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    A denizen of the Negative Zone who battles Annihilus frequently and became the king of most of the territories of the Negative Zone

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     Blastaar of Baluur
    Blastaar of Baluur

    Blastaar was the leader of Baluur, a planet in the Negative Zone. He was not liked by his people and after he was overthrown, he was shot off of the planet. He then drifted, unconscious, through the Negative Zone. He was awakened whenTriton entered the Negative zone to save Mr. Fantastic, and he followed them through their portal back to the Baxter Building.

    He joined with Sandman and tried to take over the world but was stopped by the Fantastic Four and Crystal of the Inhumans. Blastaar was sent back to the Negative Zone where he regained control of Baluur and has tried to take over the rest of the Negative Zone.

    Annihilus is the only being in the Negative Zone who is strong enough to oppose him and Annihilus also wants to take over. Blastaar has been back to this universe to help in the battle against the Annihilation Wave. He has also been back to help the Kree battle the Phalanx. During this battle he was stepped on by a giant Phalanx and it is unknown whether or not he survived.

    It was revealed that he survives and battles on the pages of War of Kings. He then conquers the Negative Zone, calling himself King. He is currently attempting to invade and assimilate Earth. He is also in control of the 'ceded territories,' a region of the Kree Empire. Blastaar also campaigns to take over other Kree worlds, now ruled by Queen Medusa and the Inhumans.

    Powers & Abilities

    Blastaar possess the physical benefits of his species, the Balurrians race although his energy abilities could be unique to himself. As one of the most powerful creatures in the Negative Zone, Blastaar has single-handedly razed entire cities and has skin that has been described by the Kree Supreme Intelligence as being akin to fusion reactor and has even been described by the Kree Supreme Intelligence as a sun with legs. Blastaar was able to beat the five original X-men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Beast, and Angel) back when they were all young and starting out, has fought the Fantastic Four many times, Blastaar has fought multiple Nova members at once, and has fought with superheroes as powerful as Captain Marvel one on one and has held his own.

    Blastaar possesses great physical superhuman strength allowing him to physical lift about 50 tons of weight possibly more around somewhere over 75 to 80 tons of weight due the Power Grids stating he's a 6 out of 7 in the strength scale and him fighting beings about stronger than him like the Thing, and Namor. Blastaar's highly advanced musculature are much more efficient than that of the musculature of normal humans as Blastaar's body produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of a normal human being giving Blastaar superhuman endurance and stamina. As a result of that; Blastaar can fight, run, and perform other physical activities that will allow him to physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days on end before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood stream begins to impair him and affect his overall capabilities. Blastaar also has superhuman speed, agility, and agility all beyond the physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

    In addition to his superhuman strength, Blastaar's bodily tissue is far harder, tougher and much more resistant to all forms of physical injury than that of the bodily tissues of a normal human being as his bones, muscles, and skin tissue are considerably much harder and denser in comparison with that of the bodies of normal humans. Blastaar is capable of withstanding the impact of .30 caliber bullets, machine gun shells, and armor piercing rounds along with Ballistic missiles and most forms of weapon which seem have no effect on him. Blastaar can also withstand falls from a great height of over several stories, and powerful energy attacks while sustaining little to no pain or physical injury as well as also withstanding powerful impact forces and blunt force trauma from direct physical blows from strong superhumans as strong as the Thing, Thor, or the Hulk with far less physical injury than that of what would instantly kill normal humans or what lower level super humans would receive as all of whom are strong enough to easily kill a normal human being from the simple impact of their physical blows. Blastaar was not even dazed from the punches from a relatively calm Hulk. Blastaar is also capable of withstanding exposure from extreme pressures and extreme temperatures ranging between the extreme cold of less than -202 degrees Fahrenheit (-130 degrees Celsius) to the extreme heat of over 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit (6,093.3333 degrees Celsius) and Blastaar has proved immune to simple high flames such as when he was blasted by the unearthly heat from the Human Torch's flames temporarily looking like a creature of living flame proving that Blastaar was able to take whatever the Human Torch could do at the time and Blastaar has shown being able to withstood the extreme pressures of being at the bottom of the ocean floor, is able to withstand 0 up to 10 times the Earth’s atmosphere and gravity, and has even withstood the depths of the planet Jupiter without sustaining any kind of physical injury or being in any kind severe discomforts such as severe blistering, freezing, or crushing conditions and has even survived being buried under thousands of tons of rubbles at one point.

