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    Leader of the elves of Lothlorien (Laurenlindórinen), the prophet of Middle-Earth

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    Galadriel is one of the eldest elves remaining on Middle Earth during the Third Age. She helped assist the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring.

    She possesses the far-sight of prophecy beyond any fortune-teller of this world. She gives each Gandalf the Grey's travelling band enchanted gifts needed to aide each in their own ability throughout the quest. Frodo baggins receives from her a vial of luminescent elf-blessed waters that allows her in part to spiritually lead him safe from harm.

    The humans of middle-earth both fear and admire her enchanted beauty through tales and song.

    Powers and abilities

    Galadriel possesses great magical powers, she's capable of communicating telepathically and has the gift of foresight. She also has considerable physical prowess, but rarely calls upon those gifts due to her considerable mystical abilities.

    Not long after the departure of the Fellowship she received the resurrected Gandalf. She reclothed and refurnished him, giving him a new staff. Lothlórien was subjected to three successive attacks by armies coming out of Dol Guldur. By the power of her Ring they were thrice repulsed. Celeborn then led an attack on Dol Guldur itself.

    Once the dark fortress was in the hands of the Galadhrim, Galadriel came, threw down its walls, and purified it of its evil. It was her last act of power, for the One Ring was destroyed, and the strength of Nenya waned and eventually vanished almost completely.


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