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    Character » Thin Man appears in 51 issues.

    In the 1930's, Bruce Dickson climbed high in the Himalayas and discovered the lost civilization of Kalahia. They taught him to become "thin" and stretch. He later fought alongside the Invaders.

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    Thin Man was the first stretching super hero, predating the more famous Plastic Man by at least a year, and the likes of Mr. Fantastic and Elongated Man by decades; however, he was not the first stretching adventurer, as the British Ping the Elastic Man appeared in the Beano two years prior to Thin Man's debut.

    He can shift his molecular structure to alter his form, stretch, or shift part of his mass into extradimensional space, leaving what remains "thin" or flat. By doing so he can absorb impacts, fit through small spaces or escape bonds, turn nearly invisible when seen form one side, or use his limbs as micro-sharp blades. For example he was able to crush Agent Axis to death like a python.

    He has eternal youth, and a great knowledge of Kalahian technology.

    the death of his wife at the hands of Nazis transformed him into a remorseless, cold man who will stop at nothing to get what he perceives as justice. Thin Man is not above using his powers in lethal ways.

    He is a former member of Liberty Legion, Invaders , and V-Battalion.


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