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    This is a list of comic book/manga characters in general who are very much dead or uncertain but suspected of dying and how they died from all universes.

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    Marvel Universe


    Adversary: Died in battle with Forge.

    Absalom: Life drained by Selene.

    Agamemnon: Rocket shot down.

    Aghanne: Died when exposed the power core by Colossus.

    Aguja: Burnt to death by Fuego thanks to Lady Mastermind's illusions.

    Ajak: Disintegrated himself and Damian out of guilt.

    Ajax II: Killed in battle with Deadpool.

    Aminedi: Succumbed to the Legacy Virus.

    Anarchist: Killed by assassins in X-Statix's final mission.

    Ancient One: Made Doctor Strange shut his brain down.

    Angar the Screamer: Gun downed by police during a robbery.

    Annalee: Killed by Scalphunter during the Mutant Massacre.

    Annihilus: Killed by Nova.

    Anetus: Torn to pieces by Magneto.

    Anti-Phoenix: Life consumed by Necrom.

    Ape: Killed at the Neverland concentration camps.

    Ape-Man: Killed by a bomb planted by the Spymaster.

    Apemensa: Killed by the God-Killer.

    Appa Ali Apsa: Killed by fellow Guardians after he went insane.

    Arabian Knight (Abdul Qamar): Randomly drained of all his life-force by Humus Sapien'.

    Ares: Ripped in half and disemboweled by Sentry.

    Ariel (Fallen Angels): Killed in a missile attack.

    Colonel John Armbruster: Realized that Major Talbot had a bomb in his body and dragged him into a pit which killed both of them.

    Aron The Rogue Watcher: Killed by Uatu the Guardian.

    Arthur Perry: killed two times by the same hand, Elektra, first as SHIELD agent, later after being rebuilt as a cyborg.

    Ashcroft: Eaten by Zombies.

    Michael Asher: Dropped from hundreds of feet in the air by U-Go Girl.

    Atenai: Killed by the God-Killer.


    Gailyn Bailey: Executed by the Shi'ar Death Commandos.

    Joey Bailey: Died along with his sister.

    Barbara Ketch: Killed in hospital bed by Blackout.

    Bryson Bale: Fell out of a building along with Malcolm Reeves.

    Bantam (Robert Velasquez): Killed when Thunderclap accidentally knocked him into a gas tank causing it to explode.

    Banshee: Killed by Vulcan when he rammed the stolen Blackbird into a plane.

    Barrage: Killed during a battle with Madelyne Pryor.

    Baron Blood: Decapitated by Captain America.

    Baron Heinrich Zemo: Crushed by a landslide during a fight with Captain America.

    Basilisk (Basil Elks): Killed by Scourge of the Underworld.

    Basilisk (Special class): Killed by Xorn / Magneto.

    Battering Ram: Died during the Boys 'r' Us Massacre.

    Bedlam I: Vindicator blew his head off.

    Jesse Bedlam: One of the victims of the Church Of Humanity.

    Beef: Thrown through the window of a penthouse and crashed to the street below.

    Beetroot: Died of the Warpies virus.

    Bela: Tortured to death by the Marshal.

    Raymonde Belmonde: Life removed by Deadly Ernest.

    Michael Berengetti: Killed by the android Frost.

    Berzerker: Accidentally killed by Cyclops.

    Bette: Killed when the Church Of Humanity invaded her brothel.

    Bevatron: Drained of his life energy by Trevor Fitzroy.

    Big Man: Sacrificed himself to save J.J. Jameson.

    Bird-Man: Murdered by the Scourge of the Underworld.

    Birdy: Killed by Graydon Creed to spite his father, Sabretooth.

    Black Bishop I (Harold Leland): Heart gave out while battling Nimrod.

    Black Box: Ripped up by Sabretooth.

    Black King III: Killed by his Black Queen when London was gripped by madness.

    Blackout: Died of a brain hemorrhage.

    Black Rook I: Incinerated by Nimrod.

    Black Swan: Killed by Agent X.

    Carter Blaire: Died as his body was possessed and disintegrated by Dust.

    Siena Blaze: Died in the gas chambers of the Neverland Facility.

    Blindside: Incinerated by Storm's lightning.

    Blizzard: Killed by Amo Stark.

    Blockade: Aentaros the Undying possessed him and, when he was done, snapped his neck.

    Bloke: Died protecting Diego Ardilles from helicopter fire.

    Bloodhawk: Gave his life to save Thor.

    Ulysses Bloodstone: Died when a Conspiracy member removed the Bloodgem from his chest.

    Inky Blott: Life consumed by Necrom.

    Blow-Hard: Shot by a local gang in New York.

    Bluebird: Killed in an automobile accident.

    Julien Boudreaux: Killed by his father Marius.

    Marius Boudreaux: Heart gave out.

    Box (Roger Bochs): Lobotomized by Lionel Jeffries after merging with him to become Omega.

    Box (Jerome K. Jaxon): Killed by neural feedback when the Box robot was destroyed.

    Lucas Brand: Killed by Doctor Sun

    Nathaniel Briggs: Vulcan used his powers to burn him to death.

    Brightwind: Dani Moonstar's trusted horse was killed by Reignfire.

    Kaptian Briton: Psi-blasted by Psylocke.

    Brutacus: Killed in an explosion of magical energy created by the Scarlet Witch.

    Brute II: Shot in the head by Cable.

    Bulk: Succumb to radiation poisoning while helping the New Mutants against the High Evolutionary.

    Bulwark: Died in the gas chambers at the Neverland Facility.

    The Burglar: Died of a heart attack after finding out Spider-Man's true identity.

    Burke: Terminated by Bishop, Randall, and Malcom.

    Burke (William): Legacy Virus


    Caliban: Killed saving Warpath from a Reaver.

    Caledonia: Killed by Jaime Braddock.

    Calypso: Killed by Alyosha Kravinoff.

    Candra: Heart gem destroyed by Cyclops.

    Captain Mar-Vell: Died of cancer

    Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell): Killed by Zemo so that he would not destroy the universe.

    Captain Universe (Monty Walsh): Murdered by The Uni-Power for attempting to use his abilities to take over The Maggia.

    Captain Universe (Gabriel Vargas): Murdered by a tech-infected Blastaar shortly after he lost The Uni-Power.

    Captain Universe of Earth-Law Enforcement Squad: One of his M-Bodies was destroyed by an evil version of Frankie Raye. (Ressurrected Himself)

    Carnivore (Dick Chalker): Hit by a truck.

    Carrion (Miles Warren): Died in a fire

    Cat-Man: Killed when a bomb planted by Spymaster went off.

    Catseye: Drain of her life energy by Trevor Fitzroy.

    Cell: Executed by a Sentinel.

    Cerebro: Dispersed after a psychic encounter with Charles Xavier.

    Vic Chalker: Electrocuted by his own suit due to a mis-wiring.

    Champions of Xandar: Killed by Nebula when she wiped out the entire population.

    Chang: Drained of his blood and trapped in a collapsing building.

