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    Max "Twitch" Williams is an NYPD homicide Detective partnered with Sam Burke. Twitch is a expert marksman and a prodigy, often considered a genius and the brains of the pair.

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    Maximillion Steven Percival Williams III A.K.A. Twitch was the spoiled and only son of an aristocratic high society family who owns a house of art, concerned the protocol andsocial standing, marking it as a sensitive person and fine manners.So his classmates made ​​fun calling him "Twitch". Although he was a genius at school, especially in trigonometry and calculus of experience, this would transform him in the best shooter in the police.Their own peers they saw him as another rich kid , until the day he decided to accept The nickname "Twitch" and ran for student president. His nickname bestowed upon him such popularity that won the elections and the confidence to face the world.Upon graduation he decided to invite the most popular girl at the ball, three weeks later she was his wife.

    At Harvard, he earned a master's degree in applied sciences and a career as a mathematician, but decided to switch to criminal science and from there went to the police. This prompts his parents to disinherit him.

    After that, he moved to New York, where he became partner Sam Burke, whom he calls Sir, though has a smaller range, since it is the older brother he always wanted and never had, admiring the strength and brutal honesty thing showing.

    Personal Life

    Twitch was once married and has several children, but due to his busy schedule with crime cases, his wife eventually divorced him, and denies him custody of his kids. This had a great emotional impact on Twitch, but did not seem to hinder him from his work. He eventually reconciled with his wife and since then does his best to spend as much time with his family as his duty allows.

    Other media

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn

    Detective Twitch Williams
    Detective Twitch Williams

    Twitch Williams appeared in the HBO miniseries with his partner Sam Burke, he was voiced by Michael McShane. When he’s with his partner, Sam Burke, they are able to solve almost any crime that is thrown their way. This makes them one powerful duo and leads to both a lot of respect and hate around the office.

    Twitch was shot point-blank in the head by Chief Banks, by order of Jason Wynn. Twitch was investigating the alley murders and came too close to the truth of what was going on, so Wynn sent in the order to have Twitch killed. Though he shot him in the head, Twitch pulled through and was eventually able to ID his killer.

    When he found out, Sam nearly put a bullet through Banks mouth. Twitch told him to back off and Sam relented reluctantly. Sam emptied Banks pistol, but left one bullet in and gave it back to Banks. After Sam and Twitch left the train, Banks pulled the trigger and scattered his brains across the train window.


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