Wolverine #20

    Wolverine » Wolverine #20 - Enemy Of The State, Part 1 released by Marvel on December 1, 2004.

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    The world’s deadliest living weapon just fell into the wrong hands. It’s Wolverine vs. the Marvel Universe in a blockbuster storyline that will have Logan shredding his way through the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Book one (of six) opens with the kidnapping of the young son of Ichiro, cousin of Lady Mariko Yashida. [Historical note: Mariko is half-sister of the Silver Samurai and cousin to Sunfire and Sunpyre.]

    Ichiro finds no aid from either his wealthy employer or the police. Out of options, he enlists the aid of Logan (born James Howlett, better known as Wolverine).

    Logan is uncomfortable being back in Japan, as it brings painful memories of the death of his betrothed, Mariko. [Wolverine, Vol. 2 #57.]

    At a Christian cemetery, Wolverine meets with the supposed kidnappers to exchange 10 million dollars for the young boy.

    However, Logan has walked into a trap and soon finds himself battling a horde of re-animated ninja. At the very moment when the boy’s location might be revealed, Logan (and the remaining kidnapper) are impaled by a sword at the hand of the Japanese assassin Gorgon.

    Cut to Nagasaki, Japan, one week later. Kitty Pride is at the home of Ichiro and his wife, trying to obtain the location of the missing Wolverine. No pertinent information is forthcoming. (This is a large waste of two pages of panels, as it does nothing to move the story along.)

    Minneapolis, Minnesota, one month later. Colonel Nick Fury and Elektra view the latest carnage at an unknown church, attempting to link it to the one or more of the terrorist groups (Hydra, the Yakuza, the Hand, etc.), when news of the discovery of Wolverine is announced.

    Fury asks for Elektra’s help in this matter, and she soon flys out to an unknown aircraft carrier in the South Atlantic Ocean. to assess the situation and interrogate Wolverine as to his whereabouts over the last month.

    Meanwhile, below decks, a nurse tends to Wolverine, but something seems wrong. Wolverine can think to do is kill her…a Hydra mission (at last revealed!)

    So he does.

    Lights go out, computer systems go offline.

    Wolverine is loose from sickbay!

    To be continued…



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