    Changeling: Killed by Grotesk.

    Chaos: Ceased to exist when Cerebro reabsorbed him.

    Chicken Wings: Killed by Sabretooth.

    Chrome: Died on during Asteroid M's fall from orbit, crashing to earth

    General Clarke: Died due to the massive exposure of radiation at the Department H's reactor.

    Clive: Run down by Malcolm Reeves,life then drained by Bela.

    Elijah Cross: Exploded thanks to Quicksilver'sre-mutation process.

    Coach: Shot in the during a struggle by U-Go-Girl.

    Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts): Died in a nuclear implosion while trying to kill his slaver, Egghead

    Cobalt Man (Ted Roberts): Died when Nitro exploded at Stamford.

    Coldheart: Died when Nitro exploded at Stamford.

    Comet: Died in battle against Nebula.

    Concussion: Killed by the cyborg assassin Firfox.

    Conscience (Stephen Lang): Rode a ship carrying a deadly virus into orbit, committing suicide to disperse it safely.

    Conquistador: Torn to pieces by zombies

    Copycat: Killed by Sabretooth.

    Archibald Corrigan: Killed at the Princess Bar in an attempt to frame Wolverine


    Corkscrew: Judged to be unfit for duty and killed by Doop.

    Cornelius: Shot in the head by Maverick.

    Corsair: Killed by Vulcan.

    Anne-Marie Cortez : Killed when Asteroid M crashed to earth.

    Fabian Cortez: Smashed into the ground at 11 times the speed of sound by Magneto.

    Cosmo: Vulcan killed him during his attack on the Shi'ar.

    Graydon Creed: Killed by his mother Mystique.

    Crucible: Swallowed alongside Ayesha and Tam Anderson into a black hole.

    Crule: Life energy drained by Selene.

    Crux: Ceases to exist when Cerebro reabsorbed her.

    Esme Cuckoo: Killed by Xorn

    Sophie Cuckoo: Killed by Esme's psychic influence

    Cybelle: Executed by one of Harpoons spears.


    Emmanuel DaCosta: poisoned by his assistant Eve, under the direction of Gideon.

    Dai Kumo: Killed by Reiko's sword.

    Daniel Kingsley: Killed by Phil Urich.

    Daria: Self destructed.

    Dark Mother: Assassinated by the Marauders.

    Darkstar: Possessed by Weapon XII and killed by Fantomex.

    Dead Girl: Died in X-Statix's final mission. (is Active but dead)

    Dead Bolt: Decapitated by a feral Wolverine.

    Deadly Ernest: Vivisected by Puck using Nemesis' blade.

    Deathcry: Killed by friendly-fire from Captain Universe.

    Decay: Overdosed on the powers he absorbed from the High Evolutionary, and ruptured and exploded.

    Walter Declun: Killed by Wolverine.

    Harry Delgado: Died on Asteroid M's crash to earth.

    Deluge: Overloaded on Cyclops' optic blast.

    Demogoblin: Crushed to death by a building while saving a kid.

    Destiny (Irene Adler): Killed by Legion.

    Jean DeWolff: Shot by her husband the Sin-Eater.

    D'Gard: Killed by Marrow.

    Diamond Lil: Killed by Mortis

    Digitek: Committed suicide after being apprehended by SHIELD.

    Dinar Soar: Killed by Maelstrom.

    Dirtnap: Exploded when he tried to assimilate M-Plate.

    Divebomber: Killed by Havok.

    DJ: Died in Strykers missile attack.

    Doctor Daniel Damian: Disintegrated by Ajak.

    Doctor Druid: Killed by Hellstorm.

    Doctor Killbrew: Killed by Ajax.

    Doctor Sun: Killed by H.E.R.B.I.E.

    Doctor Synne: Could not handle the energies Mastermind was feeding him after losing his connection to the computer.

    Jonathan Drew: Killed by his employers.

    Patience Drew: Skeleton found by Namor.

    Dragon-Lord: Recently killed by the K.I.A.

    Dryad: Died in Strykers missile attack.

    D'Von Kray: Decapitated by Wolverine after a tek-blast from Cable.


    Egghead: Gun misfired, killing himself.

    El Guapo: Impaled on his own skateboard due to curse of Henrietta's song.

    Mariah Ellenthorpe: Accidentally killed by X-Cutioner.

    Enchantress: Died when Ragnarok finally came.

    Enforcer: Shot and killed by The Scourge of the Underworld.

    Erik the Red: Fried by Adam X powers.

    Executioner: Killed in conflict with the Phoenix.

    Executioner (Skurge): Died guarding the escape of Thor's forces.

    Externals: All drained of their life energies by Selene.

    Eyebeam: Killed by Bishop, Malcolm, and Randall after travelling to the present.


    Fagin: Torn to shreds by Vivisector.

    Fan Boy: Stabbed through the heart by Lacuna at the request of Orphan.

    Fang IV: Killed in combat with Cerise.

    Fang V: Killed by Vulcan.

    Fenris (Andrea): Stabbed by Helmut Zemo.

    Feral: Gutted by Sabretooth.

    Trevor Fitzroy: Cut in half when his portal closed on him.

    Forearm: Died during the Bloodsport Tournament.

    Foxbat: Hunted down and killed by the Dark Riders.

    Francis Castle Jr.: Murdered by the Mafia.

    Freakout: Impaled on spikes by Bedlam the Living Brain Blast.

    Spike Freeman: Killed by Guy Smith.

    Delilah Fremont: Decapitated by Psylocke.

    Sharon Friedlander: Killed by the Acolytes.

    Nigel Frobisher: Stabbed by Sat-yr-9.

    Frog-Man: Died when a bomb planted by Spymaster went off.

    Fuego: Died when Iceman froze him.


    Gardener: Died in battle with Thanos.

    Dan Garrett: Died while foiling Jarvis' plans, resurrected by the Scarab but chose the final death.

    Jeffrey Garrett: Died when Xorn destroyed the mansion, returned as ghost, disappeared after M-Day.

    Gemini: Killed by Maggia decoys.

    Genegineer David Moreau: Killed when Cameron Hodge broke his neck.

    Genesis: Killed by Wolverine.

    Germaine: Killed by a mobster.

    Gideon: Life drained by Selene.

    Gilded Lily: Alchemical discorporation.

    Ginniyeh: All the moisture drained from her body by Iceman.

    Heather Glenn: Committed Suicide after Matt Murdock broke up with her.

    Glow Worm: Died helping the New Mutants against the High Evolutionary.

    Godkiller (Super-Skrull): Crushed under New Asgard by Thor and Beta Ray Bill.

    Goldbug: Shot and killed by the Punisher.

    Golden Archer (aka Black Archer): Died in battle with Blue Eagle.

    Goliath (Bill Foster): Killed by the Thor clone.

    Goth: Overloaded on energy by Rogue, using Gambit's power.

    Grand Director: Committed Suicide.

    Grasshopper: Killed by Zaran.

