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    Master thief of Kaliklak, Bug joined commander Rann and the Micronauts in order to fight Baron Karza, dreadful ruler of his Universe.

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    Bug was a member of the Microverse race know as the Insectivorids. As such, he speaks with a clicking sound, due to the different vocal apparatus of his species. Bug is usually armed with a rocket-lance, which doubled as an energy blaster.


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    The character of bug was very loosely based on the Micronauts Galactic Warrior figure (1976), which was itself a re issue of the earlier Super Steel 22X Microman from Takara Toys. The comics character of Bug was created and greatly expanded upon by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden and first appeared in Micronauts issue 1.

    Major Story Arcs


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    Bug was a petty criminal who was thrown into the gladiator pits on the planet Homeworld as punishment for unspecified crimes. He aligned himself with the rebels later called the Micronauts, and has been a member of the team ever since. His presence made it easier to find allies on Kaliklak to fight the tyrant Baron Karza. He later entered a relationship with the human woman Marionette.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy

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    Bug recently was offered a position in the reformed Guardians of the Galaxy. Bug was upset that he was not asked to be on the first roster of the team, and always questioned why he wasn't. On his first mission, the Guardians faced off against the Badoon who were testing weapons on a peaceful planet. When the rest of the original team returned, they split up to try to convince the Inhumans and the Shi'ar to stop their War of Kings. Bug was sent to Hala, where he almost started a battle by insulting Queen Medusa (not necessarily an insult, but it was to her). Things got worse when Phyla took Crystal as a hostage against Starlord's orders.

    When they returned to Knowhere, they found themselves in between the Inhumans led by Black Bolt and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. During the battle, the Guardian's captive Starhawk escaped. Starhawk then transported Bug and several others to her timeline. Once there, Starhawk finally convinced them she was not an enemy and that Black Bolt would be the one to create the Fault, a massive rip in space-time that had consumed her time. With their time machine destroyed, the best way to prevent it was to send a message back in time for the others. They were successful, but in doing so allowed the Fault to destroy them. To their surprise, they were not dead but sent adrift in time. The effects of this cause Bug to become younger. After traveling through several alternate futures, they were rescued by Kang the Conqueror, who restored Bug and the others to their normal ages. He sent them back to their own past, just before Adam Warlock would become the Magus. Adam transformed anyway, and much of the team was killed in the process. It was soon revealed that no members had actually died and they were taken captive by the Magus.

    Thanos Imperative

    After the resurrection of Thanos and the invasion of the universe by the evil Lord Mar-Vell from the Cancerverse, Bug and the Guardians traveled to the Cancerverse to take on the threat head on. At the request of Arcturus Rann, Bug returned to the Microverse to assist Arcturus and become part of the Enigma Force, whose mission was to defeat Hiro Kala and return the planet K'ai to the Microverse.


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