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Not much is known about Sulumor's life before he joined with the Invaders except that his name has been passed down for at least 3 generations. Sulumor is a trusted ally of Namor and a loyal soldier serving Atlantis. He wears an eye-patch on his left eye but interestingly was shown to have a perfectly functioning eye underneath it.


Sulumor was created by Allan Jacobsen, Chuck Austen, C.P. Smith and Scott Kolins and first appeared in Avengers #84.

Character Evolution

Sulumor was introduced in the Once an Invader story arc in Avengers which was the lead-in to The New Invaders ongoing. Sulumor continued to appear in The New Invaders until he was killed by Wolverine during Enemy of the State. Due to the fact he is dead, Sulumor hasn't appeared since.

Major Story Arcs

Once an Invader

Sulumor was among the Atlantean strike force Namor had brought together to siege the Middle Eastern country of Mazikhandar which was polluting their seas. Alongside the Invaders, the Atlanteans stormed the capital of Mazikhandar searching for the President elect General Rafiq, only to be opposed by the Avengers.

Sulumor attempted to murder Captain America and Iron Man but Namor stopped him from assassinating two of his friends. Namor's prevention of Sulumor's attempted attack resulted in the two Atlanteans coming to blows, with Namor proving the superior and knocking Sulumor down.

Putting aside their differences, Namor helped Sulumor up and continued their search for Rafiq whom they located and were able to capture. Namor announced that Mazikhandar was now under the protectorate of Atlantis and that Sulumor would act as an advisor within the new government of the country.

Enemy of the State

Sulumor with the Invaders
Sulumor with the Invaders

The Invaders located the terrorist scientist The Necromancer was developing the Pterorists in a small factory located on the outskirts of Mazikhandar. The heroes launched a strike on the factory with the help from both the Mazikhandar military and Atlanteans. Sulumor and the rest of the Invaders shut down Necromancer's production of the Pterorists and succeeded in capturing the terrorist.

Unbeknownst to them, two terrorist groups whom Necromancer supplied with tech and weaponry (Axis Mundi and HYDRA) had come to the conclusion that he was expendable and sent an assassin to murder him. The assassin was the X-Men's own Wolverine who at the time was under the control of Baron Strucker and HYDRA.

Before the Invaders could leave the Mazikhandar factory where they had captured Necromancer, Wolverine arrived and fought against the team to try and complete his mission. To that end, he murdered Sulumor by impaling him through the chest with his adamantium claws. The rest of the Invaders managed to escape with Necromancer after a intense battle between Namor and Wolverine which was only halted by the new Captain America's intervention.

Powers and Abilities

Sulumor displays super strength and stamina like that of the rest of the Atlantean race. He can breathe both underwater and on the surface world and can swim at exceptional fast speeds. He is a ferocious warrior with experience in both armed and unarmed combat. He carries a sword which can fire an energy blast and is skilled at using it.


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