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    A religion-obsessed man with cybernetic arms and minions who believed he should have lead Heaven's army...after losing a fight to Spawn, he captured Spawn....he was split in two...whereabouts unknown.

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    Phillip Krahn was born to a religious life and had been preparing his whole life for his entry into Heaven. At a young age he removed his own eye and then scarred his other eye as a sacrifice to God..... as a final self sacrifice he cut off his right arm. After many years feeling his prayers went unanswered he decided to live his life as people expected him to and went to college and became extremely wealthy, enough to build himself a new arm.... among other things......

    First encounter

    After gaining his wealth Phillip Krahn studied the occult so as to learn of ways to gain access into Heaven. Then he learned about Spawn. Believing that Spawn was a heavenly warrior he sought to kill him and take his powers. Dawning the mantle of The Curse he used some bums he had recently converted to find Spawn and shot him from behind with a massive blast tearing a whole through him, Spawn was too weak from recently reviving his friend Bobby whom Chapel had recently killed. He then left Spawn in the alleyways and went to go preach to the bums and revealed his past to them. Spawn however did not die and shot off The Curse's bionic arm as he was preaching. The ensuing fight was fairly quick with The Curse having the upper hand at first, but ended when an enraged Spawn started to savagely beat The Curse.


    After his defeat Spawn crucified The Curse in the alleys so as to warn his enemies to stay away. It was during his time up there that he met Spawn's former wife Wanda Fitzgerald scaring her away as she left him there fleeing in terror. Soon after the vampire John Sansker came looking for Spawn stating that he was a demon hunter and then began to torture The Curse for information about Spawn after taking him to a bell tower. Eventually he managed to escape from the bell tower and began to plot his revenge.


    After he escaped the tower The Curse retreated back to his mansion to plot his revenge and mend his wounds. There he built his own cybernetic minions by fusing human and demon flesh and mixed with cybernetic parts and enhancements. Then he sent them to Spawn's throne where they laid a trap. When Spawn sat on his throne he was too tired to respond to his suit's warning and was wrapped with mechanical arms and electrocuted, then The Curse's minions rammed a forklift through him and took him to Curse's castle.

    Once there The Curse began to dissect him and store his body parts, suit and Necroplasm. When Spawn awoke he used his removed hand to make a crack in the containment chamber that held his suit allowing it to escape. It then began to destroy the base and minions and then cut the Curse in half before putting Spawn together again. The Curse however was not done yet and detonated the mansion while taunting Spawn. The resulting explosion sent Spawn flying but The Curse was never found in the wreckage.

    Tony Twist

    In Curse of the Spawn, he met Tony Twist and aided him for his own sadistic needs. The Curse was in search for a Knight Templar that was in in Tony Twist's service. Curse sought him in order to try to gain the legendary heavenly shield that was bound to the soul of all The Knights Templar. This shield would be necessary for Curse to enter Hell and establish his new kingdom. While dissecting the knight he was unable to find what he was looking began raving and ranting. While blindsided by his anger he was ambushed by two groups of men. He was hit by Twist's car and shot by numerous weapons as the volatile chemicals around his lab were hit as well and caused an explosion that engulfed everyone involved. Twist manged to survive but The Curse has yet to be seen again.

    Image United

    The Curse makes an appearance in the crossover event Image United. He is one of the many villains aiding Omega Spawn. He appears in the battle at the Empire State building. He is seen attacking Savage Dragon.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Curse has a supremely gifted mind, which he used to create various cybernetic and mystic weapons/enhancements, such as a massive cannon to replace his arm as well as a torture device he used to dissect Spawn. He also knows how to kill demons thanks to his knowledge of both the scientific world and the occult (although he's never succeeded). He is also gifted in hand to hand fighting and is seen using a blade attached to his left arm to aid in battle. His blades are strong enough to puncture Savage Dragon's skin.


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