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    Akhenaten was an Egyptian Pharaoh circa 1300 BC who was chosen by the Celestial Order to receive a huge portion of power from the Heart of the Universe.

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    When Akhenaten received the power, he was supposed to use it to recruit others for the celestial order. Instead, he went forth to destroy all of the gods and heroes of Earth. It was Thanos who took responsibility and stole the Heart of the Universe, an extremely powerful artifact, and went back in time to stop Akhenaten from ever receiving the power. Doctor Doom, who was also present at that moment, destroyed the spaceship of the celestial order. Without his power, Akhenaten died of natural causes later in his life.


    Akhenaten is, very loosely, based on the real-life Akhenaten. He was first adapted by Peter David, but it was Jim Starlin who significantly deviated Marvel's Akhenaten from the real-life Pharoah.

    Major Story Arcs

    Heart of the Infinite

    Akhenaten was a pharaoh until an alien ship came and took him away from Earth for thousands of years. Atleza sensed that there was a shift in the balance of power. Jean Grey and Xavier also start to get information from a pharaoh named Akhenaten. Thor, who is in Odin’s place, hears the first warning from Akhenaten, telling him that he is going to rule Asgard and he can’t do anything about it, and that he will perish. Thor feels that this power can even kill him. Silver Surfer was flying through space when he came upon a space wreck. He talks to Guardian, a member of the Shi’ar guard. Guardian tells him that a being of power went straight through them, destroying everything in its path. The Avengers and Reed Richards also find strong energy heading straight for Earth.

    The X-Men gather up in the X-Mansion. Jean Grey and Xavier try to make contact with the being. He tells them that he is going to take over Earth and they have a choice: to join him or die. He already knows they will fight him so he sends a beam of energy, destroying the mansion. Everyone thinks it’s a mutant hate crime. However, Dr. Doom knows it’s something from outer space. A pyramid comes out of the sky and lands in Egypt. All the states and countries' powerful people are teleported to this pyramid. Akhenaten tells them that he rules them and they answer only to him. He then cures cancer all around the world to show them the things they will receive if they listen to him without question. He then teleports them back. Dr. Doom, being Latveria's president, was also there and sent a camera, smaller than a pea, to follow Akhenaten.

    The Avengers and the Fantastic Four meet up to try to find out how to kill Akhenaten. He teleports to their meeting and instructs them to listen to him or die. The Thing punches him, to no effect. Akhenaten then makes all of them vanish. Thanos gathers a group to fight Akhenaten: Dr. Strange, the Hulk, Namor, Marvel, and Silver Surfer. Daredevil and Spider-Man are on a building while Spider-Man tells Daredevil about all the Avengers and the Fantastic four being in crosses dead along buildings in the city. Thor and Zeus meet up and discuss getting a group together to fight Akhenaten. While this is happening; Lord Chaos and Master Order are asking Eternity and Infinity what is happening. Eternity and Infinity tell them they do not know.

    Thanos talks to his group about taking the power source which Akhenaten gets his power from. Thor and Zeus meet up with the other gods of different religions. Akhenaten then kills all the gods that were grouping together. Doctor Doom continues to spy on Akhenaten and figures out he has a room with a group of time travelers frozen in an amber-like substance.

    Thanos and the Defenders travel, through space, to the source of Akhenaten’s power. Meanwhile, Doom is about to go into his time machine. The world’s leaders congregate and figure out that all of the weapons, from atomic bombs to firearms, just vanished. All military personnel and policemen find themselves at home. Akhenaten tells them that the world doesn’t need weapons when it‘s under his rule. Akhenaten made a group which would fight crime, and the good guys (superheroes). Dr. Doom makes it to the past and sees Akhenaten about to be taken, he aims his gun and it is blown apart by Akhenaten of the future.

    Thanos and the Defenders go to a satellite where the source of Akhenaten’s power is held. Zeus and Thor are seen to still be alive; because Zeus had teleported them, just in time, to Infinity and Eternity. Thor and Zeus ask for their help but are told that Infinity and Eternity are blind and cannot help. Infinity and Eternity say that since this being has arrived; they cannot see anything, only here and now. Eternity tells them that it is the end of the universe. Thanos and the Defenders find the Heart of the Universe, the source of Akhenaten's powers. Hulk sees a robot and smashes it. A cosmic being then comes out and the Defenders fight it.

    Thanos and the Defenders are then attacked by many of these cosmic beings. Thanos and the Defenders attack but not for long. Namor is burned to bones and Dr. Strange is then blown apart. Thanos then jumps into the Heart of the Universe, and the cosmic beings teleport away. The Heart of the Universe explodes and killed Silver Surfer, Hulk, and Marvel. Thanos then goes to the past, to the point when Akhenaten blows up Doom's gun. He takes Akhenaten somewhere and defeats him, but doesn’t kill him. He lets Doom do that by destroying the ship that took Akhenaten, hence killing him. Somewhere in the past, the aliens who would become powerful and give Akhenaten his power, somehow their engines blew up and killed all of them; this was Thanos’s doing. As a result, all of the things that happened after Akhenaten's return never occurred.

    Thanos then becomes omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.


    Akhenaten, while empowered, had cosmic power that far surpassed that of the entire Council of Godheads, and many other cosmically super-powered beings. Akhenaten manipulated his cosmic abilities to create any effect he could think of, also he had absolute control over space and time, as he could be at any time he wishes, and teleport himself, or anything else to any place in the universe.


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