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    The Kree are a militant race with a vast empire.

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    The Kree are responsible for the creation of the Inhumans by experimenting on early man. The Supreme Intelligence forced the Kree into a new form of evolution the Ruul. The Ruul were the main instigators of maximum security.

    The Kree started out as a primitive species sharing their planet Hala with the Cotati, a race of plantlike humanoids. Their planet was visited by the Skrulls, whom at the time where a peaceful race. They told the Kree and the Cotati that one of their species would be chosen to represent their planet in an interplanetary counsel. To chose which species it would be; they sent both the Kree and the Cotati to our moon, and told them each to build a city there. The species that built the best one would be chosen to represent the planet. The Kree labored over building a city (what is now the blue area of the moon) while the Cotati slept. When the Skrulls came back to the moon to award a winner they found that the Cotati had grown a huge garden while they slept! The Cotati won the contest. Furious, the Kree killed all of the Cotati and all of the Skrulls that visited their planet. They then used the Skrull ship to go to the Skrull home world and start the Kree-Skrull wars.

    As told by the Kree
    As told by the Kree

    The Second Kree-Skull War was started by the Skrulls although the Kree were considering it. The Skrulls were led by Kylor, one of five claiming to be Emperor of the Skrulls. After capturing a Kree spy on one of their worlds they decided to strike first. When the Supreme Intelligence lost his mind, Nenora took over as Supreme Leader. Nenora was secretly a Skrull, but choose to remain a Kree and rule over all. She betrayed Kylor and her people. The Skrull campaign was taken over by Empress S'byll after Kylor's death. Nenora was defeated by S'byll when she gave Nenora her shape-shifting powers back. S'byll announced to the Kree their leader was truly a Skrull and that she had won the war. But, S'byll declared a peace. Tus-Katt was the highest ranking member available and he did not accept a peace, this was against all the Kree stand for. The best he could accept was a truce, which she accepted.

    With the loss of the Supreme Intelligence and Nenora the Kree were left without a leader. Through manipulation, the Contemplator was able to get the pirate Clumsy Foulup to become emperor. The emperor was assassinated by Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn. They ruled the empire together, one being of blue skin and one of pink. When Thanos killed half the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet, the Kree automatically blamed the Skrulls for this unknown attack and prepared for war.

    Ael-Dan and Dar Benn are killed by Deathbird during the Kree/Shi'ar War. After the Shi'ar are victorious due to the detonation of a Nega-Bomb over their throne world, Lilandra names Deathbird as regent. The whole Kree/Shi'ar War was orchestrated by the Supreme Intelligence as a way to jump start the Kree's evolutionary dead end, thus the Ruul was born. The Supreme Intelligence would later utilize this during the events of Maximum Security.

    Major Story Arcs


    The Ruul
    The Ruul

    The universe is over-run by the Annihilation Wave under the command of Annihilus. During this time Ronan the Accuser is declared a traitor and removed from his position as Accuser. He makes several new allies as he searches for the evidence to clear his name during the attack. He learns that the House of Fiyero, who are merchants currently in control of the Kree Empire, are responsible. Under their poor leadership, the Kree are easy targets for the Annihilation Wave.

    The Fiyero Kree attempt to make a deal and join forces with Annihilus so that the war would end and they could go back to their commerce. Finding the proof of his betrayal, Ronan executes the enemies of the empire and is named leader of the Kree after the mercy killing of the Supreme Intelligence (who had already been lobotomized by the Fiyero). He is forced to cede several Kree Worlds (including Kree-Lar) and the Skrull Empire to Ravenous.

    Annihilation Conquest

    Still recovering from the Annihilation Wave , Kree space was infiltrated by the Phalanx using Galadorian Space Knights to take command over Kree military computers and weapons. It is only through the efforts of the soon to be Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Warlock that the Kree Empire is freed.

    Secret Invasion

    The Kree have several operatives on Earth, one of which (posing as a human named William Wagner) learns of the invasion prior to it occurring. He is attacked by two Skrulls just before the invasion, his fate is currently unknown.

    Due to the Skrulls having abducted Black Bolt, the Inhumans form an alliance with the Kree in an effort to locate him. Ronan's price for this alliance is the hand of Crystal of the Inhuman Royal Family, a price her sister readily accepts. In the aftermath of the invasion the Inhumans leave the moon and travel to Kree space. They breach the barrier and confront Ronan who relinquishes the throne to Black Bolt.

