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    Gauntlet is a recruit of The Initiative and is the program's drill instructor. Joseph is a rough and tough human being. He never gives up and will keep pushing you till you are over the edge.

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    It all began when two unknown powerful and mysterious aliens were locked in a battle in space, not that far from the planet Earth. One multi limbed and fitted with an incredibly powerful and potent offensive weapon, another clad in technologically advanced armor. The two both died after an intense battle, their bodies burning up when entering the Earth's atmosphere, their super advanced technology their only legacies. Their entry into Earth and velocity causing a large crash impact site in the Earth's surface. The US government had tracked the energy traces and generated energy output with satellites and wanted to go see what had happened at the points of impact. They had tracked the point of impact to the Sudanese desert. They sent the US military on route to investigate and retrieve any technology left over. A senior soldier Sergeant Green was one of the men sent to go explore and secure the site. When he and fellow soldiers arrived to the site they were being attacked by HYDRA soldiers. This forced them to engage in battle with Joseph himself to use the right Gauntlet of the alien to defeat many of the Hydra agents, some attempting to use the aliens weapons themselves. After he and his men celebrating the victory Joseph found himself in an odd predicament. He could not get the extraordinary Gauntlet off his arm. It was latched on, fused. He then walked off carrying the other gauntlet that was not attached on him and there was an attached sword to the gauntlet. The other gauntlet that was not on Joseph's right arm ended up to a girl named Southpaw. The other alien weapon went to a girl named Armory. Gauntlet would return to active battle duty as a US Soldier, stationed in the Middle East, however given his military background, and newfound powers and abilities, Iron Man and Henry Peter Gyrich considered Joseph to be the perfect drill sergeant to the Initiative venture Camp Hammond.


    Joseph Green, the Gauntlet's first appearance was as an unnamed minor background appearance in She-Hulk #100 released in 2006. His proper introduction and named appearance occurs in Avengers: The Initiative #1 released in 2007. Gauntlet was created by writer Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli and Eric Powell.

    Character Evolution

    Joseph Green is as so far intrinsically linked to the device know as the Gauntlet, a mysterious artifact that is an individual component of a set of alien armor and weaponry that link together. The character's creation concludes and ties into quite a few other characters creation and or significant developments with. The two original alien figures that were fighting until they slaughtered each other simultaneously are still mysterious figures, with one aliens legacy the Tactigon first being bonded to a human girl Violet Lightner, not exactly but similarly to Green's fusion with the Gauntlet. Likewise Violet Lightner's bonding with such a perplexing but powerful and versatile weapon granting her a new role in life as the hero in training Armory, until an incident left her without the Tactigon and the alien weapon without a host. The alien that Joseph Green acquired the Gauntlet from, also left a matching left power glove, that has made its way to Sasha Martin, otherwise known as Southpaw. Its abilities are similar to that of Gauntlet's power glove. Finally the technological alien leg armor of the mysterious unknown alien was bequest to the Grasshopper. All these characters and alien weapons and artifacts created and written under the pen of Dan Slott, with more developments likely to come.

    Joseph Green did not ask to be Gauntlet, the weapon fused to him, without his input or knowledge that it would be near impossible to remove, but the character has appeared to take it in his side and realize the benefits of the item in enabling him to serve his country as he always strove and desired to do.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Initiative

    Iron Man recruited Joseph into the Initiative as a training coach for the superhero training camp. He knew there was something behind this job he didn't know of but, he took the job anyway. Joseph motivates all of his superheroes in many different ways. He is very strict and will not give anyone a break. He lives with his wife and child on base. His wife usually tells him to give the guys a hard time. If anyone gets hurt he takes as it's his fault and only his fault. He often uses the name New Warrior as a insult or as something negative. Later, Joseph was almost killed and a NW was put on his chest with his own blood. He later awakes and says it was the villain the Ghost. But, it was revealed later that it was actually Slapstick but, Joseph did not know this. While Joseph was hurt Taskmaster became the new drill sergeant. While in the hospital. The Initiative made a clone of MVP who had died earlier and gave him the Tactigon. The alien weapon did bond to him and it was working. Until the clone had remembered how he died and he was now seeking revenge on the ones who he thought killed him. Renamed himself to KIA, he had tried to kill Joseph but he was gone. Now the Gauntlet has been taking control of his body and made him require the aliens sword.

    Skrull Invasion

    Gauntlet uses his powers to aid and stop the secret invasion of the Skrulls. As a senior in charge of Camp Hammond trainees, Gauntlet was in his element leading his cadets against the Skrulls in Times Square. Of special importance, they also became aware and exposed Criti Noll, who had been disguising himself and operating as Hank Pym. Gauntlet was aided by his replacement while he was injured, Taskmaster. Another development was War Machine, James Rhodes retiring from his position at Camp Hammond, giving Gauntlet a unwanted promotion, he reluctantly accepted.


    Thor's imperfect clone Ragnarok terrorizes Camp Hammond after it wakes up unexpectedly, a fail safe left by the Skrull Hank Pym, shocking Baron Von Blitzschlag with excess lightning then proceeding to tear through walls and buildings. Gauntlet aids in stopping the powerful fake Asgardian creature. The Initiative members manage to hold off the clone long enough for an electricity enhanced Baron Von Blitzschlag to explain that the clone really wants to do is find the real Asgard, causing it to fly off. Gauntlet no longer serves with the Initiative and is currently a member of the Avengers Resistance. After this period with the Avengers Resistance, he is transferred to a military posting in Afghanistan, per personal request.

    A.I. Uprising

    When Iron Man and the A.I. Army started an uprising in the face of Arno Stark's attempt to categorize artificially intelligent beings as property, Gauntlet was assigned to Force Works to quell individual riots. Ultimately, he was hurt and hospitalized before his team was sent to investigate a Deathlok situation

    The Reckoning War

    Gauntlet was leading a platoon of U.S. Army soldiers against invading Badoon in Washington D.C. when he was approached by an alien warrior sent to retrieve the lost alien armor pieces, including his gauntlet. This alien ripped the weapon free of his body and went searching for the rest.

    Powers and Abilities

    Joseph Green, the Gauntlet, is a seasoned and experienced US Army veteran soldier and drill sergeant. He possesses a high level of hand to hand fighting skills and basic training with weapons. After being fused with the technologically advanced alien glove, Joseph gained superhuman strength, and the ability to generate and project energy blasts, tethers, and just general aura of energy coating the metal robotic gauntlet. The alien gauntlet is armored and more durable and resistant to energy than Joseph's own organic arm would provide. It however can exert a degree of control over Joseph, especially the more injured he is. It is bonded to his nervous system.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 197 lbs

    Hair: Black (shaved bald)

    Eyes: Brown


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