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    Spawn's archnemesis. was first sent to Earth as a mentor to Spawn. Eldest of the Phlebiac Brothers

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    Violator is the eldest sibling of five demonic brothers known as The Phlebiac Brothers. Born of a demon father, and human mother, his mother never survived the birth. After centuries, Violator would kill his father and proclaiming himself leader of the Phlebiac brothers.

    The Clown is The Violator's alter ego. his "secret Identity. He uses this guise to walk peacefuly among humans. this form is a midget, obese, and ugly with a blue mark on his face in the shape of an "M". Although Violator has shapeshifting powers and can take any appearence he'd like, he uses this form because he sees humans as pathetic and disgusting as his clown form.

    Hellspawn Past and Present

    The Violator was sent to Earth in order to train the newest Hellspawn, Al Simmons currently known as Spawn, however Violator went on a killing spree in an attempt to get the mafia on Spawn, this worked but the deaths caused crime to be lowered through the whole city, later during his battle with Spawn, Malebolgia grew angry at him for his actions and locked him in his Clown form.

    During his time in this form he revealed his past to 3 kids telling them a twisted version of his battle with the Medieval Spawn. He kidnapped his wife and during the ensuing battle Violator was decapitated but his mission was considered a success since he had driven away the Hellspawn's only love. As a reward Malebolgia revived his body. Soon after finishing his story he found out that Spawn had been blamed for his murders, angered now that there was no use of it he went to show Tony Twist and the mafia to show them who really committed the murders.

    Violator Mini-series

    After finding out Spawn had been blamed for the murders of the city's mafia leaders he decide to show them the truth. But without his demon form, he knew it would be impossible so he made a deal with Spawn to borrow some of his power and bring it back after he got what he needed. Once he began murdering mafia members Tony Twist retaliated and sent out a hitman by the name of the Actualizer. As the Phlebiac brothers watched, they grew embarrassed and angry with Violator. They step in, but the Actualizer holds them at bay with an arsenal that could flatten an army. During this, they set up a magical dome around the mall in which the conflict is taking place. in the ensuing battle, Violator escapes, and finds Spawn. Violator begs Spawn to borrow his powers, and he agrees. He then returns to the battle, beats his brothers and meets again with Tony Twist, but mistakes him for one of Twist's men, and vice-versa. Violator says "All humans look alike". Violator dresses up Tony Twist's henchman as a clown, and the Phlebiac brothers take the decoy, and return to hell. He returns to Spawn and gives the powers he borrowed back, keeping his word.

    Violator Vs Badrock

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    After the events in the Violator mini-series The Phlebiac Brothers open a portal to Hell, and an obscure science-research agency employs Badrock, The Youngblood, to capture The Violator, in hopes of finding a way into Hell for acquisition. Little do they know, however, that they have attracted the attention of the other side of the war. The Angel Celestine has ventured upon the science grounds, and wreaks havok in order to kill the demon Violator. With Celestine rampaging through the Parsons Institute of research, Badrock has no choice but to free and ask help from Violator. When Celestine shows to face him, he frames Badrock to be the demon she is seeking, and in the midst of the ensuing fight, Violator lands a fatal blow to the Angel. However, Celestine does not die in vain, and using her remaining powers, she opens a wormhole that transports the entire Science facility, and everyone inside to Hell. With the Parsons institute in Hell, Badrock is finding it a hassle to fend off the demons from Hell. Then Violator happened to have been teleported to Hell along with everyone else. while at each other's throat, Violator and Badrock are met by the Phlebiac Brothers: Vacillator, Vandalizer, Vaporizer and Victimizer. Violator escapes during the battle, leaving Badrock to fend for himself. Badrock then manages to distract them with other matters, and when he returns to the institute, Dr. Mcalistar is gone, and the angle holding them in Hell is beginning to fade out of energy. With the Angel Celestine losing her hold on the Parsons institute, Badrock has to now go in search of Dr. Macalistar. Badrock suits up, and takes the Dimensional sphere with him on his travel, as to lure Violator away from innocents inside the building, which in turn will lure the Phlebiac Brothers. The ruse works, and Badrcok finds Dr. Macalistar, but briefly battles Violator. Violator is winning the battle, but the Phlebiacs intervene. This gives Badrcok enough time to get the Doctor back to the institute. As they get back the Angel is slowly fading away, but Violator is back, seemingly having beaten his demon brothers, he now crushes Badrock. Badrock manages to get Celestine's holy lance, however, and shoots violator, pushing him out of the institute and leaving him in Hell. Violator now has to deal with his angry brothers once again, and the Institute, and everyone in it are safe.

