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    Hex is a human-genie hybrid.

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    When Hex was a child he felt neglected by Adam, feeling like Adam had no human feelings. Hex was his nickname given to him when he became a illusionist and a escapeologist. When he became an adult he came into his powers of super senses. The costume he wears was when he was a illusionist and escapologist. When Hex was in a performance someone asked him if he could solve a chinese puzzle. He tried and unfortunately succeeded. He was transferred to the negative zone, until rescued by Doctor Strange. After Adam killed Vincent, Hex became a secluded hermit. Living on his own island and caused by his super senses which made living in a city like living in hell. But after the Leenz creatures started killing the Destine families he came back to the family estate.

    Hex is an expert hand to hand fighter. He can find the pressure points on anyone. With this he is seen subdueign Walter when he is in his rages. He has super sense of hearing that allows him to hear perfectly through steel walls and concrete. He can smell the food on people even after they washed their hands numerous times. Hex has been seen scouting a building and telling how many floors it has, what kind of machinery and if their is any living organisms in it. His sense of taste is so acute that if he taste chocolate or sugar he is knocked unconscious. His eyesight allows him to see wavelengths, human auras, and can see in infra-red. When living on the family estate he stays in a aechoic chamber where it deprives him of his senses, that was built by Newton.


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