Adam Destine

    Character » Adam Destine appears in 24 issues.

    Adam is an immortal and invulnerable knight who sired a large number of superhumans with a female genie.

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    Adam was born in the summer of 1168 A.D during the reign of King Henry 2; In the village of Ravencraft. While he was thatching his parents' cottage, when he was 16, he fell on a scythe. He fell into delirium. The soothsayers, healers and shamans of the village came and tried to heal him. None were successful; all said his injury was fatal. Adam started to have visions of someone else's memories, he thought he was going to Hades. In his dream he saw a bright beautiful light and the light changed into a woman and touched him; healing him physically and mentally. During this time he made contact with the djinn.  The villagers thought his survival was a miracle and his dream was a prophecy of some great destiny. From that point on Adam of Ravencroft was Adam of Destine.

    In 1189 the clergy called for strong and healthy men to fight a war in the Holy Land. Richard Lionheart was leading this war. Many volunteered, including Adam, wanting to feel the excitement of a war. Adam's masters told him they fought in God's name, so christian pilgrims could visit Jerusalem. Adam's masters also told him that Saladin and his Sacrens were the devils horde. Years of slaughter, famine and torture later; Adam learned it was the exact opposite. Adam's masters were the evil people.

    In 1191, Adam fought in Battles at Acre, Arsuf, and Jaffa. In all these wars and years Adam was never harmed in any of the wars. Adam thought that the angel seen in his dreams protected him throughout the battles. Through Adam's time of invincibility, his judgement became challenged, and he ended up running himself and his men into a trap. Arrows flew and killed his men but left him unharmed. He stood there in the middle of a group of men that held swords, when a purple flask crashed by his feet which knocked him unconscious. Adam thought this was his last sight, but awoke to beautiful maidens pampering him. He asked the women where he was; but  they didn't speak his language. Al Kadhdhaab came into the room and reiterated to Adam that they didn't speak his language. He also told Adam that he didn't want to hurt him and that if he wanted to he could have whilst he slept. Adam asked why he killed his men and Al Kadhdhaab told him he could do what he wanted with the men that killed his men. Al Kadhdhaab told Adam he was waiting for him, to free the lands of Sujanaa Min Raghbah. He told Adam that it is written that he would save the lands. Adam agreed to it and traveled the Arabian Desert with some of Al Kadhdhaab's men. When they came upon a valley; the men waited behind. Adam ventured forward to a palace with dead bodies littering the ground. When he ascended the stairs souls came and tried to warn him to go back, but he refused and moved on; wanting to see his destiny. He moved on to see treasures all around the palace. He walked up to a gem that was hanging in the air. He approached it; only to be telekinetically lifted by Sujanna, and to have his armor torn away. Sujanna tortures Adam; asking him why the gem wants Adam and not him. Adam told Sujanna that he got what he wanted, and now he is protecting what he got so he cannot enjoy it. Sujanna understood this and saw what the djinn did to him. He forgot about Adam and accidentally let him go. Adam grabbed his sword and stabbed Sujanna; killing him. Adam is about to release the djinn when he is hit in the side by an arrow. Al Kadhdhaab had shot him and betrayed him. He then threw Adam away and went to the gem to claim it for himself. Adam; being close to the rope holding the gem cut it with his sword and released the djinn. The djinn killed Al Kadhdhaab, destroyed the treasure and healed Adam. The djinn then made love to Adam, producing many kids after.

    In 1374, Adam and Thaddeus were taking his son Albert to the Shalu Monastery in Tibet. On their way they were attacked by the Geong Si army of zombies who was being controlled by Tral of the Inhumans. During the battle Thaddeus was knocked off a cliff. Albert, angry, used his power in a defensive way and killed the rest of the zombies. 

    In 1615, Adam was in Russia to help establish the Romanov Dynasty. Riding a horse; he went through the Sayan Mountains to Japan to help Albert and Grace. He came upon armored aliens who were planning to take over the world. The aliens were building a machine that would bring an army of their kind and take over Earth. The aliens attacked Adam, but being invulnerable nothing happened to him. Adam killed one of them. The rest thought all humans were like this and retreated.


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