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    The Council of Godheads is an organization comprised of the heads/rulers, usually the sky-fathers, of the many respective mythological pantheons of gods worshiped by the Earth's various cultures.

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    The Council of God-Kings, also called the Council Elite or the Council of Skyfathers, is a loose committee of the leaders of the Earth's pantheons of gods designed to gather information and share consultation upon menaces or threats which no single pantheon of gods cannot handle alone. The Council's first known meeting is around the 10th Century when the Council met with the Third Host of Celestials with the Eternal Ajak speaking for the Celestials. The Celestials demanded that the gods would not interfere with the humans or else the Celestials would close the portal between Earth and the gods' home realms. The Godheads agreed to a pact, but planned to fight the Celestials again when they returned 1000 years later to judge humanity. Thus, the pact of non-interference with humanity was agreed upon by the Celestials, the Council, the Eternals and the Deviants until the arrival of the Fourth Host.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Fourth Host

    During the time between the Third and Fourth Hosts, various plans were underway for the Celestials' return. There was one plan of attack, in which the Asgardians would attack the Celestials using the Destroyer. There was also another, more peaceful plan put into effect by Gaea that selected 12 humans that exhibited the best qualities of the human race and granted them immortality to become the Young Gods. Once the Celestials did return, Odin infused all Asgardians souls (minus Thor) into the Destroyer armor and armed it with the Odinsword. However, the Celestials easily destroyed the armor. Despite the attack, Gaea's ploy helped to sway the Celestials to judge in favor of humanity. They then left Earth along with the Young Gods.


    In later years, the Council has been called together by Zeus, Odin or others to face potential threats. After Hades, the Olympian god of the dead entered into a pact with other gods of the dead to extend their respective reigns, they actually succeeded in restoring the primeval entity known as Demogorge to life which then proceeded in consuming the respective gods of the dead which it had confused as demonic beings. Odin then called upon the gods of earth to each send a champion to confront Demogorge who then turned on them as well. Consumed himself, Thor , the thunder-god succeeded in reversing the creature's palate and was able to save himself and the other consumed gods.

    Infinity Gauntlet

    Sometime later, Odin and Zeus again gathered the respective sovereigns of the pantheons of earth to discuss the threat that the Eternal Thanos posed with the Infinity Gauntlet, a device with extra-ordinary cosmic power to restructure reality. Previously, the group had met physically in a neutral realm adjacent to their separate worlds, but this time, they met in Asgard and were stranded here as Thanos set the realms of the gods off the Celestial Axis. Nevertheless, Thanos was defeated by recurring waves of forces ranging from the costumed champions of earth, the gods of earth and to the cosmic forces of the universe itself.

    Heart of the Infinite

    The Council of Godheads reconvened to deal with the omniscient Akhenaten. Akhenaten found the Gods of the various pantheons spying on him and obliterated all of them except for Zeus and Thor who managed to escape. Later, Thanos used the Heart of the Universe to restore everything to the way it was before Akhenaten, The Godheads again came together to try and stop the now omniscient Thanos but were destroyed along with the entire universe. Again, Thanos reset the Universe to how it was before the entire debacle happened with no real memory of what had transpired.


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