Gorilla Girl

    Character » Gorilla Girl appears in 35 issues.

    Gorilla Girl is a recruit of the Initiative. She is a former sideshow freak who can turn into a gorilla.

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    Fahnbullah Eddy's past is mostly unknown except that she worked at a carnival as a member of the Freaks, a group of circus freaks that included Muck Monster and Six.


    Gorilla Girl was created by Steven Grant and Pat Broderick and was first seen in a picture in Marvel Team-Up #91 (1980) before she made her first full appearance years later in Marvel Tales Issue #256 in witch the Marvel Team up story was reprinted and a new story was added, starring among others Gorilla Girl.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Battle with Spider-Man

    When she and the Freaks fell under the control of the sorcerer Moondark, they were forced to battle Spider-Man. Gorilla Girl and the Freaks were later seen in a fight against the criminals Hammer and Anvil.

    Civil War and the Initiative

    After the events of the Civil War, Gorilla Girl was captured by the Thunderbolts. During her capture, she threw Penance down three flights of stairs, after which Penance beat her severely. She later registered with the Initiative and joined Camp Hammond along with Annex, Prodigy and others.

    Secret Invasion

    Despite acting heroically in Secret Invasion, Gorilla Girl began to fear her life, so she asked to be put in the reserves (despite Batwing's encouragement). However, on the taxi ride out, Thor's mad, cyborg-clone Ragnarok attacked the Initiative. Gorilla Girl at first tried to help protesters who were trying to flee, but then realized she was just causing more chaos, so she joined the fight, just in time to rescue Trauma. However, after doing this Ragnarok knocked her aside and tried to kill her, but the New Warriors intervened.

    Other Versions

    Marvel Apes

    Gorilla Girl met with Gibbon, Jane and Ape X. With them she was pulled to Zombie-verse and she had to use all of her skills to survive. Gibbon and Monkey Speedball are infected and Magneto kills them. In the end she teleports to Ape Universe days earlier to prevent their trip to Zombie-verse. She now is trapped there.

    Other Media


    Lego Marvel´s Avengers

    Gorilla Girl in Lego Marvel´s Avengers
    Gorilla Girl in Lego Marvel´s Avengers

    Gorilla Girl is a playable character in the game, voiced by Cherise Boothe. She can be play in her human or in her gorilla form.


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