    The Game

    After getting back his powers Violator set a trap for Spawn and used a lackey named Rat to trick Spawn. When Rat found Spawn he knew his real name, angered Spawn followed him, however just before he reached him Violator killed Rat by ripping his heart out. When Spawn found him Violator dragged Spawn down to the sewers below where a fierce battle ensued. During the fight a pipe ruptured and sent both of them to different parts of the sewer, it was then that The Freak pulled the Violator out of the water and ran of. Then Violator came up with a new plan and sought the help of Jason Wynn. He used his powers to get to Jason and get to Spawn's family. soon he started stalking Cyan and framed Spawn by taking his form and letting Wanda Fitzgerald catch him in the act of kidnapping her. The plan however backfire horribly as Spawn found the Violator and destroyed him while he was still in his Clown form.

    In Hell

    Although Spawn had destroyed him in his human form Cogliostro revealed to Spawn that the only way to truly kill a demon was to cut off it's head in its true demonic form. It was then that Mammon began using Violator to torment Cyan during Spawn's battle with Urizen. Then during Spawn's return to Hell to gain control of The Eighth Sphere of Hell. While in Hell it would appear that Violator has great power, and can morph body parts into weaponry, such as a mace, hammer, or even just extend his claws... but the outcome to it all is that he faced off with Spawn and Spawn successful defeated the Violator yet again. This however was not the last that would be seen of him.....

    Return to Earth

    After Spawn had stopped The Kingdom by using the demons Ab and Zab to create a portal to Hell, Mammon ordered Violator to return via the portal to wreak havoc on Spawn's life. Once there he found that Spawn had forced Jason Wynn to go insane and so he appeared to him as a ghostly apparition and helped him pull himself together eventually helping him get his job back in the NSA. However after Jason returned to the top he control over Jason's psyche and took advantage at a time when Wynn was about to fall to his death, he forced him to fall and possessed his body using it as his new vessel.

    A Thousand Clowns

    After taking control of Jason he transformed his body bloating him and growing fans and put his blue face paint on Wynn's face. The Violator then began to "mark" the citizens of the city and turning them all into blue faced clowns just like Jason Wynn. He possessed them and forced them to tear apart the city and commit crimes and vandalism but when Spawn went to stop him, Violator fought and beat him nearly to death, but instead of killing him he left Spawn in the alleys of New York in his regular Al Simmons persona entrapping him within the Dead-Zone. He then used him as an attraction for the circus his brothers had turned the all of New York into... ""The Phlebiac Brothers' Pandemonium Circus." When he woke up however he was somehow outside of the Dead-Zone and attempted to defeat the Violator only to be beaten again, knowing he couldn't defeat the Violator, Spawn turned to fighting the clowns and protecting the citizens of the city, but when the people turned against him his grenades went off and left Spawn unconscious and suddenly Violators attack stopped. Violator supposedly left Jason Wynn's body and Violator was now free to wander the Earth with no strings attached.

