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Previously, some of the Guardians who were presumed dead, were actually found prisoners of Adam Magus, who too was thought killed in the battlefield. now, they have broken free of their confinement, and are trying to take the battle to Magus and destroy the Universal Church of Truth.

Phyla-Vell, Gamora, Mantis, Major Victory and Cosmo cut through the forces of Magus and the believers of the Church. The battle is tough, the foes numerous and unrelenting, but nothing stops these five from mowing them down. Gamora still does not trust Phyla. After she has heard of Phyla's pact with the devil, she vows to have a duel with her later.

Suddenly, Phyla confronts Maelstrom, the devil. He says that Phyla has failed miserably in carrying out her duties as the avatar of Death. He gives her a last chance to right her wrongs, he asks her to accompany her to a secret chamber.

Elsewhere, on Ovar, Starlord and his team, accompanied by Blastaar and Crystal, fight the nanotic assassin robots that have been sent to foil the council meeting. After the fight ends, Blastaar is unhappy with the Guardians, calling them a group of foolish vigilantes and saying that they have no place in the meeting. Starlord devises a plan, he sends Groot, who himself is a king from Planet-X to attend the council.

Elsewhere, upon Sacrosanct, the war rages. As the Guardians continue to decimate the church's forces, they are attacked by the powerful Matriarch. She uses her belief energies at maximum potential to bring about the Guardians' end. Even the telekinetics don't last long. But Major Victory cleverly clobbers her with his shield.

Elsewhere, once they are inside the secret chamber, Maelstrom shows Phyla the cocoon, hinting that from it will emerge the balancing force to correct the imbalance created by Magus. Phyla assumes that it will be Warlock, and cuts open the cocoon. But to her shock, it is not Warlock, but an angry Thanos who emerges from the cocoon. Thanos finishes her off with a single blast.


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