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    Volume 3

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    Continued from Fantastic Four Volume 2. The foursome returns from the Heroes Reborn universe and take their place as Marvel's first family. The volume ran for 70 issues and before it reverted to the Fantastic Four (vol. 1) numbering with issue #500 (71) , collecting three volumes in one.

    With issue #588 the series was replaced with a new comic named "FF (vol. 1)" (or Future Foundation) for 11 issues before returning to the Fantastic Four title with issue #600. The FF series also continued from issue 12 as a spin-off to the Fantastic Four.

    The series ended with issue #611 when it was relaunched with as Fantastic Four Vol.4 as part of the Marvel NOW! event.


    • Scott Lobdell #1-5
    • Chris Claremont #4-32
    • John Francis Moore #33-34
    • Carlos Pacheco #35-54
    • Jeph Loeb #38-50
    • Fabian Nicieza #50 w/ Eric Ko & KEn Siu Chong
    • KArl Kesel #51-56 514-516, 525, 526
    • Adam Warren #57-59
    • Mark Waid #60-70, 500-524
    • J. Michael Straczynski #527-541
    • Dwayne McDuffie #542-553
    • Stan Lee #543 w/Paul Pope
    • Mark Millar #554-569
    • Joe Ahearne #568, 569
    • Jonathan Hickman #570-588

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions

    Issue's #1-56 & #544-611 have been translated into Spanish.


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