    Barney Saunders

    With his spirit now free to do as it wished, Violator reappeared in a new taller, skinnier body. The Violator had saved the life of a man named Barney Saunders who had been trapped in a garbage chute who would have been eaten alive by rats and roaches had it not been for Violator's presence. Barney Saunders was the lover of a married woman named Wilma Barbera. Trying to escape discovery by Wilma Barbera's husband, Barney Saunders jumped down the garbage chute only to be trapped there a couple of days before the Bright Light event (Spawn's destruction and recreation of the world). Violator saving him however was no act of charity as he possessed Barney's body and utilized it as his own. Now after gaining his new body he released the inhibitions of the residents of an apartment complex forcing to commit horrific murders and acts of crime and violence. This allowed him to create a portal to Hell for his brothers to enter Earth through. During the murders Sam Burke and Twitch Williams encountered Violator as they investigated the scene. When Spawn learned of thess events via Sam and Twitch he fought Violator only to be defeated. Just as Violator was about to bring his brothers through the portal Barney's lover Wilma Barbera appeared, his love for her allowed him to gain control again. Not wanting to let the demons through he closed the portal himself by going through it and closing it but not before taking Wilma with since he was angry that she had left him in the chute. After going through the portal it closed and left Violator, Wilma, and Barney stranded in Hell.


    After the suicide of Al Simmons, Violator returned to find the headless body of Simmons. Confused at first, Violator realized now is his chance to become a true leader, to begin a new Unholy Trinity. Violator later tempts the new Spawn into corruption, for this will also fall to his plans. Violator also gains the help of Vampires. But for Violator's plan to work, both Al Simmons AND Malebolgia must be dead... and later in issue #200 it is revealed that Malebolgia is indeed not dead.


    Violator/Clown displays some differences in his powers depending which form he takes.

    Violator possesses

    • superior strength,
    • shape shifting abilities,
    • unarmed combat abilities,
    • Breath fire/ Energy beams
    • Since he is a demon certain Earthly limitations do not apply to him and he can do things like breath both air and water and does not need to eat to survive.
    • Has the ability to jam guns.
    • Telepathy

    The Violator can also take control and possess Humans and animals effortlessly, and by the hundreds. His followers are marked with a blue "M" similar to his clown form.

    TV Shows

    Todd McFarlane's Spawn


    Violator/Clown, appeared in the Spawn animated series as one of the main villains taunting spawn at every turn. Clown was voiced by Michael Nicolosio and Violator was voiced by James Hanes. Clown tormented Al Simmons, the newest Hellspawn, during his training on Earth. Since Hell leaves no Hellspawn unchecked, Clown was sent to be his “escort.” Telling him that his wife has left him and that he’s no good to serve Malebolgia, Clown was being an all around pain in the ass to Spawn.

    Clown interfered whenever he could, giving Kincaid the heads up on Wanda’s daughter, allying himself with Wynn and countless other small things that did nothing but anger Spawn.

    The “Clown” is but a “skin” for this being, his real form being that of Violator. One of the The Phlebiac Brothers, in his Violator form he is a formidable opponent for Spawn. Obviously he cannot walk around as such an obvious demon all day, hence his “Clown” skin. Violator's true form is only shown briefly in three episodes while his clown form appears in most of the episodes of the series.

    Phlebiac Brothers

    Violator is the eldest of the five Phlebiac Brothers. He also was the one to kill his father for reasons unknown. Although his brothers were family, Violator always hated his brothers, simply for the fact that they annoyed him and that he was older. Violator later dishonored the name Phlebiac by being banned into his human form by Malebolgia for lowering the crime rate in New York by killing numerous mafia members, because of this, Violator was going to be killed by his brothers. However Violator regained his power in desperate attempt from Spawn by making a deal with him. Violator returned to face his brothers, he succeeded with ease, by ripping off his brother Vandilizer's head and tricking a mercenary the mafia hired to attack them and learn them back into the gate way to Hell. The five Phlebia Brothers consist of Violator (the oldest and most well known), Vindicator (the most sarcastic and humorous), Vacillator (the most annoying), Vaporizer (the dumbest and largest) and Vandalizer (the most over confident).


    The Violator made his appearance in Spawn Armageddon. He was one of the first bosses, he still thinks Spawn doesn't deserve to be a ranking officer of hells army and tries to kill him. He also appeared in Todd McFarlane's Spawn for Super Nintendo. He quickly shifts into his demon form to fight.

    Other Media

    Violator makes an appearance in the beginning of Grim Tales a web comic from


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