    Grasshopper II: Jumped into space, died as he did not have a space suit to survive the conditions.

    Grasshopper III: Killed by Deadpool.

    Green Ghost: Discorporated while attempting to bond herself with Gambit.

    Gremlin: Killed in battle with Iron Man.

    Gremlin: Killed in a battle with Vision

    Grey King: Ceased to exist when Cerebro reabsorbed him.

    John Grey: Killed by Shiar Death Squad.

    Elaine Grey: Killed by Shiar Death Squad.

    Sarah Grey-Bailey: Assimilated by the Phalanx.

    Jean's Latest Death
    Jean's Latest Death

    Jean Grey: Died when Xorn / Magneto transfers large amount of electro-magnetic energy to her brain.

    Greystone: Died in the explosion of a slipshod time machine.

    Griffin: Saved from the wrath of a river by his friend Bart, who he then apologised to just before he died.

    Grizzly (Theodore Winchester) : Domino was forced to kill him when he was controlled by Genesis.

    G-Type: Dissipated by Xorn's power.


    Happy Hogan: Died when Tony pulled his life support at his wife's urging.

    Hardaway: Killed by Locus when she phased half his body into a tree.

    Harddrive: Killed in a battle with Madelyne Pryor.

    Agatha Harkness: Murdered by Scarlet Witch.

    Harvest: Caught in Blink's blink wave.

    Louise Hastings: Killed by Morbius.

    Haven: Torn apart as her long gestating fetus the Adversary birthed himself.

    Hawd Boiled Henwy: Self-combustion and explosion.

    Healer: Died when he used all of his powers to save Callisto burning him and his powers out.

    Hemingway: Killed by an angry and vengeful Agent Zero.

    Carol Hines: Killed by Aldo Ferro.

    Helmut: Terminated by Wolverine and Cyclops.

    Hobgoblin (Imperial Guard member): Died in assassination attempt while impersonating the Majestrix.

    Hobgoblin III (Ned Leeds): Shot by the Foreigner's mercenaries.

    Hobgoblin IV (Jason Macendale): Killed by the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley.

    Cameron Hodge: Died when the X-men killed the Phalanx.

    Dennis Hogan: Beaten to death by anti-mutant college students.

    Hornet: Killed by a brainwashed Wolverine.

    Henrietta Hunter: Beaten to death by Mister Code.

    Human Torch (Jim Hammond): Systems overloaded and detonated.

    Hurricane (Dark Riders): Died in an adamantium spike explosion.

    Hydro: Drowned when his powers were forcibly removed


    Icarus: Killed by Stryker.

    Impulse (Imperial Guard): Killed by Vulcan.

    Infectia: Legacy Virus.

    Interloper: Sacrificed his life to destroy the Dragon of the Moon.

    Iron Curtain: killed by the cyborg assassin Foxfire.


    Jackdaw: Executed by the Fury.

    Jack Frost: Killed by Arno Stark.

    Jack O' Lantern: Killed by Punisher.

    Jack of Hearts: Committed suicide by causing himself to explode, taking out the man who kidnapped Scott Lang's daughter.

    Jaeger: Impaled on Cecilia Reyes force field spikes.

    Janus: Bedlam forced both twins to kill each other.

    Jarella: Crushed by debris saving a young boy.

    Javitz: Life drained from him by Holocaust.

    Jazz: Choked to death with the help of Johnny Dee's power.

    Jennifer Kale: Turned by a Zombie then killed by what seems to be Man-Thing.

    Jenskot: Killed when a bomb set by Stryfe went off.

    Jester: Killed by Punisher.

    Jetstream: Life energy drained from him by Trevor Fitzroy.

    Joseph: Lost physical cohesion while communing with the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Jumbo Carnation: Unwillingly overdosed on Kick.


    Kamikaze: Accidentally decapitated by Archangels metal wings.

    Kane: Died the Underground against Weapon X.

    Robert Kelly: Assassinated by anti-mutant activist.

    Eric Kleinstock: Shotgun blast to chest by Tom Corsi.

    Koryak: Killed when Atlantis was destroyed.

    Kraven the Hunter: Shot himself in the head after finally defeating Spider-Man since his goal in life had been achieved.

    Kroger: Passed backwards through Fitzroy's one-way portal, obliterating himself.


    La Bandera: Killed by Zeitgeist, the Everyman.

    La Nuit: Killed during the BOYS'R'US massacre.

    Landside: Ceased to exits when Cerebro reabsorbed him.

    Lisa Castle: Murdered by the Mafia.

    Stephan Lang: Died when Phalanx broke down.

    Mei-Ling Lao: Incinerated by Thunderbird III.

    General Lazer: Neck snapped by Johnny Dee using his voodoo doll powers.

    Henri LeBeau: Killed by assassins crossbow bolt.

    Gordon Lefferts: First victim of Legacy Virus.

    Left-Winger: Committed suicide.

    Legion (Thug): Future self killed by the Fury, causing his lifeline to end.

    Tom Lennox: Shot and killed by Mad Jim Jasper's storm troopers.

    Alexander Lexington: Brain devoured and merged with the nano-sentinels.

    Lifeforce (Dark Riders): Died in an adamantium spike explosion.

    Lightning Bug: Psychic consciousness dissipated after the Mutant Massacre.

    Living Diamond: Frozen into a diamond state and then shattered.

    Locus: Assassinated by Sabretooth.

    Loki: Killed by the Void

    Lucifer: Assassinated by members of his own race.

    Jorge Lucas: Name appears on tombstone after Strykers attack.

    Luminesca: Killed when she was unable to change the chemical structure of the toxic gas emitted by Plague.


    Maria Castle: Murdered by the Mafia.

    Moira MacTaggert: Murdered by Mystique.

    Madam Drache: Killed when the Church of Humanity invaded her brothel.

    Maelstrom: Tricked into killing himself by Mr. Immortal.

    Maggot: Died in the death chambers at the Neverland facility.

    Major Mapleleaf: Died in combat with the Collective.

    Malachi Hark: Nero ambushes him and kills him with lightning.

    Malice: Psychic essence discorporated by Sinister.

    Malcolm: Died protecting Bishop during the fight with the Lifers.

    Mammoth: Killed by Cassandra Nova, in possession of Xavier's body.


    Mammomax: Used as a test subject for the Facility's new project, the project consumed him.

    Madmen: They were gun downed by Crimson Avenger, Vigilante, and Wild Dog.

    Tran Manh: Absorbed by his twin, Karma through their shared power link.

    Magner: Killed by the God-Killer.

    Cylla Markham (Skullbuster II): Drained of her life by Bloodscream.

    Marshal: Killed in an exposure to Asher's combustable blood.

    Master of the World: Stabbed through the heart by Warbird.

    Mastermind: Legacy Virus.

    Mastodon: Age suppression wore off.

    Maverick (aka Bolt): Died in an explosion while working undercover with Gene Nation

    Meltdown: Nuclear Explosion.

    Meme: Jean Grey turned off his mind.

    Mentac: Killed by the cyborg assassin Foxfire.