    War of Kings

    During the Inhumans vengeance upon the Skrulls, a group of Shi'ar Warbirds are destroyed. Emperor Vulcan takes this as a challenge and sets his sights on conquering the Kree. The second Kree/Shi'ar War begins with the Shi'ar crashing the wedding of Ronan the Accuser and Crystal.

    Black Bolt unleashes his weapon known as the T-Bomb, a device made with the Terrigen Mists, in the belief it will make everyone into Inhumans and end the war. With the detonation of the bomb, Black Bolt and Vulcan both perish, and it also creates a rip in space known as the Fault. With Black Bolt presumed dead, leadership of the Kree Empire is left to Medusa.

    War of the Four Cities

    It would come to be known that the experiment that created the Inhumans was prophesied to be the end of the Supreme Intelligence. Of the 100 races created, the Supreme Intelligence ordered them all destroyed. But five races survived. They would all come together to try and make the Earth their new home. The Inhumans, now lead by Black Bolt who had returned from the dead, left the empire in the hands of Ronan.

    After all houses agreed to have him as leader, he and Crystal left for Earth to take complete control of the Kree Empire once and for all.



    The Kree people procreate naturally between male and females of the species. Valuing what they consider to be their genetic purity, reproduction outside of the species is strictly prohibited taboo.

    It is considered a punishable crime In the Kree empire for a male non-Kree to impregnate any Kree female. Even though it is possible to produce hybrid offspring between a great many races separate from their native race. Like Carol Danvers of the planet Earth.


    The Kree, initially rendered progressively stunted due to the Phoenix Force punishing their ancestry for attempting to harness the M'Kraan Crystal for their own ends much like the Skrulls. Still possessed the latent potential to produce super humanoid beings through preternatural or outside mutation, genetic engineering, or cutting edge cybernetics technology along the evolutionary chain.

    This theory was tested to the most extreme degree by a plan, known only to a few among their number, by the Supreme Intelligence via activating and discharging a Kree Nega Bomb in the middle of Kree space. A secret plan disguised as a war induced incursion into their universal sector during Operation: Galactic Storm, a heated war involving the Shi'ar wherein Earth was caught in the middle as the former attempted to open a stargate channel between the Milky Way galaxy to territories owned by Hala.

    The radioactive fallout of it's explosion. While having all but decimated the Kree Empire, had heavily altered the genetic structures of many survivors' whom weathered through the holocaust.

    Causing a quick yet steady mutation in their genetics brought about by adaptation to the negative radiation. Thus enabling the them to escape their evolutionary deadlock, allegedly granting them unlimited potential. Other signs of potential evolution stem from the existence of artificial Homo Superior among the Kree race named Tsu-Zana. Whom was created with her own mutant X-Gene in order to overthrow the domination of both Shi'ar and blue-skinned Kree, as their savior.

    As with many species across the Marvel Universe, two adjacent cosmic enclaves had performed genetic experiments on the primitive ancestors of the Kree millennia ago. The being the most prolific of whom being the Celestials, cosmological titans that; as with primordial humanity, had divided the prehistoric Kree between Deviant and Eternal communities. While another less colloquial race of space god called the Progenitors, first introduced the tertiary chain of special existence which the Kree would study profusely for years to come. The first in a long series of genetic regression known as Inhumanity.

    While the record of Kree Eternal/Deviant interaction remains largely undisclosed to current date. The Eternal's were once a thriving community on Hala which eventually dwindled to it's lone purveyor Ultimus, whom would soon find his way to Earth.

    Ard-Con being the last known living Kree Eternal specimen to date. There have been a couple Kree/Eternal hybrids born to the heroic line of Vell, such as Genis and his sister Phyla, both surrogate born amalgam children of the intergalactic hero Captain Marvel. Born to the Titanian Eternal Elysius.


    While experimenting with ways in an attempt to further their stunted evolutionary process. A few among the Kree bred with other alien species, producing the "Pink-Skinned" Kree, a second class citizenry who appear similar to Caucasian earth born humans. Though they outnumber their "Blue-Skinned" cousins a hundred to one, they are a suppressed minority whom're often used as slave labor in the empire.

    There is a rare subset of altered Kree whom, via exposure to egentic tempering or unique blends of radiology. Are known to develop superhuman abilities beyond the regular norm of their race. Such individuals include Captain Mar-Vell, Att-Lass, Minn-Erva and M'Nell.

