prior to this, learned a Mayan dialect. Centuries later, she inhabited the body of a Native American woman, and helped Grace and a young Professor Xavier battle a demon called the Synraith. In recent years she has lived as fashion designer Kay Cera, creator of the Kay Cera label. She owns homes in New York City, Los Angeles. Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro. When Adam killed Vincent, she was in her forty-third host body. She has switched bodies three times during Dominic's lifetime, and Samantha was a child when she acquired the last one prior to her current body, When healing this current body, Albert, appalled at the questionable ethics of Cuckoo's use of others' bodies, informed her that this would be the last time he would do this.

    Cuckoo also helped Charles Xavier and Gracie to put a demon named Synraith back.

    Powers and Abilities

    Its all in your head
    Its all in your head

    Cuckoo has the ability to read minds, project illusion, project her astral projection and bring other astral projections of people to herself. She used this when Albert refused to heal her new body. She has been seen putting people in comas, changing someone perception of things. She can telepathically attack someone through the mind of another person. Cuckoo is unable to read her Adam's mind and of Lenz monsters. She said when trying to read Adams mind it felt like static hurting her. She can also be easily blocked by greater telepaths such as Charles Xavier. Cuckoo also has strong telekinetic abilities. But she doesn't use them that often. This can be seen when her and Samantha was flying using Samanthas metallic wings and Cuckoo's telekinesis. She was shown to hold back a clone of Walter. She was also shown being able to build shields that M.O.D.A.M couldn't break. She is also highly trained in controlling an extra source of energy that she used fro magic, to send a demon back to its universe.


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