    Mentallo: Killed by Martian Manhunter's eye beams.

    Mercury: Ceased to exist when Cerebro reabsorbed him.

    Microbe: Caught in Nirto's explosion.

    Miek: Killed by both No-Name and Hulk.

    Milan: Life drained by Holocaust.

    Mindworm: Killed by a street gang.

    Mirrorshade: Damaged his energy harness when trying to mimic Madrox.

    Miss America: Died giving birth to her child.

    Mister M: Murdered by Johnny Dee, apparently evolved after death.

    Mole: Killed by Sabretooth.


    Moondragon: Killed in battle with Ultron and the Phalanx.

    Mondo: Killed by Bastion.

    Monkey Joe: Killed by Leather Boy.

    Mother Inferior: Trapped under falling debris.

    Mutant Master: Committed suicide when he failed his mission.

    MVP: Killed by a wild blast fired from Armory's cannon.


    Naomi Kale: Killed in a battle with Mephisto

    N'astirh: overloaded on Storms lightning bolts and exploded.

    Native: Killed by Sabretooh in spite of Logan.

    Naze: Destroyed and consumed by a Dire Wraith.

    Necrom: Overdosed on Phoenix powers.

    Lilandra Neramani: Assassinated by Shi'ar impersonator

    Network (Sarah Vale): Killed in Strykers missile attack.

    Neutron (Imperial guard): Killed by Vulcan.

    New Sun: Impaled on a statue.

    Nicodemus: Legacy Virus.


    Nightcrawler - Impaled by Bastion while protecting Hope, the Messiah.

    NightHawk: Killed by Matilda Dunney Roderic latest incarnation of Hath-Set.

    Nightshade: Killed in attack on Ronan an Crystals wedding

    Night Thrasher: Killed by Nitro in the explosion at Stamford.

    Number One Fan: By way of his own razor sharp hand.


    Omega Red: Killed by Wolverine with the Muramasa Blade.

    Onyxx: Killed by Wither during Necrosha.

    Orka: Shot by a Doombot through the chest.

    Orphan: X-Statix's final mission.

    Orwell: Killed by Hoffman.

    Oxo: Fury eviscerated him.


    Karen Page: Killed by Bullseye.

    Ben Parker: Killed by a burgler.

    Pathfinder: killed when he started a fight with Wolverine.

    Peepers: Killed and Eaten by Predator X.

    Pestilence: Knocked off flying steed by Julie Power and died upon impact.

    Petra: Incinerated by one of Krakoa's rocky avatars.

    Nemesio Petri: Killed by the Worm in the underneath Mutant Town. Phat: Fell onto a bomb to save his team-mates.

    Gordon Phillips: Neck snapped by Sabretooth.

    Piecemeal: Chose to end his own life after bonding with Proteus.

    Pig: Mind-controlled by Gambit using a special gas, forced to fall to his death.

    Piper: Killed in the Mutant Massacre.

    Pixie: Killed by Blackout.

    Plasma: Killed in subway explosion.

    Plazm: killed in Boys R US massacre.

    Plunderer: Shot and Killed by Punisher.

    Post: Killed by Pyro to save Senator Kelly.

    Professor: killed by Silver Fox.

    Paulie Provenzano: Died in the Gas Chambers at Neverland

    Prudence: Immolated by Steinbeck's flame power.

    Carmen Pryde: Died in the assault on Genosha.

    Madelyne Pryor: Killed by Jean Grey.

    Psynapse: Vaporized by a backlash of X-Man's powers.

    Puck (Zuzha Yu): Died in combat with the Collective.

    Hank Pym: Earth-1610. Killed by Madrox suicide bombers during Ultimatum.

    Pyro: Legacy Virus.


    Qua: Died from the virus released by Nero.

    Quasar: Killed by Annihilus.

    Quiet Bill: Murdered by Riptide.

    Quill: Murdered by one of Strykers followers.


    Rabbit: Murdered by Reignfire.

    Randall: Died protecting Bishop during the fight with the Lifers.

    Rapture: Ceased to exist when Cerebro reabsorbed her.

    Rax: Torn apart by Magneto's powers.

    Redwing: Erased from history.

    Malcolm Reeves: Tumbled out of a high building along with Bryson Bale.

    Malon Reeves: Impaled on Spikes extentions.

    Reignfire: Vaporized inside a Celestial golem.

    Reiko: Gutted herself in disgrace for unwittingly betraying Logan.

    Rem Ram: Massice Sentinel attack on Genosha.

    Revanche: Mercy killed by Matsu'o as she entered the final stages of the Legacy Virus.

    Revelation: Killed by failsafe droids designed to prevent her deadly power from spreading.

    Reverb: Speared by one of the bone-knives Storm threw.

    Rex: Killed by Dark Beast.

    Ricochet: Killed in a ricochet off of Sinister's body.

    Risque: Killed while investigating Sublime.

    Franklin Rhodes: Drew fire from D'Von Kray and was hit multiple times.

    Cody Robbins: Taken off life support by Candra and the Assassins Guild.

    Courtney Ross: Incinerated by her counterpart Sat-yr-nin.

    Roulette: Drained of her life energy by Trevor Fitzroy.

    Maeve Rourke: Killed in IRA bombing.

    Rubbermaid: Killed in Strykers missile attack.

    Rusty Collins: Obliterated during Holocaust's attack on Asteroid M.


    Sabretooth: Decapitated by Wolverine.

    Saint Anna: Killed by hail of gunfire.

    Salvo: Torn apart by Magneto's powers.

    Samson: Killed by Sabretooth during the Mutant Massacre.

    Sangre: Shot with thermite bullets by Mystique.

    Sasquatch (Not Walter): Dissolved by a flesh eating organism.

    Sat'neen: Shot down by Necroms magic.

    Saul: Drained of his life energy by Selene.

    Scaleface: Shot by cops.

    Scarlet Spider: Killed by the Green Goblin.

    Scramble: Put down by his brother Madison Jeffries.

    Scrambler: Eviscerated by X-23.

    Selene: Stabbed in the chest by Warpath with the Ritual Knife.

    Sentry: Killed by Thor to end the Siege of Asgard.

    Senyaka: Decapitated by Wolverine in the final battle of Necrosha.

    Serpentina: Junkpile crushed her head into concrete.

    Shadow X-Angel: Killed by one of Albions captains.

    Shadow X-Beast: Stabbed by Sage.

    Shadow X-Cyclops: Decapitated by Sage.

    Shadow X-Xavier: Stabbed by Lionheart.

    Senyaka: Died when the Sentinels attacked Genosha, later revealed to be alive.

    Sidestep: Disposed of by Doctor Doom for failing him.

    Sin-Eater: Shot by cops.

    Siege: Biten by a zombie and turned,then once his robotic system realizes what happened it blows his head up

    Silver Fox
    Silver Fox

    Silver Fox: Killed by Sabretooth while hunting Aldo Ferro.

    Sinsear: Sacrificed himself to prevent the TDC from destroying all of time.

