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    CP Smith is known for his rigid art and gritty detail. His style is inspired by artists like, Tomm Coker, Katsuhiro Otomo, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kevin Nowlan, and Chris Sprouse. Typically, he uses excessive amounts of photo reference for his art, drawing inspiration for character faces from his personal friends.

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    CP Smith is a California-based comic book artist known for his work in books, pin-ups, and other action fantasy related media. Raised in the rough neighborhood of Oak Park in Sacramento, he made the acquaintance of Tomm Coker who mentored and encouraged CP in his art. He visited the local comic store weekly after church, which caught the comic store owner's interest. Before long CP had been introduced to many of the other regulars and artists that frequently visiited the store (including the likes of Melvin Rubi). Together with a small clique of friends they studied fine art and dynamic figure drawing, inspiring each other until in their late teens when CP started to work closely with Tomm on main-stream books often doing his small finishes on his line-work or even ghosting his art on a panel here and there to help with a deadline while the other boys worked on personal projects or simply watched TV. CP became seriously focused on becoming a comic book artist and doesn't remember wanting to do anything else with his life.

    CP took an interest in Japanese comic book illustrators techniques and focused his mind on a strict discipline of completing personal projects in a respectable amount of time and applying many of those techniques he had observed and practiced. He believed in doing as much work as possible himself to achieve the desired effect after seeing his works published so he began inking and would've taken on more work if they had let him. He eventually moved to southern California and aside from doing comics for Wildstorm, he also worked for a time with Joe Phillips in San Diego as an animator and was involved in several mature content, comic-themed, flash videos. Those were his first steps toward broadening his horizons into animation. During that time in his life CP was exposed to several top notch and well-known comic book artists which only increased his abilities adding a tangible depth to his involvement in the comic book industry.

    CP Smith is a hard person to track and can be very elusive to questions about anything, including his name (What the CP Stands for) and social life. Generally he is a very outgoing and friendly person who is straight-forward with his opinions and very strange tastes. while he surrounds himself with technology for his work, and is highly skilled in even animation, he is not interested in social media, chatting, or blogging, thus hiding himself completely from the eyes of prying persons. In fact this might be, the absolute, most you can find out about him by running his name through google. Besides an interview or two.

    CP's artwork was featured in a cellphone commercial (Samsung Behold II). while the commercial clearly features his artwork, his techniques for inspiration, and his penchant for photo reference, the video does not feature CP Smith as "the artist" in the video.

    CP Smith formerly worked for Bioware Social, formerly KlickNation. He left citing issues with the company's ability to push the threshold of what they had been doing as well as numerous issues with commonplace market duplication of ideas.

    During CP's time away from working as a production artist for a studio he wrote and created The True Life Adventures Of Eric Magnum, a comic book using a new more playful illustration style and backgrounds rendered from painstakingly measured three dimensional maps, environments, and locations. He also avidly studies and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

    After the death of Jean Giraud better known as Mobius, CP was called to complete the last project he had been involved with. While the project fell through, he stated that he "had fun and learned a lot". He has since applied the experience to his later projects.

    CP is currently working on Ten Grand for Image comics.


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