    Blastaar’s lung capacity is far greater than that of what normal humans are capable of allowing him to hold his breath for longer periods of time and still function normally at a longer amount of time than that of what normal humans are capable of. Due to his superhuman endurance and alien nature, Blastaar can survive and function on very little sustenance as the Blastaar requires much less food, water, air, or sleep in order to sustain Blastaar’s physical and mental health in order to stay alive and function normally and Blastaar is capable of surviving for months at a time without any food or water. Blastaar can will himself into a state of hibernation or that of suspended animation. This state of suspended animation is extremely difficult to distinguish from the state of death which Blastaar has used and even reversed in order to fool the Phalanx temporarily by making them think he was really dead while they were interrogating him. Blastaar is capable of staying in and surviving unaided in the void and vacuum of outer space or while being underwater without the use or presence of any type of equipment for several months at a time by voluntarily willing himself into a state of hibernation or suspended animation while being in the void and vacuum of outer space or underwater.

    Although the main focus of Blastaar’s energy manipulative powers are energy blasts or attacks, at one point it was even demonstrated that Blastaar could fairly easily come back from the dead, as long as he was exposed to appropriate types of radiations and he can use the energy he can generates for other uses. Through some biological means; Blastaar is able to generate an unknown type of highly explosive and violent concussive energy blasts of some form of nuclear kinetic energy, and can direct that said energy through his hands and fingertips at will. The energy Blastaar can use as an energy blast have a maximum range of over 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) and are powerful enough to penetrate over 6-inches of titanium-plated over layered steel from a distance of over 25 feet (7.62 meters), and have been able to blasts and send giant space octopoids miles through the air, have been able to shatter large asteroids, and are even capable of vanquishing the potent force fields of the Invisible Woman. Blastaar’s energy blasts have even once managed to deflect Thor’s hammer “Mjolnir” when thrown at Blastaar’s energy blasts which according to Thor could shatter worlds while being in the Negative Zone, and can also temporarily disrupt the molecular integrity of the Eternals.

    By carefully releasing a steady constant stream of energy blasts from his fingertips, Blastaar is capable of using that same energy from his energy blasts to propel himself through the air at tremendous high speeds allowing Blastaar to be capable of flying through the air in a similar manner of a nuclear-engine rocket, allowing him to be capable of reaching Earth's escape velocity at a top speed of over Mach 32.84 which is over 25,000 miles per hour (40,233.6 kilometres per hour) and Blastaar can maintain this thrust or speed and stay aloft almost indefinitely allowing him to remain in flight almost as long as he needs too. Blastaar is also capable of flying and traveling through the void and vacuum of outer space under his own powers while being unaided by any type of equipment as well and while flying and traveling through the void and vacuum of outer space, Blastaar could possibly fly even faster.

    Blastaar was trained in the arts of warfare and strategy from his home world “Baluur”. Blastaar is a formidable and experienced hand to hand combatant who is a being highly trained in the arts of warfare of and by his own race and Blastaar is particularly skilled in using a combination of both his energy capabilities and physical brute strength and resistance to physical injury with great efficiency. Blastaar also has enough speed, and of course enough power, to engage a world-class fighters such as the Thing or Thor; both of whom who are physical stronger and are skilled fighters as well. Blastaar also possesses certain military and leadership skills of the Baluur Military which he has shown leading with his own army and when leading large groups of Kree soldiers against Annihilus and later the Phalanx and has shown being able to outsmart Annihilus at one point.

    Blastaar has access to and understanding of the highly advanced technology from his home world “Baluur” such as spaceships for interstellar travel and powerful plasma-based weapons. Most often, however, he only uses his own powers without augmentation in a fight, however at one point, Blastaar has been seen using special equipment to magnify his force blasts to the point where he could blow up a planet. Blastaar is also capable pilot.

     Energy Manipulation.
    Energy Manipulation.


    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 520 lbs

    Eyes: Grey

    Hair: Grey

    Skin: Grey

    In Other Media


    The 60s FF cartoon
    The 60s FF cartoon

    Video Games

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    • Blastaar appeared in the video game adaptation of the 2005 Fantastic Four movie, despite not being in the actual film. He is a prisoner of the Vault who was taken into custody after a failed invasion of Earth, but escapes during a power outage. He is eventually defeated by the Thing and Mister Fantastic. He was voiced by Bob Joles.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Blastaar was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for Fantastic Four: The Animated Series.
    • Blastaar was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line as part of a two-pack with the Human Torch.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Blastaar bust.
    • Blastaar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive "Thanos Imperative" box set, alongside Star-Lord, Black Bolt, Medusa and Gladiator.
    • Blastaar was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.

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