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    Friend of Frodo Baggins, and member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

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    Sam vs Shelob by John Howe
    Sam vs Shelob by John Howe

    The son of Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee and Bell Goodchild, Sam was born and raised in the Shire. He inherited the position of gardener at Bag End from his father.


    Sam was originally created by J.R.R. Tolkien for his book series The Lord of the Rings, making his first appearance in the first book in that series, The Fellowship of the Ring. He made his first appearance in comics in The Lord of the Rings #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Fellowship of the Rings

    Sam is the gardener at Bag End, and friends with Frodo Baggins. When Gandalf arrives in the Shire bringing news of the One Ring, which Frodo had unknowingly had in his possession, Sam eavesdrops on their conversation. He is caught eavesdropping, and Gandalf sends him to be a companion to Frodo on the trip to Rivendell. Sam dutifully aids Frodo on his journey to Rivendell, and there becomes one of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring. The Fellowship travels together for sometime until they are broken at the Falls of Rauros. There, Sam is the only member of the Fellowship to accompany Frodo onwards.

    The Two Towers

    As they travel towards Mordor, Sam and Frodo are stalked by the creature known as Gollum. Sam is able to capture him and, despite his deep mistrust of the creature, allows Gollum to guide him and Frodo to Mordor at Frodo's insistence. During their journey, Frodo grows increasingly weak due to the malevolent influence of the Ring. As such, Sam bears most of the burdens of the journey, carrying most of their possessions, guarding their camp and cooking their food. They travel through Gondor, where they are captured by Faramir and his men. After Faramir sets them free, they are lead into Cirith Ungol, where Gollum hopes to induce the monstrous Shelob to kill the hobbits so he may steal the Ring. The initial attack fails, however Shelob manages to sneak up on Frodo, while Sam is attacked by Gollum. Sam is able to drive off both Gollum and Shelob, but not before Frodo is stung by Shelob. Believing Frodo to be dead, Sam takes the Ring from him to continue the quest. He learns that Frodo is not dead only after his unconscious body has been captured by Orcs

    The Return of the King

    Sam rescues Frodo from the Orcs of Cirith Ungol. Giving him back the Ring, they disguise themselves as Orcs as they make their way across the desolate wastes of Mordor. They manage to make their way to Mount Doom due to a distraction staged by Gandalf and Aragorn. After the Ring is destroyed at the Crack of Doom, Sam and Frodo are rescued off the slopes by Great Eagles. At Aragorn's coronation he is honoured alongside the other hobbits. Returning to the Shire with the others, they find it in ruins under the oppressive rule of a being called "Sharkey," really the evil wizard Saruman. Sam and the other three hobbits lead an uprising that frees the Shire. Sam helps to rebuild the Shire, taking special care to replant many of the trees that had been destroyed. He marries Rosie Cotton, with whom he has thirteen children, and is elected Mayor of the Shire for seven consecutive terms. He travels to the Grey Havens with Frodo, who is leaving for the Undying Lands, and returns to the Shire afterwards, inheriting all of Frodo's possessions. After the death of his wife some years later he disappears from the Shire, possibly to travel to the Undying Lands.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sam is competent with a sword and a bow. He also has enhanced endurance. He is notably courageous, and of fair intelligence, with a talent for poetry.

    Other Media


    The Lord of the Rings

    Sam appears as a major character in Ralph Bakshi's animated adaptation of the Lord of the Rings series. He is voiced by Michael Scholes.

    The Lord of the Rings Series

    Sam appears as a major character in Peter Jackson's live-action film adaptation of the series. He is portrayed by Sean Astin.


    The Lord of the Rings Series

    Sam was originally created for the the Lord of the Rings series of books. He has appeared in three books in the series, as well as in supplemental materials.


    The Lord of the Rings

    Sam appears in the 1981 BBC Radio adaptation of the Lord of the Rings series. He is played by Bill Nighy.


    The Return of the King

    Sam appears as a major character in this made-for-television animated adaptation of the third book in the series. He is voiced by Roddy McDowell.


    Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers

    Sam appeared in both stage adaptations of the first two books in the series, produced in Chicago in 1997 and 1999 respectively. He was portrayed by Dale Inghram.

    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    Sam appeared as a major character in stage adaptations of all three books, produced for the stage in Cincinatti in 2001, 2002, and 2003, respectively. He was portrayed by Blake Bowden.

    The Lord of the Rings

    Sam appeared in the adaptation of all three books, produced for the stage in Toronto in 2006. He was portrayed by Peter Howe.


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