    Skin: Crucified on the X-men's lawn by the Church of Humanity.

    Hamilton Slade: Beheaded by his brother Fredrick.

    Margret Slade: Murdered by her vampiric son Hamilton.

    Slaymaster: Head smashed in by Captain Britain.

    Sluk: Died in a covert ops mission.

    Slyde: Killed by Underworld.

    Smart Alec: Stepped on.

    Smasher: Killed by Vulcan.

    Smoke: Sliced in two

    Sophie Pettit: Died in a car crash while fleeing from Bishop with Hope Summers and Cable. He could only save one and chose Hope.

    Candy Southern: Executed by Cameron Hodge.

    Speedfreek: Died in Nitro's explosion at Stamford.

    Spike: Killed by a Bush Ranger on a space station.

    Spitball: Crushed by a falling wall.

    Spymaster I: Given an intangibility device by the Ghost who then removed it while he was phasing through a wall, killing him instantly.

    Spyne: Dismembered by Wolverine.

    Squidboy: Crushed and mutilated by Black Tom Cassidy.

    Gwen Stacy: Thrown from building by Green Goblin, but the force of her falling and and abrupt catch by Spider-Man broke her neck.

    Cosmo Stephanapoulus: Accidentally killed by her employer X-Cutioner.

    Stilt-Man: Killed by Punisher.

    Stonewall: Killed by Donald Pierce.

    Umbridge Shot
    Umbridge Shot

    Strator Umbridge: Shot by Tetherblood when found she was confederate with the New Canaanites.

    Stryfe : Sacrificed himself to destroy Le Bete Noir.

    Styglut: Killed in combat by Bishop.

    Reverend Stryker: Killed by Elixir's organic power.

    Alysande Stuart: Killed by Jamie Braddocks power.

    Stylles: Killed by Bishop, Randal and Malcom.

    Sub-Commander Blake: Thrown out of a Helicopter in the Zombieverse.

    Succubus: Shot and killed.

    Sugar Man: Skewered on a pole by Callisto.

    Sumo: Headshot by Cable.

    Sunder: Killed by Pretty Boy on Muir Island. Sunpyre : Murdered by Mystique and the renegade X-Corps members.

    Supreme Intelligence: Killed by Ronan the Accuser.

    Sway: Cut into pieces by one of Krakoa's avatars.

    Synch: Died in a bomb explosion.


    Tag: Died in Strykers missile attack.

    Glen Talbot: Killed when the War Wagon crashes in Japan.

    Tamara: Killed by Faust

    Tanaraq: Heart ripped out by Snowbird.

    Tar Baby: Died in the gas chambers at the Neverland Facility.

    Tattoo: Decayed by the Zodiac's Cancer.

    Temptress: Slashed open by Wolverine.

    Tension: Incinerated by Havok's plasma blast.

    Douglas Thompson: Died of a plague released by Pestilence.

    Thunderbird: Died on an exploding plane trying to stop Nefaria's escape.

    Thunderstrike: Died fighting the Bloodaxe.

    Titan (Imperial Guard): Killed by Vulcan.

    Tommy (Morlocks): Killed by the Marauders before the Mutant Massacre.

    Tower: Assassinated by X-Cutioner.

    Trader: Took a bullet for Electric Eve.

    Bolivar Trask: Died trying to stop the Sentinels and the Mastermold.

    Donald Trask: Assimilated and destroyed by Cassandra Nova.

    Larry Trask: Crushed by a falling Sentinel.

    Trickster: Shot by Deadshot.

    Typeface: Killed when Venom (Mac Gargan) slammed him into a bus.


    Ugly John: Executed by Cyclops.

    U-Go Girl: Impaled on a spike battling the Bush Rangers. Unus: Force field overwhelmed and asphyxiated him.


    Vargas: Assassinated by the Marauders.

    Tina Valentino: Killed by Sluggo.

    Veil: Pyro charred her.

    Venus Dee Milo: Killed in X-statix's final mission.

    Vessel: Killed by a very angry and vengeful Agent Zero.

    Vivisector: Killed in X-statix's final mission.

    Vulture: Killed by the Punisher.


    Wallflower: Assassinated by a sniper employed by Reverend Stryker.

    War: Assassinated by Ozymandias.

    Washout: Died helping the Underground against the Weapon X Program, overexerting his powers and subsequently dehydrating his body.

    Wasp: Mercy killed by Thor when the Skrull impersonating Yellowjacket turned her into a human bomb.

    Wasp: Janet van Dyne (Earth-1610) Killed during initial attack on New York during Ultimatum. Her body was later shown in the hands of the Blob. It is not known if he killed her himself or was simply eating her remains.

    Weapon XII: Fantomex triggered his auto destruct.

    Weapon XIII: Sacrificed himself in order to prevent a bomb from killing people.

    Weapon XV: Space station explosion.

    Whiphand: Neck snapped by Wolverine.

    White King (Previous): Neck snapped by Sebastian Shaw.

    White Queen (Previous): Shot by the White King who was under Emma Frost's control.

    White Queen ( Adrienne Frost): Shot and killed by her sister Emma Frost.

    White Rook: Poisoned by an associate of Gideon's.

    Whizzer: Died fighting Isbisa.

    Jim Wilson: Died of AIDS.

    Wild Child: Thrown into a pool of lava by Omega Red.

    Wing: Coaxed into a suicidal jump by Danger.

    Wipeout: Killed by Cameron Hodge to frame Havok.


    Wither: Turned to dust by Elixir.

    Witness: Murdered by Scalphunter.

    Worm: Shot by Ismael Ortega.

    Kathryn Worthington: Slowly poisoned by her brother-in-law and a mutant hating doctor over time.

    Warren Worthington Jr: Killed by his own brother Burtram Worthington.

    John Wraith: Gutted by Sabretooth.

    Rose Wu: Killed by a henchman of Prince Baran.


    X: Killed when he came into contact with Asher's combustible blood.

    Shen Xorn: Beheaded by Wolverine.


    Mariko Yashida: Poisoned and killed by Wolverine so that she wouldn't suffer.

    Shingen Yashida: Killed in combat by Wolverine.

    Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara): Killed by a mind-controlled Iron Man.

    Yidrazil: Decapitated by Kiwi Black.

    Yukio: Killed by the demon possessing Wolverine's body.


    Zsaji: Died when she used all her powers to save Colossus.

    Zenith: Overloaded on Binary's powers.

    Zero: Died in the explosion and lava collapse of Stryfe's base.

    Zealot: Sent into space by Magneto.

    Zeek: Shot by Harpoon.

    Zeitgeist: Died in the BOYS R US massacre.

    Zaladane: Killed by Magneto in the Savage Land.

    DC Comics


    Abattoir: Fell into a vat of molten metal, while on the run.

    Abin Sur: Died when his ship crash landed on Earth.

    Adara: Committed suicide after learning she could not be a Green Lantern ever again.

