Guardians of the Galaxy #23

    Guardians of the Galaxy » Guardians of the Galaxy #23 - Mad God Triumphant released by Marvel on April 1, 2010.

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    Phyla-Vell tries to recall what has happened in the recent past. Adam had tried to stall the expansion of the cosmic fault by overlapping timelines. She being the avatar of Death, had been entrusted with the task of killing Adam, who was the avatar of Life. She would have succeeded, had not Starlord's team suddenly appeared through a portal and stopped her from doing so.

    Starlord had tried to persuade Adam to control himself, but his Magus persona was taking over pretty fast. Starlord tried to use the Cosmic Cube that Kang had given him, but the Magus surfaced and blasted him away. Immediately, the other Guardians attacked. All were unsuccessful to contain the Magus, but few of them suffered Death at his hands. Magus telepathically attacked Mantis and Cosmo, bringing their death. He snapped Gamora's neck and ran the Quantum Sword through Phyla's body. He tore up Major Victory's containment suit, thus disintegrating him to dust.

    As the five of them ascended to the astral plane, they saw Starlord's last brave act. He shot Adam in the head. But that was not the end. Magus too came into the astral plane, captured their spirits and led them to the Universal Church of Truth upon Sacrosanct. There, they appeared through an energy conduit and regained their bodies.

    Now, Phyla sees herself and her comrades in chains, Magus standing before them. He says that Phyla has made a serious error in committing herself to Death and becoming her avatar. He is the avatar of Life, and will surely punish her. He orders the torturer, Flensse to convert them, using his mnemonic flail.

    As Flensse continues his assault on Phyla, her body almost submits. She ascends to the astral plane, and finds the others gathered around her. They suggest that she make contact with MoonDragon. Phyla agrees and re-enters her body, calling MoonDragon with all her concentration.

    Upon Ovar, a meeting of Kings is taking place. Starlord's team are posted in different positions to keep a look out for any possible attacks. Suddenly, MoonDragon convulses. She talks about Phyla and warns them of imminent danger. Within seconds, the team gathers together. But suddenly, a beam rockets down from the sky. To their surprise, they find nanotic robot assassins emerge from the flames and advance towards them. They commence attack immediately.

    Back on Sacrosanct, Phyla eventually gathers enough strength to break free of her chains. She summons her Quantum Sword and finishes Flensse off with one blow. She then frees the others and the team prepares for on final attack upon Magus and the Church.


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    The Dead Revealed 0

    I'm not a big fan of this series. I have picked it up around the time when major team changes happen. So I was quite shocked to see the death of Gamora, Mantis and the others. So this issue was to quite shocking, but I'm not going to reveal it.  Anyway the Good: The Story - I really felt a connection whit this story. The Cast - I have always felt that this series has the best cast in any Marvel book. The characters are written well and also play off each other quite well.  OK:  The art - It has ...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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