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    Sunstreak is a semi-reformed supervillain member of the Force of Nature.

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    Brief History

    Sunstreak was once a member of the mercenary group called Stockpile. She was hired by Morgan Stark and than given assignment along with Calico, Joust, and Unicorn as part of a mission to obtain the Iron Man armors designed by his cousin Anthony Stark. With a robotic construct named Brass, Morgan Stark has the unit break into the Long Island facility of Stark International Research & Development Complex. After an intense confrontation with both Iron Man and War Machine the team along with Sunstreak were defeated and incarcerated.

    As with many of the Stockpile, Sunstreak was very overconfident, and had a tendency to get dangerously close to her foes, despite no need for her to do so. Sunstreak was twice mistakenly referred to as ‘Sunstroke’.

    Most recently Sunstroke was offered a deal in which she would be released from prison as long as she agreed to be part of the Fifty State Initiative. After accepting she began training along many other super-powered ex-criminals and heroes at the Camp Hammond facility. Although most of her other classmates at Camp Hammond graduated and were given active status and than assigned to special teams in all the fifty states, Sunstroke was not. She was placed in probationary status due to her criminal record and awaited Camp Hammond's bureaucracy to eventually allow her to join a team in one of the fifty states.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Sunstreak has solar-energy based powers. She could use the awesome heat she projected to create "heat drafts" which allowed her to fly, and project a ‘solar lance’ from her hands, which she claimed to be "hotter than the heart of a volcano". While ‘powered up’, her head was covered by flames. The source of her powers is unknown. Sunstreak's touch is hot enough to give a person burns.


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