    In the event of cohabitation with other species across the universe, certain hybrid species are born from said union. Children created through such a coupling potentially possess greater powers than either parent due to a unique blending or mutation occurring within the genetic structure. These kinds of Kree are scarce being incredibly varied due to being so far and in between.

    Body Type: Humanoid

    Avg Height: Between 5-8ft (1.5 to 2.4 m) tall

    Avg Weight: Same or greater than humans

    Eyes: Two

    Hair Color: Varies

    Skin Color: Blue - Pink

    Fingers: Five (with opposable thumbs)

    Toes: Five

    Special Adaptations: Greatly augmented strength & toughness. Underlying ability to channel cosmic energy, Females can enthrall and drain males of their life energy.

    Habitat: unknown (multiple planets)

    Gravity: Heavy

    Atmosphere: Nitrogen rich

    Population: 300 million

    Type of Government: Totalitarian Monarchy

    Level of Technology: Superior to Earth

    Cultural Traits: Conquerors


    The Kree are a Military-Technocratic Dictatorship. An imperium ruled by a cosmic uni-mind known as the Supreme Intelligence, it/they are the absolute authority of their entire galaxy spanning civilization.

    A conquistador race where Soldiers and commanders are subservient to the Supremor's Accusers as are the Accusers to the Supreme Intelligence. A civilization built on the concept of expansionism, they're main objective as a superpower is not to make contact but to subjugate and enslave.

    As such, Kree science is considered second to none even by an intergalactic standard. Being many leagues higher than that of Earth. Much of which being devoted to their own evolutionary advancement.

    Powers and Abilities

    Super-Humanoid Strength: The Kree have adapted to a heavier gravity than the people of Earth, therefore they gain a greater increase in physicals compared to the average adult homo sapiens. Able to lift between 1 and 1.2 metric tons of weight.

    Super-Humanoid Speed: Mar-Vell was considered fast even by Kree standard, possessing a level of speed that would qualify as enhanced for a human.

    Super-Humanoid Stamina: Kree bodily fibers are comparatively more enhanced than those of the finest mammalian specimen. They can push themselves considerably harder and longer under optimal conditions.

    Super-Humanoid Durability: The standard kree is a couple of time tougher than the typical Homo Sapiens. Having more resilient to impact, pressure, and temperature extremes.

    Super-Humanoid Reflexes: A seasoned Kree soldiers reactions are considered beyond those belonging to the finest human athlete, making it possible for them to dodge gunfire, even at point-blank range, from multiple gunmen at once.

    Super-Humanoid Agility: The Kree are physically more limber than many species. Able to leap and bound at incredible heights in an instant.

    Seventh Sense: The females of the Kree often undergo biophysical stunting surgery for the purpose of locating and removing psychic potential inherent among only they're gender. Uncastrated women among the Kree possess mental abilities ranging along clairvoyance, precognition and/or pheromonal and biophysical siphoning attributes. Powers that range from domination of the opposite sex to even lethal effect, like reaching into the mind of the opposite sex to moderate their desires or drain they're life force completely.

    Kree Groups


    A group of Kree comes to Attilan to beg for sanctuary. They are attacked at first until they tell what they're there. They are then given tents to stay in, in the empty place of old Kree machinery. A group of Kree goes to kill the Inhuman Royal Family but is stopped. Another is gone to the Genetics Council to see if the hearing goes in their favor for them to stay permanently. Another group is mad that they have to beg the Inhumans, creatures they created for their slaves. They decide to go and destroy the one thing that gives them their powers, the Terrigen Crystals. When they get there, they are attacked by Inhumans. They tell the Inhumans they don't want to destroy the mists but use them. They tell them when the Avengers hit the Nega Bands above their city it did something to their genes so they could use the mists. Three went in and two came out alive.

    The Kree attacked the Inhumans. They caught them very easily but with causalities. They separated the Inhumans by age, separating the old from the young. They sends machines over the city, for when Black Bolt screamed they picked the city up. The Kree wanted Ronan to help build up their status in the universe, they wanted to rule the Shi'ar. Ronan was to send the Inhumans to attack the Shi'ar.

    Priests of Pama

    The Priests of Pama are a group of pacifist Kree. They reside on Earth and have a relationship with the Cotati. They trained Mantis and Moondragon to be the Celestial Madonna.


    The Supreme Intelligence evolved the remaining "true" Kree into Ruul using the forever crystal. The Ruul however have been removed from existence due to Genis-Vell.