    Agent "!": Killed by government agents led by John Dandy, finally finding element of surprise

    Agent Liberty: Killed by Superwoman using her heat vision

    Alias the Blur: Destroyed by John Dandy

    Alura: Incinerated by Reactron

    Amazing-Man (Will Everett III): Killed by The Mist.

    Amos Fortune: Killed by a widow of the Royal Flush Gang

    Antaeus: Let his damaged nuclear reactor explode.

    Anima: Killed by Prometheus

    Mark Antaeus: Went suicidal when he fails his mission.

    Anthro: Natural Causes

    Aquagirl (Tula): Drowned in water that was poisoned by Chemo.

    Ares: Killed by Wonder Woman. Splitting his head in two with an axe.

    Anti Monitor: Killed by Superman Prime.

    Atom (Al Pratt): Killed by Extant.

    Atom ( Ryan Choi): Assassinated by Deathstroke for hire.

    Ayesha: Swallowed into a black hole grenade.

    Azrael: Shot to death by Nick Scratch and Carlton LeHah.

    Azraeuz: Killed by Black Adam.

    Aztek: Sacrificed himself so Superman could destroy Mageddon/ Tezcatlipoca.


    Baby Wildebeest: Superboy-Prime fired heat vision blasts at his torso, ripping him in half.

    Ballistic: Incinerated by Superboy Prime.

    Baron Blitzkrieg (Reiter): Head burnt off by Superboy Prime.

    Battalion: Erased from history.

    Bekka: Killed by the Infinity Man while in her home.

    Big Sir: Killed on a mission for the Suicide Squad, Devoured by flesh eating ants

    Bizarro: Punched by Superman until he became a powdery mist.

    Black Bison: Killed in battle with the Spectre.

    Black Condor II: Killed by a energy beam fired by Sinestro.

    Black Mask: Shot in the head by Catwoman

    Black Orchid (Susan Linden-Thorne): Killed in an explosion

    Black Orchid (Flora Black): Killed by Suzy Black

    Bloodsport I: Shot by his prison guards.

    Bloodsport II: His murder (in his prison cell) was arranged by the Brotherhood.

    Bloody Mary: Killed by Infinity Man

    Bombshell: Killed by Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain).

    Bolt (Larry Bolatinsky): Killed by his son Dreadbolt, who used his own teleporting device to teleport him into a brick wall

    The Brain: Used to beat Monsier Mallah with, and when glass shattered died.

    Breach: Containment suit ruptured by Superboy Prime causing him to explode.

    Breathtaker: Torn to shreds by a mind controlled by Dr. Psycho.

    Brick: Smashed with a wrecking ball by Cupid

    Brickbat: Died when a warehouse collapsed on him.

    Brother Blood: Each killed at 100 years of age by their sons who were then drenched in their father's blood.

    Brother Blood IX: Sebastian was killed by the eight deceased Brother Blood's summoned by Kid Eternity.

    Bushido: Body blasted in half by Superboy Prime.

    B'wana Beast: Killed while possessed by the Antagonist.

    Bzzd's Sacrifice
    Bzzd's Sacrifice

    Bzzd: Died in service to the Green Lantern Corps, he was the final straw in defeating Mongul


    Captain Storm: Sacrificed his life to save the PT-47.

    Catalyst: Fell off a cliff and eaten by piranha's.

    Cinnamon: Killed by Matilda Dunney Roderic latest incarnation of Hath-Set

    Charaxes ( Killer Moth): Ripped in half by Superboy Prime.

    Chaselon: Killed by Bedovian in the Sinestro Corps attack on Oa. Cheetah (Priscilla Rich): Killed by Barbara Ann Minerva.

    Cheetah ( Sebastian Ballesteros): Killed by Barbara Minerva so that she could regain her Cheetah form.

    Ch'p: Run over by a yellow truck.

    Clock King: Died alongside Big Sir.

    Arkkis Chummuck: Energy of the Green Lantern Power Rings ripped him apart.

    Commander Steel: Died when he detonated the Sunburst 300, which was meant to kill Eclipso.

    Conduit: Killed himself when he overloaded himself with Kryptonite, burning himself to a crisp.

    Crimson Fox (Constance D'Aramis): Killed by the Mist.

    Crimson Fox ( Vivian D'Aramis): Killed by the Puanteur.

    Arthur Curry Jr: Suffocated by Black Manta.


    Dagan : Slowly tortured to death.

    Dagon: Erased from history.

    Darkstars (Mssrs. Ferrin Colos, Chaser Bron & Munchuk): Siphoned a considerable amount of energy from Starbreaker, but their suits couldn't stand the power and ruptured disintegrating all of them.

    Death Mayhew: Gunned down by Janos Prohaska.

    Dee Tyler: Impaled on Deathstroke's sword.

    Dee Tyler's death
    Dee Tyler's death

    Demolition Team: Most of the team killed by OMAC's.

    Desaad: Killed by Piper's high tuned frequency in his flute, causing his head to explode.

    Mark Desmond: Died battling Darkseid's Brimstone.

    Alexandra DeWitt: Strangled by Major Forceand stuffed into a refrigerator.

    Sue Dibny: Killed by Jean Loring.

    Matilda Dunney: Lost her life in a final showdown with Kate Manser.

    Doctor Fang: Killed by Night-Slayer, who used a revolver to commit this act.

    Doctor Light: Killed by Spectre.

    Doctor Midnight: Killed by Eclipso.

    Doctor David Moreau: Killed by Cameron Hodge.

    Doctor Polaris: Ripped to shreds when he was hit point-blank by the explosion created by Human Bomb.

    Dove: Killed by a Shadow Demon who instantly vaporised him during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Jack Drake: Stabbed in the heart by Captain Boomerang.

    Duela Dent: Shot and killed by one of the new Monitors.


    Effigy: "Burned" by Spectre.

    Elongated Man: Killed by Neron, which in effect traps both Neron and Faust in the tower.


    Fastball: Killed by an OMAC

    Ferro: Stabbed by one of the Warwolves.

    Ferro Lad: Sacrificed his life to save the Galaxy, by detonating an Absorbatron bomb that killed himself.

    Fever: Shotgun to the head.

    Fiddler: Executed by Deadshot because he was deemed incompetent by Mockingbird ( Lex Luthor).

    Firefly: Burnt to death by one of the OMAC's.

    Amos Fortune: Killed by Stargirl thanks to her Cosmic Rod's energy

    Fury ( Lyta Hall): Died of exposure in the Himalayas. Her spirit was was taken into the Dreamtime by his son Daniel, the new Dream of the Endless.

    Fu'se: Died when Hiro self destructed.


    Geist: Incinerated by Superboy Prime.

    General Glory (Joseph Jones): had a Cardiac episode and died in the hospital.

    Gentleman Ghost: Executed in the 1800's for his crimes.

    Golden Glider (Lisa Snart) : Shattered herself accidentally while trying to kill The Flash.


    Harbinger: Killed by Darkseid's cronies.

    George Harkness: Shot by Jack Drake.

    Hawkman (Fel Ander) and Hawkwoman(Shayera): Killed by Blackfire.

