The Freak

    Character » The Freak appears in 231 issues.

    A psychopath whose mental illness and delirium has caused him to use Spawn and nearly cause his death.

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    The Freak used to be a regular man but when his ex-wife had told him she didn't want kids he started to go insane and was shortly thereafter committed to an asylum. Soon however he escaped and built himself a Mansion in the sewers.

    The freak first appeared as a background character in spawn #33 in which he saved the Violator from drowning and ran of, he reappeared in later apparently being attacked by a gang of thugs when Spawn comes and saves him. The Freak later convinces Spawn to help him kill DR. DeLorean and avenge the death of his family... after the death of the doctor it is revealed that he is insane and that the The Freak had tricked Spawn into helping him kill his own therapist.

    The freak appears again later with a gang of street thugs who manage to overpower and apparently kill Spawn when they capture him in the Dead-Zone and blow his head off and then nail him in a crucifix in the alley. The Freak then kills one of them to set an example (the Necroplasm he had saved from Spawn's body would later cause a murdered bum to be reborn as The Heap). Soon Sam Burke and Twitch Williams come looking for Spawn and take his body out of the Dead-Zone. The Freak however sneaks up behind Twitch and holds a knife to his neck and then orders Sam to drop his weapon. Spawn returns to life thanks to the bugs and insect in the alley. Now outside of the Dead-zone his suit starts attacking The Freaks gang. Soon many bums filled the alley and a massive fight starts between The Freaks men and Spawn's friends. In the action Twitch manages to escape The Freaks grasp and The Freak flees but Spawn finds him. Spawn then killed The Freak by suffocating him with a sea of insects he created when he took The Freak's inner evils and then gave them a tangible form. Seeking to return to their place of origin they attempted to enter The Freak again but suffocated him and as Spawn put it The Freak was "literally killing himself".

    In Curse of the Spawn The Freak meets a man in hell named Ryan Hachett. The Freak then dubs Ryan's new name as Hatchet, Executioner Of The Dead, and then tells him that his girlfriend Suzette is being sacrificed to the Zombie Spawn.


    The next time we see freak is when his body is being used by Malebolgia until he can regain his strength.


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