    In Other Media


    Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

    Kree scientists
    Kree scientists

    The Kree appear in a flashback in the episode "Inhumans Saga: Beware the Hidden Land." Like in the comics, they are shown to be responsible for the creation of the Inhumans.

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    The Kree ruler appears in the finale episode of "The Dark Phoenix Saga", where the Kree and Skrull empires are consulted by Lilandra while she ponders what to do with Jean Grey.

    Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

    The Kree appear in the episode "Trial By Fire," with Ronan acting as the main villain.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Kree soldiers in the show
    Kree soldiers in the show

    The Kree are heavily featured in the series, starting with the episode "452", which features Captain Marvel and a Kree Sentry. They are more prominently featured in the second season episodes "Welcome To the Kree Empire," where Ronan and his forces arrive to judge Earth. In the two-part episode "Operation Galactic Storm/Live Kree or Die," the Kree Empire attempts to conquer Earth to use it as a strategic foothold by opening a wormhole that will destroy the planet's sun. The Avengers travel to the Kree homeworld and engage the Kree military in battle, which ends with Mar-Vell replacing the Supreme Intelligence as the new leader of his people.

    Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

    Ronan and the Kree are featured in the episode "Planet Hulk."

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The Kree corpse
    The Kree corpse

    The Kree play a key role in the first season, though they do not appear directly. It is revealed that Phil Coulson, who was killed by Loki during The Avengers, was resurrected by a serum called GH-325. The serum is shown to be derived from a Kree Corpse that was at a HYDRA base found by Peggy Carter and the Howling Commandos during World War 2. In the second season, the Kree are once again heavily addressed, with it being revealed that they are responsible for the creation of the Inhumans. It is stated that they visited the Earth thousands of years ago, and were thought of as "blue angels" at the time. The mid-season finale takes place in an ancient Kree city hidden below San Juan, Puerto Rico.


    A Kree warrior named Vin-Tak appears in the second season episode "Who You Really Are," played by Eddie McClintock. He arrives on Earth to find Diviners left behind by Kree scientists who had been on Earth thousands of years ago, and reveals that the Kree were responsible for the creation of the Inhumans. He battles Sif and attempts to kill Skye after learning that she is an Inhuman. He is defeated and has his memories of the battle wiped before sent back to Hala by Sif.


    Guardians of the Galaxy

    The Kree ambassador
    The Kree ambassador

    The Kree are featured in the movie, with Korath the Pursuer and Ronan the Accuser serving as two of the main villains. The film opens with the end of the Kree signing a peace treaty with Xandar, who they had been at war with for centuries. This doesn't sit right with Ronan, who goes rogue to fulfill his fanatical desire to destroy Xanadr once and for all.

    Captain Marvel

    Some of the film's Kree characters
    Some of the film's Kree characters

    The Kree are heavily featured in this film, which is a prequel set in the 90s. Lee Pace and Djimon Hounsou reprise their respective roles as Ronan and Korath, while other Kree characters like Mar-Vell, Minn-Erva, Att-Las and Bron-Char appear as well.

    Video Games

    Kree enemies in Galactic Storm
    Kree enemies in Galactic Storm
    • The Kree are featured as the main antagonists in this Japanese fighting game, which is a loose adaptation of the Operation: Galactic Storm crossover. Doctor Minerva, Korath the Pursuer, Shatterax, and Supremor are playable fighters, while Captain Atlas, Ronan the Accuser, Ultimus, and a Kree Sentry appear as support characters. Galen Kor is the game's final boss.
    • The Kree appear in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
    • The Kree are featured in Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, where it is stated that their home world was destroyed by Thanos. As a result of this, Hala the Accuser and her followers seek to gain the Eternity Forge to revive their people.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Hasbro produced a Kree soldier figure that was included in a special Marvel Legends two-pack with a Skrull warrior.
    • Various Kree characters were featured in the Marvel Legends line from both Hasbro and ToyBiz, including Mar-Vell, Noh-Varr and Ronan the Accuser.
    • Diamond Collectibles' Marvel Select line included a variant Genis-Vell figure that featured the character in his Kree military uniform.
    • Kree soldiers were featured in the HeroClix figure game, as were a Kree Sentry and the Supreme Intelligence.
    • Hasbro released a Kree-themed Marvel Legends wave to coincide with the Captain Marvel movie. A Kree Sentry served as the wave's Build-a-Figure.

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