    Hawkman (Kartar Ol): Sent into limbo by Orionand the Martian Manhunter.

    Hawkwoman (Sharon Parker): Killed by Fel Ander.

    Hector Hall: Died of exposure in the Himalayas. His spirit was taken into the Dreamtime by his son Daniel, the new Dream of the Endless.

    Human Bomb: Beaten to death by Bizarro.

    Hyena: Killed by Deadshot.Hyena(2nd?): Blasted by a Parademon on Hell World.


    Indigo: Shift transformers her molecular structure into flesh, killing her in the process.

    Inertia: Condemned to stare at Bart Allen's costume for all eternity.

    Inferno: Committed suicide by walking into a river.

    Iron Cross: Shot point blank by Joker.


    Jack (Deuce Canyard): Killed after being tortured by Joker.

    Jet: Killed by Long Feng. Confirmed at the 200 San Diego Comic Con by Bryan Konietzko.

    Larry Jordan: Died from a shotgun wound to the chest, courtesy of Joe Parsons.

    Judomaster (Hadley Jagger): Bane broke his back during the Battle of Metropolis.


    Katma Tui: Murdered by Star Sapphire.

    KGBeast: Shot in head and thrown off building.

    Killowat: Erased from history.

    Killshot: Torn to shreds by a mind controlled by Dr. Psycho.

    Kite-Man: Beaten to death, then eaten by Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim.

    Ted Kord: Shot in the head by Maxwell Lord for refusing to switch sides.


    Lady Liberty: Killed by Ravenger.

    Lilith/Omen (DC): Neck snapped by Superman Android.

    Lockup: Crushed by falling wall.

    Gillian B. Loeb: Victim of the serial killer, the Hangman.

    Alexander Luthor Jr. (Earth Three): Killed by Luthor and Joker, his face then burned with acid


    Magpie: Was murdered by the Tally Man who was ordered by the Great White Shark.

    Major Disaster: Neck snapped by Superboy Prime.

    Major Force: Killed by Captain Atom when he drains all the radioactive energy out of him.

    Mardo: Killed by Looker

    Marene Herald: Killed by Mary Marvel

    Mawzir: Killed by Tommy Monhangan with the ace of winchesters.

    Mastermind (Jeeves): Destroyed while attempting to wield Excalibur

    Maxima: Put her ship between the beams from Brainiac 13's Warworld.

    Charles McNider: Killed during the Zero Hour event.

    Dr Midnight: Killed by Eclipso.

    Mirage: Beaten to death then eaten by Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim.

    Mongal: Decapitated by Mongul Jr.

    Mongrel: Incinerated by Superboy Prime.

    Monocle: Killed by Manhunter (Kate Spencer).

    Monsieur Mallah
    Monsieur Mallah

    Monsieur Mallah: Beaten to death by Gorilla Grodd.

    Molecule: Cut in half by Persuader

    Multi-Man: Killed by the Joker.

    Mystek: Suffering from claustrophobia from being in a cramped space pod, blasted her way into outer space where she soon suffocated.


    Nabu: Burnt to death while fighting the Spectre.

    Neptune Perkins: Bitten in half by The Shark.

    Nightblade: Incinerated by Superboy Prime.


    Onimar Synn: Torn into seven pieces by a group of heros.

    Orca: Was found dead in sewers under Gotham City with a gunshot to the head.

    Overthrow: Cut down by an OMAC.


    Pantha: killed by Superboy Prime.

    Parademon: Detonated the Mother Boxes in his suit.

    Pariah: Shot to death by Earth-3 Luthor.

    Peacemaker I ( Christopher Smith): Crashed a helicopter to destroy tanks that were being controlled by Eclipso.

    Peacemaker III ( Mitchell Black):Shot and killed by Prometheus.

    Phantasm: Gave his life to save Raven's.

    Prester Jon: Erased from history after Zero Hour.

    Provoke: Torn to shreds by a mind controlled by Dr. Psycho.

    Psimon: Head caved in with a rock by Joker.

    Psycho Pirate: Killed by Black Adam.


    Oliver Queen (Earth-Two): Killed by the Anti-Monitor's Thunderers.

    The Question I (Vic Sage): Died of lung cancer.


    Ragdoll (Peter Merkel): Killed by Johnny Sorrow.

    Ratcatcher: Vaporized by an OMAC.

    Manitou Raven: Died taking the brunt of a bomb. (Now lives as a ghost.)

    Clyde Rawlins: Beaten and killed by King Snake.

    Razorsharp: Incinerated by Superboy Prime.

    Replika: Killed by Mary Marvel.

    Retro: Killed by Prometheus.

    Rocket Red (Dimitri Pushkin): Deliberately overloaded his battle suit to destroy OMACS.

    Rocket Red (Vladimir Mikoyan): Destroyed by Booster Gold.

    Roderick: Burned to death by Geo-Force

    Roma: Killed by Merlyn.

    Rorschach: Blown to pieces by Doctor Manhattan (John Osterman)

    Runaway: Killed by the God-Killer.


    Sandman ( Wesley Dodds): Threw himself off a cliff rather than reveal the true identity of the new Dr. Fate.

    Sargon the Sorcerer ( John Sargent): Buried alive.

    Scarlet Skier: Died when his gear exploded when he and G'nort were attempting to repair it.

    Shazam (Wizard): Killed by the Spectre. Fedra Shu-El: Passed away before Krypton's destruction.

    Silver Sorceress: Killed by an arrow to the stomach.

    Shock Trauma: Torn to shreds by a mind controlled by Dr. Psycho.

    Skee: Died of his wounds inflicted during his last fight for freedom on Sakarr.

    Solaar: Killed by Bres Fomor.

    Solomon Grundy: Shot down by Parademons

    Spellbinder (Delbert Billings): Shot in the head by Fay.

    Spellbinder (Fay Moffit): Gun down by Crimson Avenger,Wild Dog, and Vigilante.

    Stallion: Caught in Explosion.

    Star Sapphire (Deborah Camille Darnell): Killed by the Spectre for her past sins.

    Steel (Henry Heywood III): Mortally wounded by Prof. Ivo, then his body destroyed by Despero.

    Stranglehold: Torn to shreds by a mind controlled by Dr. Psycho.

    Eric Strauss: Killed during a battle on Apokolips.

    Linda Strauss: Assaulted and killed by the Lords of Chaos

    Avery Carlton Sunderland: Crushed in the arms of the Swamp Thing.

    Super Chief ( Jon Standing Bear): Killed by Skeets.

    Superman (Earth 2): Beaten by Superboy Prime.

    Super Sabre: Decapitated by Aminedi.

    Abin Sur: Died of injuries just before passing on his Power Ring to Hal Jordan.


    Technocrat: Caught in the explosion created by Breach.

    Terra III: Killed when Black Adam put his fist straight through her.

    Terra-Man: Killed when Black Adam ripped him in half

    Tomar Re: Strangled by Goldface.

