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Vishnu of Nirvana is one of the supreme gods of Hinduism in the Marvel Universe. He rules the Hindu gods alongside the creator-force Brahma and the destroyer-force Shiva. Together they form the Trimurti. Major decisions are voted upon by the three with the winning vote being their course of action. Of the three he often comes across as the most peaceful with a strong reverence for life. He is often referred to as the preservation-force. He is a member of the Council of Godheads and often attends meetings with the Trimurti. His role is to preserve the world and protect it from evil forces. He often does this by entering the world in an avatar to slay demons whenever they get too powerful.

One thousand years ago he attended a meeting of the Council of Godheads to discuss the threat of the Celestials. He was selected as a representative alongside Odin and Zeus. He joined them in attacking the Celestials, but relented when the Celestials threatened to destroy the link between his home of Nirvana and Earth. Alongside the other gods he had to vow not to interfere with Celestial plans for the Earth.

In more recent times, the thunder god Thor requested the Devas contribute energy to restore to life the the Asgardian gods who fell battling the Celestials. Vishnu voted to contribute the energies, but was opposed by Brahma and Shiva . Thor eventually forced Shiva . to agree to give the energies.

Other interactions include sending Indra to aid a team of thunder and sun gods in battle against the Demogorge at the request of Odin. Alongside Brahma and Shiva he tested Thor for his worthiness to succeed Odin. Vishnu is the supreme god off all of the gods .

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