    Tomorrow Woman: Sacrificed her self in order to stop a war machine by triggering the EMP bomb inside her.

    Trigger Twins: Gun downed by Crimson Avenger, Wild Dog, and Vigilante.

    Triumph: Turned into ice by the Spectre, then ice form put in JLA Headquarters and when the JLA HQ was destroyed he went with it.

    Marcus Tsung: Shot by Romany Wisdom's snipers.

    Chang Tzu: Shot apart by Dr. Will Magnus.


    Emmett Vale: Killed by his creation, Metallo.

    Ventriloquist: Shot and killed by Tally Man working for the Great White.

    Vibe: Killed by Prof. Ivo.

    Vibrato: Died in Hiro's self destruction.

    Charlie Vicker: Died in Battle of Rann defending said world from Grayven.

    Vigilante (Adrian Chase): Suicide.

    Violet Harper (Evil): Killed by Syonide; Killed by the Outsiders

    Vulko: Killed when Atlantis is destroyed.


    Wildcat ( Yolanda Montez): Killed by Eclipso.

    Wildebeest: Killed by Superboy Prime.


    Young Frankenstein: Killed by Black Adam when he ripped his arms off.


    Zor-El: Killed by Reactron

    Vertigo Comics


    Derek Almond: Killed by V during their struggle.

    Dream ( Morpheus): Executed by the Furies for killing his own son. (Which had been a mercy kill.)


    Fiona: Tortured to death by Marshal.


    Gary Lester: Died of drug withdrawl while possessed by a demonic entity.

    Love Glove: Shot by government agents


    Frank North: Beheaded by a traitor within the Newcastle Crew.


    Snow Queen: Died in a bomb explosion.


    V2: Drained of her bodies energy by her mother.


    Jenny Cesare: Committed suicide.

    Kathryn O'Brien: Killed by a landmine in Afghanistan.

    Stevie Goodwin: Died in Vietnam.

    Malibu Universe

    Catapult: Skeleton and internal organs removed by an alien experimenter.

    Deadeye: Died in a explosion when Amber Hunts power manifested.

    Heather: Vaporized in an explosion when Amber Hunts power manifested.

    Mustang: Neck snapped in the explosion generated by Amber Hunts powers manifesting.

    Tinsel: Bloodbath killed her in a hail of gunfire.

    Trax: Vaporized in an explosion when Amber Hunts powers manifested.



    Asuma: Killed by Hidan


    Chiyo: Died bringing Gaara back to life.


    Deidara: Killed by Sasuke

    Dosu: Killed by Gaara

    Danzo: Killed by Saskue


    Haku : Killed by Kakashi while trying to block his attack.

    H idan: Killed by Shikamaru

    Hanzo : Killed by a young Pein


    Itachi: Killed by Sasuke


    Jiraiya: Killed by Pein

    Jirobo: Killed by choji


    Kisame: Took his own life

    Konan: Killed by Madara

    Kakuzu: Killed by Naruto

    K ushina Uzumaki: Died along with Minato sealing part of them with in the seal to help guide Naruto at the right time.

    K aguya Kimimaro: Died from disease while fighting Lee and Gaara

    Kurosuki Raiga: Killed himself.

    Kidomaru: killed by Neji


    Minato Namikaze: Died sealing the nine tales into Naruto.


    Obito: Was crushed when saving a team mate, gave his Shariagan to Kakashi

    Orochimaru: Killed by Sasuke


    Pein: Died after using to much power


    Sakon & Ukon: Killed by Kankuro.

    Sasori: killed by Chiyo and Sakura


    Tayuya: Killed by Temari


    Yahiko: Killed himself on Pein's blade.


    Zaku: Killed by Orochimaru

    Zabuza: Dies from multiple wounds.

    Hokages and Kazekage

    First Hokage : Unkown

    Second Hokage : Unkown

    Third Hokage : Died trying to Kill Orochimaru

    Kazekage, Fourth: Killed by Orochimaru

    Kazekage, Third : Killed by Sasori

    Dead One Piece Characters












    Captain John

    Captain Joke




    DJ Gappa



    Edward Newgate


    Fake Franky

    Fake Nami

    Fake Sogeking

    Fake Zoro

    Fisher Tiger


    Four Wise Men



    Ganzack's Seamonster

    God of Skypiea

    Gol D. Roger







    H cont.



    Jaguar D. Saul




    Kaya's Father

    Killer Giant

    Kirin Lion





    Lily Carnation



    Mizuuta Twins

    Montblanc Norland



    Mr. 11

    Mr. 9



    Nefertari Titi

    Nelson Royale

    Nico Olvia

    Nugire Yainu



    Oharan Clan




    Piggy Pirates


    P cont.

    Portgas D. Ace

    Portgas D. Rouge

    Pudding Pudding



    Rapanui's Father













    Sino Phoenix





    Tsumegeri Guards

    Twenty Kings


    Victoria Cindry



    Wapol's Father

    Wild Joe










    Aaroniero Aruruierie - the 9th Espada Killed by Rukia Kuchiki


    Gin: Deceased, killed by Aizen.


    Halibel: Deceased, killed by Aizen.

    Hsana Kuchiki - Rukia's Older Sister, Byakuya's Wife.

    Heizō Kasaki


    Ichigo;s Mom Killed by the Grand Fisher .


    Kaien Shiba - 13th Division Lieutenant -Killed by Rukia Kuchik i(Accidently)

    Kaname Tousen: Deceased, after stabbed by Hisagi,


    Luppi - temporary 6th Espada Killed by Grimmjow


    Miyako Shiba


    Nnoitra Jiruga-5th espada Killed by Kenpachi Zaraki


    Privaron Espada-Killed by The Exequias


    Starrk : Deceased, killed by Shunsui.

    Shin'etsu Kisaragi

    Shinobu Eishima

    Sōjirō Kusaka


    Todō Gizaeimon


    Ulquiorra Deceased, Killed by Ichigo


    Wonderweiss: Deceased, killed by Yamamoto.


    Yammy: Deceased, Killed by Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Mayuri.


    Zommari -7th espada Killed by Byakuya Kuchiki



    Alucard ( Alucard is no longer classed as undead or alive after joining with Schrödinger)

    Alexander Anderson (killed by Alucard in a final battle)

    Arthur Hellsing (died of natural causes)


    The Captain (Killed by Seras Victoria)


    Doctor (Killed By Walter)


    Enrico Maxwell (Killed by ghouls)


    Jan Valentine (Killed by Walter and Seras)


    Luke Valentine (Killed by Alucard )


    The Major (killed by Integra Hellsing)


    Pip Bernadotte (Killed by Zorin Blitz )


    Richard Hellsing (killed By Alucard) Rip Van Winkle ( Killed By Alucard)


    Schrödinger (see Alucard)

    Sir Shelby M Penwood (died making a final stand in London)


    Tubalcain Alhambra (Killed By Alucard)


    Walter C. Dornez (Died in blimp explosion after killing the Doctor)


    Zorin Blitz (Killed By Seras Victoria)


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